NOW TV stick remote not working

Many people panic when they find their NOW TV stick remote not working. And we’re here to tell you not to because it’s something that you can solve on your own!

Forget all the unhelpful bloody guides you’ve read before. In this tutorial, we’ll give you the step-by-step guide to solving this problem!

To fix your NOW TV stick remote, power cycle both your NOW TV stick and remote first. Then, remove and replace the batteries on your clicker. Once in, press and hold the NOW TV or Home button for 20 seconds. Then, plug your NOW TV stick directly into a wall outlet instead of the TV’s USB port.

Lastly, reset your remote and re-pair.

It can be knackering to find out that a device as simple as a clicker suddenly malfunctions. But it’s a normal thing especially if it’s overused.

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But what’s causing this to happen? What are the usual things that lead to this problem?

Common Reasons Why NOW TV Remote is Not Working

People often forget that the more you use a device, the faster it’ll wear out.

And since these clickers are used when the telly is turned on, it’s more of a common occurrence.

Below are the most common reasons why your NOW TV’s clicker is not functioning properly:

  • Low or dead batteries
  • Signal blockage (IR remote)
  • Stuck/faulty buttons
  • Faulty remote
  • Improperly paired remote (smart remote)

Yes, some of these may seem basic or simple enough, but these are only the reasons why your click won’t work!

Whether your NOW TV stick remote’s volume is not working or if it’s controlling itself, here’s the complete process of solving this dilemma.

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NOW TV Stick Remote Not Working – Complete Steps

fix NOW TV stick remote not working

Since what you have is the NOW TV stick instead of the Box, the clicker you’re using is the smart remote.

So, here’s how you can resolve the problem of your NOW TV stick’s remote not functioning properly:

Step #1: Power Cycle Your NOW TV Stick

To start the process, what you want to do first is to perform a reboot or a power cycle of the NOW TV stick.

A lot of technical problems have been solved by reboots/restarts, and your telly’s streaming device is not a stranger to that.

So, here’s how you power cycle your NOW TV stick:

  1. Remove the stick from its connection to the telly.
  2. Then, remove the cable connecting your stick remote to power.
  3. Wait for 15 to 30 seconds before plugging the device back in again.
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The interface of the device should flash as it starts to reload, taking you to NOW TV’s home screen.

Power Cycle Your NOW TV Smart Clicker

Simultaneously, what you want to do is to perform a power cycle of your clicker too! To do this, you just need to take the batteries out of the remote for one (1) full minute.

This drains the energy from both the active and reserved supply of the clicker.

Step #2: Replace the Batteries

After the first step, instead of installing the same set of batteries back to the clicker, use a fresh pair of batteries.

Doing this will automatically cross out the possibility of the batteries being the problem.

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NOTE: The NOW TV remote uses two (2) AAA batteries.

What most experts advise is to utilize non-rechargeable batteries because they’re more powerful and they last longer than rechargeable ones.

Step #3: Press All Buttons While the Remote is Out

The problem could also be caused by some of the buttons being stuck or pressed. And while many people might think that they’ll easily notice it, that’s not always the case.

So, to remedy this, press all the buttons carefully and hard. You could also try to blow on each of the button’s edges to see if there’s any kind of debris blocking it from being fully pressed.

NOTE: Perform this while the batteries of the remote are out to make sure you don’t toggle or modify any of the settings in case it activates or works back up again.

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Step #4: Press and Hold NOW TV or Home Button

Then, for the next step, you’ll have to press and hold the NOW TV button or the [HOME] button on the clicker for about 20 to 30 seconds.

It’s like a manual step of resetting the controls of the remote to the specific NOW TV stick you’re using. Many NOW TV stick users reported to have successfully solved their dilemma after doing this.

When you do this, there should be a signal that the control settings have been reverted to how they were before.

Step #5: Plug the Stick Directly Into a Wall Outlet For Power

Most people, to save space and to be free from the hassle of hanging wires and cables, plug their NOW TV sticks into a separate USB port of the telly for power.

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If you’re doing it the same way, try plugging it into a wall outlet instead. The problem could be because the stick is not getting sufficient power/energy to function properly.

NOTE: Refrain from plugging it into extension cords and power surges, too. As much as possible, hook it up directly into the mains or a wall outlet.

Step #6: Reset Your NOW TV Remote

To conclude the process, proceed to perform a complete reset of your NOW TV remote.

This will help clear out the data on the remote and you’ll be able to use it as if you just got it from the factory!

Furthermore, this is also the setting you can do if you’re looking to pair your controller to your NOW TV stick again!

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Resetting your NOW TV remote is easy.

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Remove the battery compartment/cover of the clicker.
  2. Then, locate the reset button (it’ll usually be beneath the cover).
  3. Press and hold the reset button for 10 to 15 seconds.
  4. Then, you’ll just have to wait for 30 seconds to one (1) minute for it to reinitialize.

After that, your remote will be paired to the stick again and it should now work perfectly!

NOTE: It’s advisable that you do the last step as close as you can to the NOW TV stick. Also, make sure that the interface of your NOW TV stick is set to the home screen.

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Do I Need a NOW TV Stick Remote Replacement?

If you’re able to religiously follow the troubleshooting steps we mentioned above and the problem is still there, leave the problem to the hands of experts.

Contact NOW TV’s technical support team immediately and narrate to them the situation you are in.

Let them know what happened, when it started, when you had your equipment, and so on.

They get problems like this every day, so they’ll easily be able to tell you if a replacement is what you need.

If your NOW TV clicker isn’t responding to the telly, restart both the stick and clicker. Then, remove and replace the batteries. Press all the buttons to let go of debris that could be stuck between the keys.

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Then, plug the stick directly into a wall outlet and press and hold the home or NOW TV button for 20 seconds. Proceed to factory reset your remote.

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Bottom Line

Is your NOW TV stick remote not working and you can’t find a viable solution for it? Are you looking for a guide that’ll teach you all the angles that other tutorials can’t give you?

With this tutorial, you will never need any other type of guide! We’ve outlined all the information you need in this guide, and we can give you the assurance that you’ll arrive at the solution to your problem swiftly!

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So, regardless of your technical experience, you’ll arrive at the solution by following the troubleshooting steps we told you about!

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