onn tv backlight not working

The Onn TV backlight not working and you’re wondering why?

The backlight of Onn TV will not work when the setting’s value is set to 0% from the TV options or when the television does not receive enough power.

If the Onn TV backlight is not working, the solution includes performing a power cycle, followed by a factory reset, which in most cases helps!

In this guide, we’ll solve the problem in minutes, but let’s first answer the question “why?”.

Why Is Onn Roku TV Backlight Not Working?

the onn tv backlight not working

The backlight feature is the light source directly situated behind your TV’s LCD panel.

It will make the screen glow and boost its vibrancy, giving it high color quality and making the picture the way it appears on the screen.

When the backlight is not working, here are some of the frequent causes:

  • The feature has been turned off or set to “0” in the TV settings
  • Your TV is having power complications/insufficiency
  • Outdated firmware or corrupted data with the TV software
  • Hardware backlight problem with the television

For now, we’ll exclude the possibility of a hardware problem and proceed with the solutions that we can perform at home.

Let’s jump right into the solution!

Onn TV Backlight Repair Process!

tv backlight replacement process

There are multiple solutions that you should attempt at home to fix the backlight, before passing the task to a professional.

As we’ve already mentioned, this could be occurring mainly due to power issues with your Onn TV so this is what we’ll be mainly focusing on.

Let’s begin with our first solution and resolve your Onn TV’s backlight problem:

Solution #1 Turn the Backlight Up in the Settings

As you probably know, the backlight can be controlled from your TV settings.

Unfortunately, if the backlight setting is set to “0” or is disabled, this might give the impression that the feature is not working or is broken. 

Here’s how to turn on and adjust the backlight feature of your Onn Roku TV in easy steps:

  1. Open the Settings of your Onn TV.
  2. Go to the Picture Settings.
  3. Scroll down a little and look for a “Backlight” setting.
  4. Press the slider to start configuring the feature.
  5. Set the backlight between 70% and 100%.
  6. Save the changes.
  7. Exit the Onn TV picture settings.
  8. Check if the issue is resolved.
Tip: During the day, the backlight should be set to a higher level, while during the night, for eye comfort users tend to lower the setting down to 70%.

Solution #2 Power Reset the TV

power reset the tv

You should attempt a simple power fix to resolve the backlight problem with your Onn TV.

This method is also known as a “power cycle” and basically restarts ALL services and refreshes the power income to your Onn Roku TV.

In most cases that helps!

To power reset your Onn TV the correct way, follow these steps:

  1. Grab a hold of your Onn TV remote.
  2. Turn the television OFF.
  3. Unplug the power adapter of the TV.
  4. Wait for 5 minutes for the Onn TV to get completely discharged.
  5. Re-attach the power adapter back to the source.
  6. Turn on your TV.
  7. Check if the backlight is going to work now.
Notice: Make sure to keep the TV unplugged for at least 5 minutes for a full discharge!

Solution #3 Update Your TV

update your tv

The backlight problem with your Onn TV can also be software-related. If that’s the case, then updating the firmware of the OS version may actually solve the issue with the backlight setting functionality.

In addition, updating your TV might also fix other hidden problems!

Follow these instructions to update the software of your Onn TV:

  1. Grab your Onn Roku TV remote.
  2. Go to the Settings.
  3. Navigate to the System tab.
  4. Select “System Update” from the available functions.
  5. Press “Check Now”.
  6. Press “Update” on any new updates that have appeared in the tab.
  7. Wait for your TV to undergo the update sequence.
Alert: Do not unplug or shut down your Onn TV while the update is ongoing!

Solution #4 Fix Power Issues

fix the power issues

If the backlight of your device refuses to work, perhaps it’s due to power insufficiency

The power problems can be caused by the power adapter of your Onn TV or the direct power source.

In this solution, we’ll target ALL factors related to the power income and make sure that your TV is not having power problems, potentially impacting the backlight.

Here’s how to fix your Onn TV’s power issues:

  • The Power Source – reconnect the Onn Roku TV to another standalone wall outlet
  • The Power Port – unplug the power cable and clean the power port
  • The Power Adapter – try using another, proven-to-work power adapter
Note: In addition, it's recommended to temporarily unplug ALL other devices from the TV.

Solution #5 Reset your TV

reset the onn tv

By performing a factory reset on your Onn TV, you have a good shot at fixing the issue with the backlight of the device.

As we’ve already mentioned, there’s a high chance that this problem is software-related and a factory reset is the most powerful solution so far!

To factory reset your TV, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the Settings of your TV, using the remote.
  2. Head to System.
  3. Access the Advanced System Settings tab.
  4. Go to Factory Reset.
  5. Choose Factory Reset Everything.
  6. Confirm the process and wait for your TV to reset.
Note: Do not unplug or shut down your TV while it is still factory resetting.

Solution #6 Replace Faulty LED Lights

If nothing helped so far to solve the Onn TV backlight not working problem, then some of the LED lights in the backlight panel of your Onn TV have gone faulty or stopped working. 

The replacement process is a little complex, but if your TV warranty has expired, there is nothing to lose so it’s worth the try.

There is a little preparation that you need to check first!

Backlight Replacement: Preparation!

tv backlight replacement

Here’s everything that you’ll need:

  1. LED strips (identify how much LEDs aren’t working)
  2. Wires
  3. Soldering Iron
  4. A screwdriver that matches the TV’s back screws
  5. A soft brush

Once you have all of these items, follow the steps below to replace the faulty LED lights:

How to Replace LED Lights On Onn TV?

Here we’ll learn how to replace bad LED lights on the backlight of the Onn Roku TV.

Remember that these steps will help only if the backlight is partially not working.

how to replace led lights

When the entire backlight does not work, the problem is most likely related to the motherboard.

  1. Unplug your TV and position it with the screen laying down.
  2. Unscrew all screws on the back panel of the Onn TV (should be around 15-17).
  3. Carefully take out the TV back panel.
  4. Turn around the TV and take out the frontal housing and the LED panel.
  5. Remove the bezel holding the backlight diffuser to acquire access.
  6. Check all of the LED lights to see which ones are not working.
  7. With the screwdriver, gently remove the bad LEDs.
  8. Using a brush, clean the solder pad surface.
  9. Insert the soldering iron in the middle of the soldering pad.
  10. Solder the new LED lights into the solder pad (in the middle of the 3 x holes).
  11. Position the LED cover and push for a couple of seconds.
  12. Rebuild your TV and check if the backlight should be working now.
Tip: If you’re feeling concerned about the process, it’s best to contact a technician!

Quick Recap:

Thus, when the Onn Roku TV backlight is not working, users need to increase the value of the feature from the television settings. The next step is to relocate the TV and directly connect the unit to a standalone wall outlet. Lastly, perform a factory reset!

Final Thoughts:

Now that we’ve learned why Onn TV backlight not working and how to solve the problem in no time, we’re ready to enjoy our favorite shows on a bright display.

However, in case the problem is persistent, it’s best to use the warranty if still intact.

In the worst-case scenario, users would need to pay a professional for a backlight repair!

Nicole B