NOW TV not working on Smart TV

Is your NOW TV not working on Smart TV? This can certainly be a downer as it brings the very best movies, news, TV shows, and games to one spot for you to enjoy!

However, you may run into a few problems trying to use NOW TV on your Smart TV.

To fix the Now TV, use the correct HDMI input source, fix your WiFi connection, move your NOW TV device, reset the devices, and update the software.

Read on to know how you can fix each of these problems with easy step-by-step solutions.

Why Is NOW TV Not Working on Smart TV?

I identified a few reasons why won’t NOW TV work on my TV. To fix the problem on your Smart TV, you will need to find where the trouble is coming from.

There might be an issue with the WiFi connection, the NOW TV remote or Smart Stick, or the version of the software you are using.

Here are some of the reasons why NOW TV may not be working on your Smart TV:

  • WiFi connection problems
  • Using an older version of the NOW TV software
  • Using outdated NOW TV app
  • NOW TV Smart Stick may not be working or turning on
  • Issues with remote’s power button and connection

How To Fix NOW TV That Is Not Working on Smart TV?

fix NOW TV not working on Smart TV

There are a few things that you can do to fix NOW TV that is not working on your Smart TV.

Depending upon the problem, follow these step-by-step guides given below.

Note that you should check whether NOW TV has started working on your Smart TV after each of these steps. If it has resumed functioning, there is no need for you to go further.

Solution #1: Troubleshoot Your NOW TV Devices

One of the reasons NOW TV is not working on your Smart TV is that your wireless router and NOW Box or Smart Stick may not be connected properly.

Most of the time, problems with such devices are solved simply by troubleshooting.

Here is how you can do that:

  1. First, unplug your wireless router, NOW TV Box, and Smart Stick.
  2. Wait for a few minutes.
  3. Next, plug your wireless router in first.
  4. Lastly, plug back your NOW TV Box and Smart Stick.

After you follow these steps, there is no need to set up the devices again. Instead, simply proceed to the main menu and try using the NOW TV app again.

Solution #2: Update Your NOW TV Software and Apps

Another problem that many people face on their NOW TV because the apps do not work or launch properly.

The possible reason for this could be that your NOW TV software or apps may not be updated to the latest version.

Here is how you can update your NOW TV software and apps:

  1. First, go to Settings and select the System option.
  2. Next, choose the System Update option.
  3. Next, go to Check Now.

This will make your NOW TV device look for any updates and fix the problem.

There is another way to find any potential software or app updates in your NOW TV device.

Here is how you can do that:

  1. Press the Home button on your NOW TV remote 5 times.
  2. Press the Fast Forward button on your NOW TV remote 3 times.
  3. Press the Rewind button on your NOW TV remote 2 times.
  4. This will take you to the Software Update option.
  5. Finally, press OK for the update process to start.

Solution #3: Troubleshoot Your TV

At times, it is not the NOW TV causing problems but rather, your smart TV. In such a situation, the ideal option is to troubleshoot your TV and look for any problems.

Here’s what you can do to get NOW TV working again:

  1. Unplug your TV itself.
  2. Next, hold the power button for about 15 seconds.
  3. Wait for two minutes.
  4. Finally, turn it on.

Note that not all Smart TVs have a power button. In this scenario, simply turn off the TV, unplug from the main socket, and plug it in again.

This solution has helped NOW TV users to get the service working again, especially on Samsung smart TV.

Solution #4: Turn on Your NOW TV Smart Stick

One of the most common reasons people face difficulties with NOW TV on their Smart TV is that the Smart Stick does not turn on. This is because it may be connected to the wrong HDMI port.

Here is how you can fix a NOW TV Smart Stick that is not working:

  1. Plug the NOW TV device into your TV’s USB port.
  2. Check if the touch feature is enabled or disabled on your NOW TV.
  3. If enabled, press the Home Button, OK Button, and Back Button.
  4. This will automatically change your TV to the right HDMI input source.
  5. If disabled, press any direction buttons on your remote to proceed.
  6. This will change the HDMI input source manually.

Solution #5: Fix Your NOW TV Remote Power Button

Another reason why your NOW TV devices may not be working is because of the remote. Of course, the remote and the devices will not work if the Power button is broken.

Here is how you can fix a fault Power button on the NOW TV on your Smart TV:

  1. Firstly, try replacing the batteries from the remote.
  2. Before replacing the batteries, re-insert the old batteries to see if they work.
  3. If the above two steps do not work, unplug your NOW TV box.
  4. Then, pair the NOW TV box with your TV’s port again.

If neither of these steps successfully repairs your NOW TV remote, your last resort can be to factory reset the NOW TV.

Solution #6: Conduct a Factory Reset

This solution may work if you use any of the NOW TV devices. But, it won’t work for the NOW TV app on other supported devices, like Fire Stick.

In some cases, a factory reset can remove any issues causing your NOW TV not to work. Moreover, it is also known to solve technical problems, like freezing.

Here’s how you can conduct a factory reset on your NOW TV stick:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Next, go to System.
  3. In Advanced System Settings, choose the Factory Reset option.
  4. Next, you will get a 4-digit code on your TV.
  5. Type the code on
  6. Once done, a factory reset will take place.

The good news is that if you have an account on NOW TV, you just need to log into it. You will get all your saved shows, movies, etc.

Still Unable to Fix a NOW TV That Doesn’t Work on Smart TV?

If you can’t fix NOW TV even after following all of the above guides, the last resort is to move your NOW TV device from where it is placed.

It is because the wireless signal strength in your house depends on where the router is located. Additionally, thick walls and household appliances may weaken the signal strength in certain places in your home.

There might also be blind spots in your home where there is no connection at all. So, you should try to move around your NOW TV device to see where the wireless signal strength is strongest.

As for the NOW TV app, try to reinstall it or call up the company regarding this.

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Now that you know how to fix NOW TV not working on Smart TV, you can get back to enjoying the very best content in superior quality, all at your convenience.

Hopefully, you won’t have to search around for a solution as you can simply refer back to this article and follow the step-by-step instructions!

Nicole B