why wont my Onn TV connect to WiFi

Wondering why wont my Onn TV connect to WiFi? Keep reading to learn the solution!

When Onn TV won’t connect to WiFi, users should first inspect the availability of the network and then focus on troubleshooting. The solution includes a power cycle followed by re-adding the network and enabling the network ping TV option.

Let’s next learn the most frequently reported causes when Onn TV won’t connect:

Why Wont My Onn TV Connect To Wifi?

why my Onn TV connect the internet

When your Onn TV refuses to pair with the network, the cause is most likely to be a network issue related to your setup.

It is recommended to identify if a certain network problem has impacted all connected devices, or just the Onn TV is having trouble getting paired.

Let’s summarize all the causes for the problem with your Onn TV in the following list:

Problem With The Network Device

There could be an issue with your household’s network setup.

If the router isn’t working, or the network is online but there is an issue spreading the WiFi, your Onn TV will not connect.

Incorrect Network Setup

You may be attempting to connect your Onn TV to the network incorrectly.

You must be choosing the correct WiFi and must be writing down the correct password, for the device to connect successfully.

Onn TV Problem

Lastly, it is possible for the problem to be with the Onn TV.

Outdated or corrupted software versions, loose power cables, and incorrect network settings can all impact WiFi connectivity.

Now that you know what is causing the problem, here’s how to resolve the issue with:

How To Fix When Onn Roku TV Not Connecting To WiFi?

how to fix rokku tvn ot connecting

To solve the problem, we’re going to undertake a few solutions in chronological order that will help us identify where the issue is coming from. Let’s jump right in!

Solution #1 Connect Onn TV Correctly

We should first make sure that you’re setting up the Onn TV with the WiFi correctly.

To justify, we’re going to describe the entire setup process step-by-step, so you can be confident that the foundation of the process is correct.

Here’s how to correctly connect the Onn TV to the WiFi in easy steps:

  1. Grab your Roku remote and tap the Home button.
  2. Got to Network.
  3. Select the “Set up connectionfunction.
  4. Now press “Wireless”.
  5. Select your network from the list of networks.
  6. Write down the WiFi password.
  7. Hit “Connect”.
  8. Wait for the TV to connect with the router’s WiFi.
Alert: Double-check if all letters and symbols from the WiFi password are correct.

Solution #2 Power Cycle the Onn TV

power cycle on tv

If the correct WiFi setup method didn’t work, then the issue with the Onn TV is to be located elsewhere.

Before you dig in with more complex solutions and instructions, you should first discharge your TV by performing a power cycle.

Here’s how to power cycle the Onn TV in easy steps:

  1. Using your Roku remote, turn the TV OFF.
  2. Wait for 60 seconds
  3. Go over to the back of the TV.
  4. Unplug its power adapter from the power source.
  5. Wait for an additional 5 minutes to complete the power cycling.
  6. Reconnect the Onn TV’s cable to the source.
  7. Start the TV and check if it will connect to WiFi now.
Notice: If you keep the Onn TV unplugged for less than 5 minutes, the power cycle won’t be effective.

Solution #3 Forget Network & Add Again

forget network add again

Another smart solution that you should attempt is to forget your router’s network and then add it again.

This will refresh the data in regard to the WiFi connection, which in most cases truly helps when there is a connectivity problem.

Here’s how to forget the network and then add it again on Onn TV:

  1. Go to the WiFi tab on your Onn TV (follow the instructions in solution #1).
  2. Locate your router’s connection from the list.
  3. Make sure that your TV is not connected to WiFi.
  4. Press the functions key to open settings for that network.
  5. Now press “Forget This Connection”.
  6. Wait for your TV to re-scan and add your router’s WiFi.
  7. Check if the connection will work now.
Note: Once you forget the WiFi, it will appear under the “Discoverable” tab, rather than “Remembered”.

Solution #4 Resolve Issues With The Network

resolve issues with the network

Your network may be running into problems, which will prevent not only the Onn TV to connect but all other devices that used to be connected prior.

Fortunately, we’ve extracted some easy network solutions to help you identify and solve internet problems.

You should attempt the following network troubleshooting actions:

  • Reconnect router power – turn OFF and then ON the router/modem device.
  • Hard reset router – turn off the router and disconnect its power for 5 minutes.
  • Reconnect all network cables – secure the Internet and Ethernet cables!
Alert: If an orange light is on your modem or router, call your ISP, since the problem might not be on your side!

Solution #5 Enable Network Pings

enable the network pings

When the Onn TV experiences WiFi issues often, this may be because network pings are disabled.

This feature allows your TV to automatically connect with the WiFi so you won’t have to do it manually each time you turn on the TV.

Here’s how to enable network pings on Onn TV:

  1. Make sure that the Onn TV is turned on.
  2. On the remote, press the Home 5 times and the fast forward button one time.
  3. Next, press the Play once and Rewind once.
  4. To access the system operations menu, hit the forward button one last time.
  5. Scroll down and go to the network menu.
  6. Find an option that says “Disable Network Pings”.
  7. Highlight it once and make sure that it says “Enabled” next to it.
  8. Your Onn TV should now get connected to the WiFi automatically.
Note: Restart the Onn TV to make sure that it would connect automatically.

Solution #6 Reset Your TV

reset the tv

If you still don’t know why won’t my Onn TV connect to WiFi and the issue persists, you should factory reset your Onn TV.

This will refresh the software of the device and will resolve any problems with the WiFi or the network that your device is experiencing.

Alert: The factory reset reverts ALL settings to default, irreversibility!

Here’s how to factory reset the Onn TV in easy steps:

  1. Go to the Settings.
  2. Select System.
  3. Go to the Advanced Settings.
  4. Now, choose Factory Reset.
  5. Choose “Factory Restore Everything”.
  6. Confirm that you want to perform a reset on your device.
Note: The reset can take up to 10 minutes so be patient!

Solution #7 Use Wired Connection

If your TV’s WiFi just doesn’t seem to cut it in speed and comfort, why just don’t use a wired connection with your router?

The Onn TV supports an Ethernet cable port and can connect to a router via a cable.

Setting up a wired connection on your TV consists of hardware and software steps.

Let’s first begin with setting up the cable:

How To Setup Onn TV Ethernet Cable?

to set up ethernet cable
  1. Get a cable long enough to connect to your router and Onn TV.
  2. Connect the first end of the Ethernet cable to one of the yellow ports on your router.
  3. Lead the cable close to your Onn TV (make sure the cables don’t get twisted).
  4. Locate the Ethernet port on the back of your Onn TV.
  5. Plug the other end of the cable into your Onn TV.
  6. Wait for the blinking lamp to start flashing.

How To Setup Wired Connection On Onn TV?

  1. Once the cable is successfully connected, go to the Settings of your TV.
  2. Head to “Set up internet connection”.
  3. Choose “Wired”.
  4. Wait for the system to scan the Ethernet cable.
  5. Follow the rest of the on-screen instructions to finish setting up the connection.
Note: The Ethernet cable should start to blink once it is connected to the TV’s port. This will identify whether the connection is active or not.

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Quick Recap:

Hence, the Onn TV can’t connect to the WiFi when the network is down or when there is a software problem that simply requires a power cycle. Further solutions include enabling the ping option and performing a factory reset on the television.

Wrapping Up:

Now that we’ve learned why won’t my Onn TV connect to WiFi and how to solve the problem, it’s time to get online!

Remember that you must inspect whether the problem comes from the WiFi before drawing conclusions about the Onn TV functionality!

We hope that this post helped and for more relevant guides, check our blog!

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