optimum rewind live tv not working

Are you trying to fix the Optimum rewind live TV not working issue? This problem results from a malfunctioned or damaged hard drive.

It’s worth noting that the receiver’s hard drive is designed to capture up to 1.5 hours of live TV recording at any given time.

However, when it is damaged, it will not capture any recordings, and you can thus not rewind live TV.

There are a few ways you can fix this problem, such as replacing the device’s hard drive. Installing a new one will eliminate all corrupted content and the issue corrected. You can also erase all hard drive content manually through the system settings. You may also reboot your receiver, and the problem will be solved.

Rewinding live TV is among the perks of having the Optimum receiver.

In this guide, you will learn what causes the receiver to fail to rewind live TV and how to fix it.

Why Optimum Rewind Live TV is Not Working

Here are some of the reasons why Optimum Rewind Live TV isn’t working:

Incompatible SD Card

The Altice 1 box has a preinstalled SD card to enable recording functionalities.

If the card is incompatible with the device, it will fail to record and rewind live TV.

Weak Signal Reception

When the signal reception on your Altice 1 receiver is low, it will not rewind live TV. The picture quality will be poor too.

Incorrect Cable Connections

When the cables connected to your device aren’t firmly in place, the power supply will be interrupted, and it will thus fail to rewind or fast forward live TV.

The SD Storage is Full

If your storage is full, the receiver will not record any live TV. This will thus make it impossible to rewind live TV.

The good news is these faults are relatively easy to fix. All you need is a few minutes and little to no technical knowledge to get things going again.

How to Fix Optimum Rewind Live TV Not Working – Solutions

fix optimum rewind live tv not working

There are numerous solutions to problems encountered while using Optimum.

Before you try these, you should ensure the Altice 1 receiver is working properly and that its installation is correct. Perform a troubleshoot to identify any problems and fix them.

Solution #1 Installing a Compatible Hard Drive

The receiver can only work with the right SD card installed. You can check to ensure the one you are using is compatible with your system.

Here’s how to confirm this:

  1. Identify the SD slot at the back of your decoder.
  2. Unplug the SD card and ensure it is written Altice 1 on the top.
  3. Reinsert it correctly and reboot the TV box.
  4. Wait for the SD card to get configured to the system.

Note: If your SD is damaged and you need a new one, you can contact Optimum for this information.

It is vital since an incompatible card will not be read, and you will still be unable to rewind live TV.

Solution #2 Reboot your TV Box

reboot optimum tv

This is a popular fix for Optimum rewind live TV not working as it is simple and convenient for many people.

Here is how to reboot your device;

  1. Unplug the power cable to the TV box.
  2. Wait for ten seconds before plugging it back in.
  3. Press the power button and wait for it to complete the booting process.
  4. The error is fixed, and you can now rewind live TV.

Optimum also supports voice commands, and you can thus use it to complete the reboot.

Press the mic button on your remote and say the command “Reboot.” It will immediately restart, and you can check whether the issues have been fixed.

Solution #3 Deleting Recordings that take up Space

delete recordings optimum box

You need space on your SD card to keep a record of live TV so that you can rewind when you want to.

If the space is full, however, you cannot do this. Deleting recordings will help clear out space and thus fix the rewinding issue.

This is how you can delete folders containing recordings;

  1. Press the DVR button on your remote.
  2. Select the Clean-up My DVR option and move to the available folders.
  3. Select the recording folders you want to delete and press the Delete Entire Folder option.
  4. Wait for the folders to be deleted before closing the menu.

Solution #4 Reset the Cable Box

Resetting the cable box will help solve most of the problems you encounter. This includes when you cannot rewind live TV.

Here is how to reset the cable box;

  1. Press the power button on your remote to turn it off.
  2. Unplug the cable from its power source.
  3. Wait for about thirty seconds.
  4. Plug the cable back into the power source and wait to restart.
  5. Wait for the configuration to complete, and the error will be fixed.

Note: Resetting will fix any recent settings you made to the cable box. You can thus reconfigure the device correctly.

It will help correct the rewinding issue and any other you might be facing.

Solution #5 Updating the device’s Firmware

update optimum tv

Outdated firmware could bring up rewinding errors. You can check for system updates by connecting your cable box to the internet.

Here, you can access your account and check for missed updates under the settings. If there is an update, click on it to install to the cable box.

Select the automated updates option to ensure you don’t miss future updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

optimum faqs

Can You Upgrade Your SD Card?

Yes, you can replace the SD card on your device with one that offers better storage.

You should, however, ensure it is compatible with the device. You can contact Optimum for guidance on the right SD card to get.

How Can You Check For The Signal Strength?

The signal strength can be identified from the picture quality you receive.

You can check for this under the menu option. Select it and click on display options. It will show the picture quality on your TV.

Will Resetting Discard Your Live TV Recordings?

Once you reset your device, all the settings and recent recordings will be lost.

Thus, you will not rewind to a point before the resetting is completed. You will thus have to proceed with a new recording.

What To Do When Optimum Rewind Live TV Fails To Work?

You have tried out the above solutions, and the problem persists. What should you do?

As a last resort, you can contact tech support for assistance. Additionally, they can also get you a technician to come in and check on the problem with your TV box. If you have a valid warranty, you can also get a replacement for your Optimum Tv box.

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Finally, note that Clearing SD cards will repair rewinding problems you might be experiencing.

You, however, don’t have to clear all the space in your receiver, as you can delete specific programs that you have already watched. This will clear the rewinding error too.

The Optimum rewind live TV not working problem can make you miss important information while watching.

If you resort to contacting customer service, write them a detailed email or call the Optimum contact number, and they will give you advice on the right solutions.

Enjoy your viewing!

Nicole B