netflix black screen with sound

Facing Netflix black screen with sound issue and are you just straightforwardly annoyed? Can’t you find a solution for it?

We have got good news for you! In this post, you will learn how you can fix the infamous Netflix black screen with sound on Firestick, Safari, mobile phones, and on Roku!

Read this guide so you can enjoy your favorite shows without experiencing any errors!

We will be covering all devices you are possibly using to get you the ultimate solution for your problem!

Netflix Black Screen Reasons

There are many different reasons why this dark empty screen keeps on happening. Some are known, workable, and fixable, while there are others that even the company cannot explain.

But by carefully studying it, we were able to come up with some foolproof fixes that you can take advantage of.

How to Fix Netflix Black Screen with Sound

how to fix Netflix black screen

Now, since we have now understood the reason for the black screen, let us now learn the methods to fix this issue.

Fixing it on Safari

If you love using your Safari and you experience the problem using that particular browser, here are the steps you can take to fix the issue:

1. Clear Safari’s History

One thing that can be the cause of why you’re getting that type of error is because of the load of history you have with Netflix.


These steps will help you clear out the history of your browser:

  • Go to your Safari Browser and at the top bar, go to History
  • From there, skim down to the bottom part and click on Clear All History
  • You can choose whether to delete the history from today, tomorrow, the week, or the entire history

Performing this cleans out your browser’s system. It helps you get rid of some problems that might be the cause of why you’re not able to use the stream properly.

2. Clear Your Browsing Cache and Data

After that, the next step you can do is to clear your browser cache and data.

There are instances where some data restrict your Netflix access, and thus, causing you to experience that screen of emptiness.

Picture2 netflix

You can do this by going into your Safari browser and by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Safari Menu tab on your browser
  2. Select Preferences from the list
  3. At the end, you’ll see the tabthat says Advanced
  4. At the bottom of it, you’ll need to tick the Develop drop-down menu
  5. You’ll notice that you’ll see the Develop tab along with the usual File, Edit, View, History, etc.
  6. Look for Empty Caches
sound step3

3. Enable AutoPlay

One good solution for it is to make sure that Auto-Play in Safari is enabled. You can enable this easily:

sound 2 netflix
  1. Once you’re inside the browser, click on the Safari Menu and hit on Preferences
  2. From Preferences, you’ll see one tab that says Websites
  3. On the left-hand side, there are a lot of settings you can get into, but in this case, we need to select Auto-Play
  4. It’ll then give a list of websites that you access, select Netflix and just tick on the option that says Allow Auto-Play

Fixing it on Mobile Phones

If you’re using a mobile phone, whether you’re using an Android phone or an iPhone, then you might be using the app.

To solve the dark screen with sound on your streaming app, follow these steps:

1. Force Close the Netflix App

The first step is to force close the program from your mobile phone. To do this, simply follow these steps:

  1. For an iPhone, there’s no force close option. What you can do is to press + hold the program you want to clear data from and uninstall it.
  2. For Android devices, go to Settings > Apps > Select the specific app > Force Stop
Picture5 netflix

2. Uninstall and Reinstall the App

Following the force closing, you can uninstall the application from your device.

The procedure on both operating systems is the same:

  1. Press and Hold the application you wish to uninstall
  2. For Android, you’ll see the option Uninstall. For iOS, on the other hand, you’ll see the “x” option
Picture6 netflix

3. Restart Your Device

The last step is to simply restart your mobile phone. Restarting does a lot of miracles in the world of technology, and it might just be what you need.


  • Press and Hold the power button of your device
  • Choose Restart to restart your phone


  • Press and Hold the power button
  • It’ll give you a prompt that says slide to power off
  • Slide it and turn your device off
  • Wait for 1 minute or 2 and turn your device back on again

Fixing Black Screen With Sound Firestick

Going through this problem while you’re watching using your Firestick can be a bummer. Here’s a solution that will definitely give you the fix that you’re looking for.

1. Disconnect the Fire TV Stick

The first thing you have to do is to disconnect the Firestick from your television.

  1. Go to where the Amazon Fire TV stick is inserted
  2. Unplug the cable and turn your television as well
  3. Wait for 2 to 3 minutes and reconnect it

What this does is it refreshes the connectivity functionality of your Firestick. It might just be data that is in transit and is not received.

2. Check Your HDMI Cable

Next is you have to check if your HDMI cable is inserted properly. The Firestick comes with an HDMI cable itself and that might what be you are using.

hdmi netflix
  • Check if the HDMI cable is inserted properly to the port
  • Try to insert the HDMI cable to a different port
  • Turn it back on again
  • If it works, end here. Otherwise, proceed to number 5
  • Try a new HDMI cable

If it’s a success, then the problem is with the port of where the HDMI cable is inserted; or it might be because your HDMI port is already malfunctioning.

Fixing it on Roku

No, you do not need to buy or purchase another hardware. You can simply follow these steps to get the solution you need!

1. Uninstall and Reinstall the Netflix Software

  1. From the Home Menu, find the Netflix app
  2. Press on the Star Key that you can find on your remote
  3. You’ll see the option Remove Channel
  4. Select it and you’ll remove the software
  5. To install it again, navigate to the Channel Store
  6. Select Movies & TV > Netflix
  7. A code will appear to verify if you use the service
  8. Type in the code in this address:

2. Disconnecting Your Roku

  1. Unplug the Roku from its power source for at least one (1) minute
  2. Turn your television off for the same duration as well
  3. Plug the Roku device back in


The Netflix black screen with sound error should not trouble you any longer! With these steps, you can enjoy it without the black screen error!

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