paramount plus coupon code not working

When a Paramount Plus coupon code not working you should validate the code and its source, then check whether there is an expiration period.

In most cases where Paramount coupon codes are not working, users are not subscribed or the payment details are wrong.

To fix the problem where the Paramount coupon code is not working, you should redeem the code the correct way and make sure that you’re subscribing to a paramount Plus plan.

Further solutions include an inspection of your WiFi and a clean installation of the Paramount Plus app.

What Is A Paramount Plus Coupon Code?

The Paramount Plus coupon (promo) codes are used to either extend your free trial or provide you with a certain discount upon purchasing a subscription.

Coupon codes can work for both existing Paramount Plus subscribers and for those who are just signing up.

For instance, for the student promo code, you must be a verified student and your account has to prove that. 

Based on what promo code you would like to use with your Paramount Plus subscription purchase, you must have a certain dependency.

Based on what Paramount promo code you’ve got, let’s check why you can’t use it.

How To Fix When Paramount Plus Code Not Working?

fix paramount plus coupon code not working

To discover the problem, you need to start by redeeming the Paramount Plus code correctly and then focusing on potential issues.

The first solution includes everything about this so let’s jump right in:

Solution #1 Redeem The Paramount Plus Code

There’s a chance that you’re messing up something with the code’s redeeming process.

For instance, you may be typing the code incorrectly, or even typing it in the wrong place.

That’s why we will guide you through how to redeem a Paramount Plus coupon code.

redeem the code

Here’s how to redeem codes for both newcomers and existing Paramount subscribers:

How To Redeem Code On Sign Up?

  1. Head to on your device.
  2. Press “Try it for free”.
  3. Press “Continue” after reviewing the three steps that are coming up.
  4. Choose your subscription plan (ad-free or ad-support plan).
  5. Press “Next”.
  6. On the next screen, tap the coupon field and insert the coupon’s numbers.
  7. Enter your registration credentials.
  8. Once redirected, choose your payment method and confirm.

How To Redeem Code If I’m Already A Subscriber?

  1. On your device, head to
  2. Press the Account button to open the page.
  3. Tap on your profile to access the settings.
  4. Scroll down and locate the “Redeem a Coupon” entry field.
  5. Having your code already, insert it carefully in the field.
Tip: When registering in the summer of 2022, you can use code “SUMMER” for 1 month extended free trial before an annual charge.

Solution #2 Use An Active Code

use active code

One of the reasons that your Paramount Plus coupon code isn’t working, is when it has expired.

When using a certain coupon code for both new-coming and former subscribers, you must make sure that this code is active.

The average time that a Paramount Plus coupon code is valid, varies between a week, up to a month, and even more.

A great platform to track the newest promo codes on Paramount Plus is

Just write “Paramount Plus” in the search field, and you will be able to browse the newest coupon codes and check how much they last.

Tip: Paramount Plus also posts the codes on their official pages on most social media.

Solution #3 Fix Payment Problems

Whenever the Paramount Plus coupon code not working, you must be certain that there aren’t any issues with your payment process.

Paramount Plus supports payment services such as PayPal, Credit/Debit card, and Skrill, and your bank account there must have sufficient funds.

Here are some frequent payment issues that Paramount Plus users bump into:

fix payment problem

1. Insufficient Funds

Ensure that your payment source/bank has enough funds to cover the payment.

2. Incorrect Payment Credentials

Double-check if all of your payment details and credentials are correctly written on the checkout page.

3. Locked Account/Reached the Limit

Make sure that you haven’t reached the daily expansion limit of your bank account. Give your bank time to process the payment.

Note: The Paramount promo codes won’t work before subscribing to a plan.

Solution #4 Restart Your Network Connection

Paramount Plus will not validate your coupon code if there’s an issue with your network connection.

That’s why we suggest restating your device’s network and WiFi settings to determine if that would solve the coupon code problem.

Here’s how to restart the network connection on most devices connected to WiFi:

  1. Go to the Settings of your device.
  2. Enter the WiFi tab.
  3. Press on the “Info” button next to the connected network.
  4. Choose “Disconnect” to unpair from the network.
  5. Go back to the connection page.
  6. Select your home’s WiFi from the page.
  7. Write the password and hit “Connect”.
Alert: Ensure that your network device is online and all of your devices are connected to the WiFi and receiving internet.

Solution #5 Reinstall Paramount Plus

reinstall paramount+

When using the official Paramount Plus platform, issues can prevent you from redeeming the coupon code.

An easy and quick solution to all these problems is to reinstall the Paramount Plus app on your device and re-attempt to insert the code.

Here’s how to reinstall Paramount Plus on your device easily:

  1. Access the settings of your device.
  2. Head to the app section.
  3. Locate the Paramount Plus app.
  4. Uninstall the application (use the button “Uninstall”).
  5. Once you’ve deleted Paramount Plus, get it back from the App Store.
  6. Sign back into your account that has an active subscription.
  7. Check if you can validate the coupon code now.
Note: Make sure that your Paramount Plus app is up to date.

When The Paramount Plus Coupon Code Won’t Work?

The Paramount Plus coupon code is a promotion that doesn’t last forever.

It’s really tricky to find one that actually works if you’ve already used all of the codes that are available by default for your account.

coupon still not work

Here’s when a Paramount Plus coupon code won’t work with your account:

  • Code has expired/reached its deadline.
  • Code has been already used on the account.
  • The code has not been written correctly.

You should consider contacting Paramount Plus customer service if you’re 100% sure that your coupon code should be working.

They will provide you with additional assistance. Don’t forget to share everything you’ve tried so far to save both, yours and their time!

Tip: For a quick response, send Paramount your Coupon code and ask whether it can be activated or not.

Quick Recap:

To fix a non-working Paramount Plus coupon, make sure to choose a subscription plan and then insert the promo code. It’s important to provide your payment details and wait for the transaction to be processed on codes for already subscribed users.

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Last Thoughts:

We learned that whenever the problem could be related to multiple factors Paramount Plus coupon code not working.

What’s important is to check whether your code has an expiration period when the time frame ends. This is what helps users most of the time.

To find more related posts, make sure to check our online tech blog.

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