Philips TV blinking red light codes

What is the meaning of Philips TV blinking red light codes? Keep reading to learn!

The red-light blinking codes can be distinguished from one another in the continuity, pattern, and style of blinking.

Simplified, the slow and continuous flashing indicates a power-related issue and rapid blinking could be a software-related problem.

To fix a blinking red-light code on your Philips TV, hard reset the device and reconnect it to another power source. If that does not work, replace the power adapter and attempt to identify and replace blown capacitors.

Before jumping straight into the troubleshooting methods, let’s explore the meaning of the red blinking light codes.

What Are The Philips TV Blinking Red Light Codes?

The blinking red light on your Philips TV usually means that the remote is working.

Moreover, when you press any key on the remote while pointing it towards your television, the Philips TV’s LED light will blink in red to indicate that it’s accepting the inputs.

Knowing that let’s find out what your red-light pattern indicates:

1. Insufficient Power

A red light could mean a power malfunction or insufficiency in your Philips TV’s hardware.

It most often occurs after a power outage or sudden fluctuations in the electricity supplying your TV.

However, there could be some nasty problems accompanying this red light.

Your TV might start shutting down due to insufficient power or start to reject inputs from the remote and any of the hardware buttons.

2. Main Power Supply Failure

Another situation where the red light could appear on your Philips TV is when the main power supply fails.

The red light will go through 7 consecutive blinks after which it will stop for a few seconds and repeat the same over and over again until further notice.

If there is a problem with the power supply, your Philips TV screen won’t light up and you will most likely be unable to interact with the device.

It’s recommended to advise a technician in such a case since the fault is critical.

3. Philips TV Accepting Inputs From Remote

Unlike the rest of the red-light patterns, if your Philips TV blinks every once in a while, more accurately, when you press a key on the remote, it means that it is accepting commands.

There is nothing you should worry about if your Philips TV’s red-light blinks only when you touch keys on the remote since this is not even an issue.

Knowing the red light patterns, you can now proceed with attempting several proven to work solutions and solve the issue you’re experiencing.

How To Fix Philips Plasma TV Blinking Red Light Codes?

fix Philips TV blinking red light codes

In case the problem is related to the power of your TV, you should be able to solve the issue in a few simple steps.

However, the problem may be much more complex, and you would know by the end of this guide.

Here’s how to fix the red light of your Philips TV:

Solution #1 Hard Reset Your Philips TV

A hard reset would practically discharge your Philips television out of any remaining electricity, possibly causing the red light.

It works by unplugging the power adapter and connecting it back in once the electricity has been fully drained.

Here’s how to hard reset your Philips TV:

  1. Turn OFF your Philips TV using the remote.
  2. Unplug the television’s power adapter.
  3. Standby for 5 minutes.
  4. Reconnect the cable and test.
Note: Avoid using any power strips and dividers since those could be responsible for the red light issue on your Philips TV.

Solution #2 Troubleshoot The Remote

troubleshoot the remote

If the red light on your Philips doesn’t go away, it is possible that your Philips remote has gone faulty.

In such a scenario it would be sending inappropriate signals, therefore making your TV blink in ted. In that regard, we suggest troubleshooting the remote.

Let’s try discharging your remote first:

How To Discharge Philips TV Remote?

  1. Pull the battery compartment’s latch towards you.
  2. Eject the batteries from the compartment.
  3. Press each button on the remote for 5 seconds.
  4. Close the compartment and test.

Replace Philips TV Remote’s Batteries

If discharging didn’t work, try replacing the remote’s batteries. We assume you’ve already got familiar with how to do it, so eject the old batteries and insert brand new ones into the compartment.

Note: If you have multiple Philips televisions controlled by the same remote, make sure to relocate one of them so that the signal only communicates with one of the devices.

Solution #3 Replace Philips TV Power Adapter

If the red light is power-related, then it is likely that there is an issue with the power adapter.

We suggest replacing the cable to resolve the blinking red light on your Philips TV.

  1. Shut down your television using the power button on the remote.
  2. Disengage the power adapter and disconnect it from both ends.
  3. Grab a replacement power adapter and plug its first end into the power source.
  4. Connect the other end of the cable into the TV.
  5. Test.

If replacing the power adapter of your Philips TV didn’t help solve the problem, let’s move on to the next solution.

Solution #4 Plug To A Different Outlet

change the power source

The problem with the red light might be coming from your Philips TV’s power source, thus, the electricity outlet.

In that regard, we suggest testing your Philips TV with an alternative power source.

Simply disengage the power adapter of your Philips TV and choose a comfortable or temporary outlet to plug the device in. Once secured, turn on the TV and test.

Tip: It is suggested that you previously had an alternative device plugged into that wall outlet so you could be certain that the source is reliable.

Solution #5 Replace Blown Capacitors

fix the capacitors

Crucial hardware damage that could have occurred to your Philips TV is blown capacitors.

However, it may be difficult for you to replace blown capacitors, but it is still worth the try before contacting a technician to resolve the problem.

Alert: If your TV warranty is intact, we highly recommend attempting to get a replacement from Phillips before attempting to open the unit.

Here’s how to replace blown capacitors:

  1. Disconnect your Philips TV from the source and let it lay on its stand.
  2. On the back of the TV, undo all of the screws holding the back compartment (6 screws in total).
  3. Locate the side latches of the back panel and pull it slightly towards you until it comes off.
  4. Inspect the motherboard of your TV and locate the 6 capacitors at the bottom left part of the PCB.
  5. Check for blown capacitors (blown capacitors have ripped head parts).
  6. Check for the model of the capacitor and acquire new capacitors for your TV.
  7. Grab the faulty capacitor and using slight force, pull it towards you.
  8. Grab the replacement capacitor and insert both of its pins into the hole.
If you’ve done a capacitor replacement before, it would be a child's play to do it on your TV. 

However, if you’ve got no experience, you could damage your TV’s hardware lethally so you should pass the task to a more experienced person.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know how to fix Philips TV blinking red light codes and know what they mean, we hope you were able to resolve the problem at home.

There might be a hardware malfunction that requires technician’s care, so make sure to consult with one!

Nicole B