owlet camera flashing blue light

Asking why is the Owlet camera flashing blue light and how to fix the problem?

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We will provide you with the top reasons why your Owlet camera is flashing in blue patterns and how you can solve the issue in a matter of minutes!

To fix a blue flashing Owlet cam, ensure that your network router is running and you’re connecting the camera the correct way. Fix any problems with the internet and perform a power cycle on your Owlet cam. Lastly, do a factory reset on the base station and then on the camera itself.

Let’s start our guide by reviewing the causes that are making your Owlet cam flash in blue and then proceed with the solutions.

Why Is The Blue Flashing Light Owlet Camera Happening?

The main and only reason your Owlet cam is flashing in blue light is that the device is unable to connect with the WiFi.

However, the ways you can troubleshoot this problem are plenty so we will begin with the main causes that are preventing your Owlet cam from pairing with the WiFi.

Here’s what you should be expecting when troubleshooting the problem later:

1. Problem With Network Device

Based on the type of network device you have installed in the setup, a problem with it will prevent the Owlet cam from pairing.

2. Owlet Cam Power Problems

The main issue for WiFi issues with the cam is that the device often powers off and therefore disconnects from the network.

3. Owlet App Blunder

Although not many users expect this to be a problem, there could be an issue with the Owlet application.

4. Insufficient Distance

One of the reasons why your Owlet cam is unable to connect is the insufficient distance from the network device.

5. Internet Is Too Weak

Although your Owlet cam may be connected, the internet may be too weak to support the camera’s connection to the Owlet app.

One of the following causes has impacted your camera. To identify what has gone wrong and solve the issue, let’s begin our solution guide.

How To Fix Owlet Camera Flashing Blue Light?

fix owlet camera flashing blue light

After the quick revamp of the issue’s main causes, we shall initiate the troubleshooting focused on the blue light problem with your Owlet cam.

However, make sure to follow our solutions consecutively and test your camera’s functionality after each fix attempt.

Here’s how to fix the flashing blue light of your Owlet camera device:

Solution #1 Reconnect The Owlet Camera Correctly

Chances are that you’re not completing the Owlet pair process correctly.

This issue can often occur with users that are new to Owlet’s technologies and we will now provide you with a quick guide on how you should pair your Owlet cam.

reconnect camera correctly

Here’s how to easily reconnect the Owlet device:

  1. Open the Owlet application on your smartphone.
  2. Select the gear icon that stands for the settings.
  3. Choose your camera from the devices available in the following list.
  4. Tap on WiFi in the next section.
  5. Wait for the network checker to scan for your network.
  6. Follow the remaining on-screen instructions.
Note: Make sure that you’re only pairing your Owlet camera to a 2.4GHz WiFi network.

Solution #2 Power Cycle Owlet Cam

A quick solution to solve problems with your Owlet camera is the power cycle process.

It’s commonly referred to as hard reset and this process essentially discharges your device, solving many possible issues.

Here’s how to execute the power cycle on the Owlet camera:

  1. Go next to the Owlet cam.
  2. Disconnect the adapter of the cam.
  3. Wait for another 5 minutes until the camera tends to discharge completely.
  4. Reinsert the adapter back into the power source.
  5. Test the camera.
Note: Double-check if the adapter you’ve reinserted that belongs to the camera is securely attached to the power source.

Solution #3 Move Camera Closer To Router

While pairing your camera, it must be close enough to the router, in order for the pair to be complete.

In that regard, you need to reposition the Owlet camera somewhere closer to the router and then re-attempt the pairing process with the instructions from solution #1.

You will want to put your camera in close proximity (maximum 5 meters away)and execute the very same instructions from our first solution.

move closer to router

This will ensure that you’re doing everything appropriately on the side of the pairing process.

Note: Your camera will connect from farther away, but there could be interference.

Solution #4 Fix Power Issues With Owlet Cam

One of the main causes of the blinking blue light on your Owlet cam is power problems.

By power problems, we mean something that makes your camera shut down and reboot hence, disconnecting from the WiFi.

Here are some ways to solve power issues with your Owlet cam:

1. Switch camera power source

Relocate your Owlet cam and plug it into an alternative power source. It’s recommended to use a proven power source.

2. Replace the power adapter

The power adapter of your Owlet cam may have gone faulty, which will result in the device shutting down. Replace the universal power adapter of your Owlet cam.

3. Don’t use any strips or dividers

Many users have their Owlet cam connected to a strip or a divider. Make sure to avoid plugging the camera into devices with similar functionality.

Note: Don’t forget to test your Owlet cam after each of the solution attempts above.

Solution #5 Reinstall Owlet App

The Owlet app may be giving you the most problems here.

That’s why you need to reinstall the Owlet platform on your smartphone and then test connecting your Owlet camera back to the network.

Here’s how to reinstall the Owlet application quite quickly:

  1. On your smartphone, open the storage unit.
  2. Access the app manager or section based on your software.
  3. Locate where the Owlet app is installed and delete it.
  4. Open the Google Play or App Store on your smartphone.
  5. Download Owlet once again.
Note: Once the application is done reinstalling, attempt to connect your camera with the instructions in the first solution.

Solution #6 Factory Reset The Owlet Camera Device

Your last resort solution is to factory reset Owlet. This will solve any software problems your device may have, along with the internet problem you’re currently experiencing with the device.

Here’s how to factory reset your Owlet cam in easy steps:

  1. Locate where the factory reset button is on your Owlet cam.
  2. Press the button once you find it.
  3. Hold the button down for 15 seconds.
  4. Your camera should yell “Resetting, please wait.”.
  5. Once you hear that voice message, let go of the reset button.
Note: Don’t release the button of your Owlet cam before you hear the voice message or the reset will fail.

Thus, to fix the blinking blue light on your Owlet camera, power cycle the device and fix any power problems it may have. Reinstall the Owlet app and position the unit closer to the network device. Lastly, perform a factory reset on the Owlet cam unit.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you understand why the Owlet camera flashing blue light and how to fix the problem, it should be easier for you to follow our solutions.

As long as you’re doing what our guide states, you shouldn’t have any problems getting rid of the problem for good!

Nicole B