owlet cam not connecting to wifi

If your Owlet cam not connecting to WiFi, you’re at the right place! We will go over the best solutions for issues with the Owlet cam and get it connected back to the WiFi network.

For example, such issues could be caused if your cam isn’t put into pairing or there is an issue with the network or the device that transmits the WiFi.

The solution to fix an Owlet cam that isn’t connecting to the WiFi includes putting the camera into pairing mode and retrying the connection with the WiFi. Next, fix any issues you have with the network and update the Owlet cam. Only then, perform a factory reset on the camera to solve the problem.

Next, we’ll review occasions in which your Owlet cam will not connect to the WiFi at all or it will disconnect after a short time.

Why Does My Owlet Cam Not Connecting To WiFi?

If your Owlet cam refuses to stay connected with the given WiFi or won’t connect at all, chances are that a network issue is occurring.

If that’s the case, you will want to mainly look for problems within your network setup, network device, and internet supply to your household.

Having the network failure possibility aside, here is what else might be happening:

1. Problematic Router Settings

You may have chosen incorrect settings for your router, that constantly disconnects your Owlet camera from the network.

2. Too Much Network Traffic

There’s a possibility that your network traffic is causing your Owlet camera to disconnect, or not connect to the network at all.

3. Camera Software Issue

A bug or glitch may be causing the random disconnects your Owlet camera is experiencing.

4. Problem With The App

If your Owlet camera won’t connect to the network, you may be looking at an issue with the application.

5. Outdated Camera

Like every other device, your camera runs an OS that if outdated, can cause network issues.

Those were the causes why your camera is not connecting to the WiFi.

Keep reading to learn how to mend the connectivity of your Owlet camera and get it connected to the network as soon as possible.

How To Fix Owlet Cam Not Connecting To My WiFi?

fix owlet cam not connecting to wifi

The solutions that are coming up in our guide are designed to troubleshoot your network consecutively.

Make sure that your camera is turned on so you can freely work on the problem without questioning whether the device is active or not.

Here’s how to fix your Owlet cam from not connecting with the network:

Solution #1 Place Your Camera In Pairing Mode

Your Owlet application won’t be able to discover the camera if it isn’t put into pairing mode.

This type of mode is used by the application to look for your camera and connect to it once discovered. It’s also required for the camera to connect with a WiFi network.

Here’s how to place your camera into pairing mode and retry the connection:

  1. Go over to your Owlet camera.
  2. Make sure that the camera’s LED is in bright blue before proceeding.
  3. Locate the pairing button on the back of the camera.
  4. Press it down for 3 seconds.
  5. Wait for the camera to start blinking in blue and red.
  6. Once done, go back to the Owlet app and retry the connecting process.
Note: If you’re not familiar with the setup process, simply go to the Owlet app and hit the “Add Device” button, then follow the on-screen instructions.

Solution #2 Power Cycle Camera

power cycle camera

Since the camera must be plugged in to operate, you may notice that an issue with the power supply could be preventing the device from connecting.

A quick fix to issues with the power state of the camera is the power cycle process which you can do next.

Here’s how to power cycle your Owlet camera easily:

  1. Go over to your Owlet camera.
  2. Locate where the power adapter of the camera is plugged in.
  3. Disengage the power adapter from the source.
  4. Standby for 5 minutes with the camera being unplugged.
  5. During this time, ensure the adapter is connected securely to the camera.
  6. Re-attach the power adapter to the source and test your camera.
Note: Ensure that the camera is tightly plugged into the power source and has the LED blinking once the power reset is done.

Solution #3 Reinstall Owlet App

An issue with the Owlet app might be preventing you from connecting the camera to WiFi. In that regard, what you should do is attempt to fix the issue by reinstalling the app.

It will solve bugs, glitches, and other software problems that are causing the issue with the connection.

install owlet app

Here’s how to reinstall the Owlet application:

  1. On your smartphone, access the storage unit.
  2. Locate where the Owlet application is.
  3. Choose “Uninstall” in the application option.
  4. Once the application is uninstalled, open the Google Play/App Store on your device.
  5. Locate the Owlet app in the app store and download it again.
Note: Using the recommendations from solution #1, re-attempt connecting your Owlet camera to WiFi again.

Solution #4 Relocate Camera Closer

You should consider moving your camera closer to the network device. If it refuses to connect, chances are that the range is insufficient and you shall move the camera closer to the router or vice versa.

Simply disconnect the adapter of the camera and choose another suitable position that still applies to your preferences.

The recommended range that it should be away from the router is 10-15 meters. Anything above that can prevent your camera from connecting with the WiFi.

Note: Additionally, check for interference. If your household’s walls are too thick, you may find it challenging to connect your camera.

Remove any big obstructions closer to your router and camera and make sure that neither of the devices is covered with a blanket or something like that.

Solution #5 Reset Owlet Camera

If nothing worked from our solutions so far, you should perform a reset on your Owlet cam.

That is one of the best approaches against software issues that could be preventing you from connecting to the WiFi.

Here’s how to reset your Owlet cam to factory defaults:

  1. Go over to your Owlet cam.
  2. Press and hold the button on the back of the cam for 15+ seconds.
  3. Wait for a response that will sound like “Resetting, please wait”.
  4. Once the camera is reset, attempt to connect it to WiFi.
Note: You will know that the camera is reset once the LED shuts down.

How To Fix Owlet Cam Won’t Stay Connected To WiFi?

stay connected to wifi

If your Owlet cam connects to the WiFi but doesn’t stay paired for too long, you might be looking at issues with the network or power problems that are making the camera shut down.

Here are some quick fixes if your camera won’t stay connected to the WiFi:

1. Fix Issues With The Network

 Power cycle your network by re-connecting its power adapter. Reconnect all cables in your setup and reduce network traffic by preventing high-data downloads, uploads, and torrent seeding.

2. Resolve Power Issues

Make sure that the power adapter is securely attached to your camera and that your router is working well.

3. Update Version

In your Owlet app, go to My Devices > Owlet Cam > “Check For Updates” > Update, to renew the version of your cam.

Pro Tip: Test connecting another device to the WiFi to exclude this possibility.

To fix an Owlet cam that won’t connect to the WiFi, power cycle the device and make sure its software is updated. Fix any power issues and replace the power adapter if it’s damaged. Only then, perform a factory reset on your Owlet cam.

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Bottom Line:

After finding out why the Owlet cam not connecting to WiFi along with the best solutions for the problem, we hope you were capable of fixing the issue on your own.

After all, contacting Owlet is always your best backup plan and you shouldn’t underestimate the support team’s assistance at all!

Nicole B