Philips TV hotel mode OFF

If you’re looking to turn the Philips TV hotel mode OFF, you’re at the right place!

We will explain what are the pros and cons of having the hotel mode enabled and how it would exactly affect your TV.

Of course, we will also teach you how to turn the feature ON/OFF at all times and control the way it makes changes to your Philips TV.

If you want your Philips TV’s hotel mode off, you can either use the RC5 Setup key or press the Home/Menu key on the master control. For a standard remote control also known as a guest remote, press the Menu or the Return key to exit hotel mode.

Let’s now review how to disable the hotel mode on your Philips TV in-depth, using both a master control and a guest RC.

Manually Hotel Mode Off TV Philips Remotes

There are two different remotes that you can use to turn the hotel mode OFF. The first one is the guest remote that almost every hotel provides for its users.

The second one is the master remote control which is a bit richer in overall functionality and control.

Depending on what remote you’re using with your Philips TV, you will provide two separate guidelines on how to disable the hotel mode.

Let’s review what are the specifics of each remote control you can manually turn the hotel mode off with.

Using Standard/Guest Remote

The guest remote is more frequently met than the master unit.

In fact, even when you buy a Philips TV on your own without using a certain hotel’s services, you will be supplied with a guest remote that you will be using to control your TV.

There isn’t much difference between the remote’s hardware, except that the masterwork one has a little more buttons on its hardware for a variety of functions.

Here’s what the guest remote looks like:

guest remote

You will know that your remote is a guest if it matches the picture above.

Using Master Remote

The master remotes are usually supplied separately from your Philips TV.

In other words, they won’t be delivered with your television unless you pay extra to include a master remote instead of the regular guest remote you will see in your hotel room.

That’s to say because some hotels love to provide their users with additional comfort by supplying all Philips televisions in the hotel with master remotes.

Here is what the master remote control looks like:

master remote

If the remote in your hotel’s room looks like this, you will know that you’re using a master remote to operate your Philips TV.

Now that you’re aware of what remote you’re having, let’s learn how to exit the hotel mode on your Philips TV using both the standard remote control and the master.

How To Get Philips TV Off Hotel Mode?

turn Philips TV hotel mode OFF

If your Philips TV has the hotel mode enabled by default, here you’ll learn how to disable it.

Generally, with hotel Philips televisions, you will be using the guest remote that is supplied by the hotel to control your TV.

However, even if you’re having the master remote, we got you covered!

Let’s begin with disabling the hotel mode on a standard remote control:

How To Turn OFF Philips Hotel Mode On Standard RC?

Let’s begin with disabling the hotel mode when having the standard RC remote at your disposal:

turn off standard remote
  1. Ensure that your Philips television is up and running.
  2. Grab your standard RC remote control.
  3. Exit the hotel mode by pressing the Menu or Return key on your remote.

Exiting the hotel mode on your Philips TV through a standard RC is really easy by simply pressing the Menu or Return Key.

Let’s now learn how to switch Philips TV hotel mode off using a master remote control supplied with your Philips television.

Important: Mind to complete all configurations you want to make to the hotel mode before exiting it, so you don’t have to bother later re-entering the menu.

How To Turn OFF Philips Hotel Mode On Master RC?

If you happen to have a master remote to use for your Philips TV, there is also a way to exit the hotel mode.

In fact, exiting the hotel mode through a master RC is a little more complex than doing it with a regular unit, since you’ll have to use some button combinations.

turn off master remote

Here’s how to exit the hotel mode on your Philips TV using the master remote control:

  1. Ensure that your Philips TV is turned ON.
  2. Grab the master remote control and point it towards the TV.
  3. Make the changes to the hotel mode before proceeding.
  4. On your master remote, press the RC5 Setup key and then the Home/Menu key.

This will cause the hotel mode to drop off and your Philips TV is most likely to restart in order to apply the changes you’ve made. Be patient and allow your TV to reboot.

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Bottom Line:

Thus, to exit hotel mode on your Philips television, you can either use a regular guest remote control or a master RC. To exit with a regular RC, simply press the Menu key along with the Return key after. To exit through a master RC, press the RC5 Setup key and then the Home or the Menu key on the remote’s hardware.

Now that you know how to switch Philips TV hotel mode OFF with both the standard RC and master remote, you should be free to use the device.

The hotel mode feature is something that could really help the guests of the hotel set up their TV. Exiting the mode is easy, as long as you know what to press on your remote!

Nicole B