how to reset philips tv without remote

Wondering how to reset Philips TV without remote? Well, there are actually a few methods to do so and they depend on the brand and whether your TV contains the necessary aspects.

To reset a Philips TV without a remote you should first check for physical control buttons on the bottom or side TV panel.

An alternative would be downloading the Philips TV app and using the digital remote in order to control your Philips TV and reset without remote.

Let’s unwrap the most-important question first!

Can You Reset Philips TV Without a Remote?

Yes, indeed.

Philips TVs have a lot of functionalities that provide the opportunity to control the television without the remote in various ways.

philips tv reset with no remote

Let’s explore all possible ways to achieve this:

  • Use the physical Power button
  • Use the controller TV buttons
  • Download the Philips TV app
  • Reset TV via Service Menu
  • Connect a USB Keyboard
  • Pair a Universal TV Remote
  • Connect a PS4/PS5 Controller


There are quite a few ways, indeed, but the number of them that would be applicable to you will decrease based on the exact TV model and supported features.

This is why we recommend checking whether you keep the Philips TV user manual to identify the exact Philips TV model.

How To Reset Philips TV Without Remote7 Ways!

Tip: Try the methods chronologically for the quickest workaround!

1. Use the Physical Power Button!

The simplest way to factory reset your Philips TV is by pressing and holding the power button, located on the side or bottom panel for 15 seconds. 

Note that not all Philips TV models have a physical power button, and some models have a switch behind the back panel.

use the physical power button
Alert: Unscrewing the back panel of your Philips TV voids the warranty!

Hence consult the Philips user’s manual or search the model of your Philips TV to find whether there is a physical button or not.

If yes, attempt to factory reset by holding this button or proceed with another method from the guide!

2. Use the Philips TV “Menu” Button! 

One of the most straightforward processes is to use the Settings of the Philips TV to perform a factory restoration.

However, without a remote, this sounds impossible but if your Philips TV does have a “Menu” as well as “Arrow” buttons on the panel, you can still navigate the menu.

The “Factory Reset” option is located in Settings > Reset > Factory Reset, so using the inbuilt set of buttons, try to navigate to the option.

use philips tv menu button

In case this doesn’t work on your TV, keep reading!

3. Install the Philips TV Remote App!

The most frequently used method of Philips TV factory reset without remote is by downloading the Philips TV Remote app on our mobile devices.

This is an official application published by Philips to help users control their Philips smart TVs without a remote.

  • The Philips Remote app is available for both Android and iOS!

Follow the steps below to download and set up Philips Remote:

scanning for tv connection
  1. Open the Google Play Store or (iOS) App Store.
  2. Search for the “Philips TV Remote” application.
  3. Download and install the app on your smartphone.
  4. Connect your phone to the same WiFi as your TV.
  5. Open the Philips TV app and allow the prompts.
  6. Turn on your TV and make sure it’s connected to WiFi.
  7. Tap on your Philips TV when the device is discovered.
  8. Control the Philips TV using the digital remote control.
Info: Alternatively you can find your Philips TV by using an IP Address by going into the TV Settings > View Network Settings.
ip address of tv

4. Access the Philips Service Menu!

Some older Philips TVs do include a physical set of buttons that allow navigation in the menus as well as changing sources and volume without a remote.

This is why, it’s worth checking the back, side, and bottom panels of your TV to identify whether you’ve got such a set of buttons.

Once the controls are located, follow the steps below:

  1. Ensure that your Philips TV is connected to power.
  2. From the set of physical buttons find and Menu button.
  3. Press and hold the Menu button + the Power button.
  4. Hold the buttons until the Service Menu appears.
  5. Using the arrows navigate to the Factory Reset.
  6. Select the option to execute the reset process.
Note: If your Philips TV does not contain a control physical buttons jump to the next method!

5. Acquire & Pair Universal Remote!

We all know that universal remotes are cheap, but we often wonder whether we would be able to pair them and not waste our money.

This is a fair perspective, but with the correct guidance for a successful pairing, with a universal remote the problem would be solved permanently!

  • Insert batteries into the universal remote and point towards the TV!

Then using the number keys, insert one of the following codes:

use number codes to pair
  • 1004
  • 1007
  • 1017
  • 1011
  • 1018
  • 1053
  • 1059
  • 1057
  • 1056
  • 1047
Tip: In case none of these codes work, check the exact Philips TV brand to check online or consult with the user’s manual for the pairing code.

6. Connect a Mouse & Keyboard (Android)

In this method, we’ll learn how to reset Philips smart TV without remote by connecting a mouse and a keyboard.

Let’s begin by mentioning that this is only possible with an Android environment, hence, Philips TV models that operate with Android OS.

Philips TV Android Models: 65PUT8115/94, 70PUT8115/94, 43PUT7406/94, 50PUT7406/94, 55PUT7406/94, and 65PUT7406/94.

Then it’s really simple, you only need a USB mouse and keyboard or the combo keyboard with touchpad, to be able to navigate through the Philips TV menus.

The TV should automatically recognize the new accessories and allow you to control and interact with the menus!

connect mouse and keyboard
Tip: Use the guide from the second method in this guide, factory reset your Philips TV from the settings.

7. Pair a DualShock (PS4/PS5) Controller!

Again, we’ve got a nifty method to control and reset a Philips TV without a remote, instead of using the controller on our PlayStation 4 or 5.

Well, this method requires your Philips TV to be Android-operated due to the support for accessories such as the PlayStation controller.

  • Connect your DualShock Controller to the Philips TV via USB!

The Android operating system would immediately detect the accessory and provide you with the opportunity to control the Philips TV.

Hence, now that you’ve got control over the menus, you can go into Settings and perform a factory restoration on your television.

Use Bluetooth?

In case you didn’t know Android Philips TVs support Bluetooth, hence you can connect your PS controller wirelessly.

Simply hold the PS button on the controller to enter Pairing Mode and go to the Philips TV Settings > Remote Control & Accessories > Add Accessory.

pair ps controller with tv

To finalize the Bluetooth pairing, select the PlayStation controller and start operating the TV!

Can You Turn on Philips TV Without a Remote?

Now that we know how to factory reset Philips TV without remote, let’s explore even more ways to control and utilize TV features without a remote.

In fact, you can turn on any Philips TV without a remote, even the units without any physical buttons on the panel. 

  • Turn On Philips TV via HDMI Link:

In order for this to work, you would need a console such as Xbox or Playstation, connected to the HDMI-ARC of your Philips TV.

Then these consoles have a feature called “HDMI Link” that has to be enabled in order to turn on connected TVs automatically.

In addition, your TV would follow the power state of your console which means you would instantly gain access to turning on and turning off the Philips TV without a remote.

The best part is that the method does not require your Philips TV to be Android-operated, even non-smart.

Tip: Use another monitor to enable the “HDMI Device Link” on your console!
  • Turn On Philips TV via Smart Plug:

In case you didn’t know, you can turn on and off your Philips TV without a remote, instead by using a smart plug.

This kind of device connects to the power outlet directly and your Philips TV connects to the plug, and then turns on when the plug is working and off when stopped.

Info: The smart plugs can be controlled (ON and OFF) from their dedicated mobile apps and our top recommendation would be Amazon Alexa App + Amazon Alexa Plugs.

Quick Recap:

We’ve now learned how to reset Philips TV without remote in many different ways and we know that for non-Android TV, we need to use the physical buttons or the mobile app.

In contrast, for Android Philips TVs, it’s more convenient to connect a supported accessory.

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