Altice One remote not pairing

Is your Altice One remote not pairing with the Receiver, and you do not know what to do about it?

Like most devices that use Bluetooth technology, the Altice One remote will not lack this issue. However, you can always go past it with very easy steps.

If your Altice One remote is not pairing, it could be due to dead batteries. First, you will need to reset the remote by removing the batteries, then reinsert them after a few seconds.

If it fails, kindly replace the batteries with a new pair, then re-pair or re-program your remote to the Receiver. We got every step covered in this guide!

You do not need to pay someone so that you can have it paired again. Let us have a look at some of the troubleshooting tricks you can apply.

Reasons for Altice One Remote Not Pairing

Several reasons can cause your Altice One remote to fail to pair. Below are some you should check.

  • The batteries are discharged or dead.
  • You have not successfully paired the remote with the Box.
  • The Receiver has issues.
Note: Altice One remote uses Bluetooth to communicate with the Receiver.

Hence, there must be a connection or pairing for them to work well. Kindly have the user’s manual take you through if you are stuck in pairing.

How to Fix Altice One Remote Not Pairing to Box Issue

fix Altice One remote not pairing

You can overcome this issue by trying different tricks. But do not try number one and fail to try the rest, if the remote fails to pair.

At least one of these fixing methods should solve the problem.

Solution #1: Reset the Remote

The remote could be having bugs that cause it to behave this way. Resetting it can help resolve the issue.

reset the altice remote

Here’s how to reset your remote correctly:

  1. You only need to remove the batteries
  2. Let the remote stay without batteries for a few seconds
  3. Now insert them again.
  4. Try using the remote, then see if it accepts to pair.

Solution #2: Replace the Remote Batteries

replace altice batteries

If your remote batteries are discharged, they will cause the remote not to work since they disconnect it from your Receiver.

Since your remote uses Bluetooth to pair, it will not stay for long with the charge.

Hence, you will need to replace the batteries more often, unlike these other common remotes, which may hold a charge for quite longer.

Also, you may need to check if you use rechargeable batteries; their voltage is so low.

Hence, they do not deliver sufficient power to your remote. Batteries with large capacity will not waste your time needing you to replace them often.

Tip: If your remote uses ordinary batteries, you can change them for Duracell or energizer. These two hold charge for a long time.

Solution #3: Re- pair or Re-program the Remote

For the pairing to be successful, you need to be keen and follow the process correctly.

If you don’t, the remote will not pair; hence it will not work. Also, once you replace your batteries for a new pair, you will need to re-pair or re-program the remote to your Receiver again.

Kindly see the steps you can use to pair your Altice remote to the Box:

  1. Hold your remote and make it face the Receiver
  2. Now press and hold its Home button.
  3. Go to your device’s Settings.
  4. Select Preference followed by Pair remote to Altice One.
  5. Press, then hold the 7 and 9 buttons for ten seconds, then release them.
  6. Choose the option Pair remote control’’

After this process, your remote should be paired to the Receiver; hence it should work correctly.

Solution #4: Confirm if You Have a Faulty Signal Receiver

check for faulty receiver

Bluetooth technology is one of the best since it makes it easier to use your TV. However, it lacks no notable downsides.

At times, the signal receiver becomes faulty. Hence, you will fail to detect the remote even if your batteries are still fresh and connected to Bluetooth.

You may also notice your remote blinking as it shows that it is connected. However, your TV will not respond when you control it with the remote.

Fixing a faulty signal is quite tricky. Hence, you may need to confirm if the above reasons are not the cause of your remote not pairing.

If you rule them out and establish that they are not the cause, you will need to restart the Box.

To power cycle the box, follow these steps:

  1. Unplug it from its main power outlet
  2. Allow the cord to stay unplugged for around two minutes
  3. Plugin the Box, and it will restart.
  4. Re-pair your remote to the Box and see if it works.

Solution #5: Reset the Box Manually

If, after trying the above troubleshooting tricks your remote still fails to pair, you may have to try something different. Kindly reset the entire Box manually.

To reset the box, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the reset button behind the Box
  2. Press it, then hold it for about 20 seconds.
  3. You will notice the box blinking and restarting.
  4. Hence you will know that the resetting has begun.
Note: Resetting will erase all data in your Altice box; hence it will become like a newly bought device, and you will have to restart everything.

However, the bugs that caused your remote to stop pairing will stop after this factory resetting.

Solution #6: Use the Optimum Tools Online

contact altice support

At times you may not be willing to reset your Optimum Box, and you are wondering what you can do about the problem you have.

Optimum provides its users with online assistant tools or services that can be handy at such times.

Online Help:

You can visit the site where you will find the chatting service and explain your issue without physically seeing a technician.

You can also talk to a technician through an email, and they will not take more than 24 hours before addressing your issue or leaving a reply.

FAQs Section:

The FAQs section can also help you type your concern, get a response and get quick steps you can use to troubleshoot the issue on your own.

The online platform is to help you avoid the huddles of visiting the office physically. After all, you may not have that time.

But if you feel like you are not getting what you need, feel free to try the next step below.

Solution #6: Seek Technician’s Help (Last Option!)

If there was no success after trying the above steps, you might need to seek higher help. Visiting the Optimum Altice shop should be your last option, though.

A technician who understands these devices should help you resolve the issue. The issue could be either the remote or the Box.

If need be, you may have to replace either of these devices and return to your everyday enjoyment.

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Bottom Line             

Altice One remote will fail to pair to the Box if the batteries are discharged or the Receiver has malfunctioning issues. You should replace the batteries with a new pair and reset the remote. Factory reset the Receiver and check if the remote accepts pairing.

For an Altice One remote not pairing issue, you can now smile again because you have got working tips at hand.

Try either of the above solutions we have listed, and your remote will pair to the Box again.

Nicole B