netflix not working on firestick

In case Netflix not working on Firestick, then this guide is for you so remain invested!

We all know that Netflix is available in the Amazon Content Store, meaning that getting the app on Firestick should be quick and smooth.

Well, this is not the case for many users, and if you’re also facing errors, bugs, and glitches with the Netflix app on Firestick, then here’s the solution…

When the Netflix app is not working on Firestick, begin with a simple power circulation on the streaming stick and by inspection of the internet and WiFi connection.

In case everything is intact, proceed with performing a clean reinstallation of the Netflix app.

Why is Netflix Not Working on My Firestick?

The Netflix app, such as any other streaming application, requires a reliable internet connection as well as a good software environment.

In that set of thoughts there are many possibilities that might impact Netflix on your Firestick so let’s begin by unwrapping the potential suspects:

why is netflix not working on my firestick
  1. Slow or inconsistent internet/WiFi connectivity
  2. Temporal bug or glitch with the Firestick’s OS
  3. Corrupted Netflix application files or cache data
  4. Netflix account suspension or service outage
  5. Insufficient available storage on your Firestick
  6. Streaming stick and Netflix resolution mismatch

Important – Limited Memory!

Sometimes apps won’t work when we’ve already had too many services open on our Firestick. When multiple apps and tasks are being processed by the

Firestick, the Netflix app performance might be impacted, until the utilization is relieved. 

How to Fix When Netflix Not Working on Firestick?

Tip: Follow the steps in the listed order!

1. Check the Internet Connection!

check the internet connection

The first and most important factor to inspect is the consistency of your internet connection!

We all know that when the internet is simply slow or lagging, the Netflix app would still work but of course, buffer too much, or content won’t play at all.

In contrast, when the internet or the WIFi is inconsistent, some of the apps on your Amazon Firestick would simply not open or work…

Here are some simple steps to optimize and/or improve your internet and WiFi:

  • Reboot your wireless router by unplugging from power
  • Reconnect your Firestick to the WiFi or via Ethernet
  • Switch from 5 GHz to the 2.4 GHz WiFi frequency
  • Disconnect unused devices from your wireless router
  • Try to recall installing a VPN and respectively disable

In case your internet doesn’t seem to be involved in the app issue, simply continue reading!

2. Power Cycle Amazon Firestick

power cycle amazon firestick

Another quick and easy solution when Netflix and/or other apps on your Amazon Firestick are not working would be the power circulation.

This method does not erase any content or data from your streaming stick, the technique only resets the power and refreshes all services.

  • To power cycle your Amazon Firestick, unplug from the TV and power it!

With the device unplugged, wait for about 60 seconds for a complete power circulation after which you can hop on and check whether Netflix works.

In case the app refuses to open or simply none of the media is playable on the Firestick, remain invested throughout the guide.

Quick Tip: If you still haven’t rebooted your router, do so while the Firestick is power cycling!

3. Clear the Netflix App Cache Data

clear the netflix app cache data

In case you didn’t know, your Firestick constantly produces cache data which is responsible for app optimization.

The temporal data is stored locally on the device containing files such as images and thumbnails which speeds up the workflow and prevents repeated downloads.

The hurdle comes when this cached data gets corrupted, and your apps stop loading correctly or produce weird errors and behavior.

Luckily this data can easily be cleared on your Firestick:

  1. Use the remote to enter the Firestick’s Settings.
  2. Then, locate and enter the “Applications” tab.
  3. Next, go to Manage Installed Applications.
  4. Select the “Netflix” application from the menu.
  5. Finally, select Clear Cache and Clear Data.
Info: The Amazon Firestick, automatically clears the cache when an app has not been used for more than 30 days, and the device is running low on storage.

4. Inspect Netflix Account & Status

inspect netflix account and status

In case only Netflix on Firestick not working, well, the reason might be in the account or server status. There are two primary possibilities – a server outage or any sort of suspension on our account involving not paying the monthly bill.

  • Skip this step if the Netflix app is not opening at all on your Firestick!

Here’s an easy way to test the Netflix account and status:

  1. Ensure that your device is connected to the internet.
  2. Using your phone or computer, open a web browser.
  3. Go to “” and sign into your account.
  4. Test whether you can stream Netflix from a browser.
  5. Then hover your cursor over your profile icon.
  6. Click on the “Account” option from the drop menu.
  7. Then, check the date of your next billing cycle.

Netflix Service Outage?

netflix service outage

If you’re a member (the bill is paid), and the shows are not loading even on a different software platform, it’s possible that there is a Netflix server outage.

You can check for outages by going to the “Netflix Status” tool which shows either “Netflix is up” or “Netflix is down”.

Info: Service outages typically last for a few hours at a time before being resolved!

5. Free Up Available Firestick Storage

Yes, something as simple as deleting some old and unused apps on your Firestick can quickly resolve the problem with Netflix.

Especially on Amazon Fire Stick, there are multiple reports that when the storage becomes full, applications start to work slowly, crash, or won’t open at all.

free up available firestick storage

Here’s how to remove apps to free up storage on your Firestick:

  1. From the Fire TV main screen, go to the Settings.
  2. Applications > Manage Installed Applications.
  3. Scroll down the menu and select the app for removal.
  4. Then select the “Uninstall” option to delete the app.
  5. Repeat the process for all unused apps on the Firestick.

Reinstalling the Netflix App?

In case you haven’t tried already, follow the steps above to completely uninstall the Netflix app from your Firestick.

Then open the Amazon Content Store, and download the official Netflix app, which guarantees that you’re getting the latest firmware version to be able to test.

6. Set Firestick Resolution to “Automatic”

set firestick resolution to automatic

In case the Netflix app is not working on your Firestick or keeps kicking you out, it’s likely that the issue is with the resolution.

Sometimes when there is a custom resolution set on the stick, users might encounter video-related issues with various applications such as Netflix.

  • The solution would be to set the Firestick resolution to “Automatic”!
  1. Open the Settings of your Amazon Firestick.
  2. Enter the “Display & Audio” settings square.
  3. Then go to “Display” > “Video Resolution”.
  4. Ensure that the resolution is set to Automatic.
Note: In case the Netflix app content is still unable to play, test multiple different shows and movies to tighten the circle of possibilities.

7. Deactivate Firestick “Parental Controls”

deactivate firestick parental controls

The parental controls on your Firestick can deny the user access to particular applications such as Netflix due to inappropriate content for children.

So if you’ve enabled the parental controls on your Firestick and forgot about it, then perhaps that’s why the Netflix app is not working!

  • To disable the parental controls on Firestick go to Settings > Preferences > Parental Controls and enter your PIN to change the option.

In case you’ve forgotten your PIN, there is no possible way to disable the option besides the factory reset on your Firestick.

In addition, any enabled VPN on your network might also deny the user access to the Netflix app, until the software is disabled or removed from the network.

Final Steps – Factory Restoration?

In case you’ve attempted everything in this guide and nothing helped, you surely need to try the factory reset on your Firestick.

This method will erase all data from your streaming stick but in return, it will provide a fresh start for the OS environment, hence Netflix should work smoothly!

Quick Recap:

Hence, whenever Netflix not working on Firestick the first step is to restart the streaming stick and inspect the internet or WiFi consistency.

In case of any complex issues with the Netflix app, users should check the resolution setting and disable the parental controls.

We hope that this guide was helpful so follow us for more relevant content!

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