nest smoke detector beeping every minute

The Nest smoke detector beeping every minute and you’re getting concerned?

The Next detector 60 seconds chirping could become really frustrating, especially at night but is not a reason to be concerned.

That’s why we’ve designed a complete fix guide to follow, to resolve the chirping problem with your detector in a matter of minutes so let’s learn more!

When Nest Smoke Detector beeps every minute, HUSH the device and replace the internal batteries of the unit.

If that didn’t seem to work, reconnect the unit to your WiFi network and execute a Factory Settings Reset on the Nest Detect device.

Proceed further into our guide to learn more helpful information for your Nest’s problem!

Why Do My Nest Smoke Detector Beeps Once Every Minute?

why nest smoke detector beep once every minute

As simple as it sounds, your Nest Protect Smoke Detector is chirping due to low batteries!

It is programmed for the device to make a beeping sound every 60 seconds when the batteries have begun to give up.

It’s important to understand the beeping pattern of your Nest Smoke Detector, so you could approach the issue rightfully and troubleshoot the problem efficiently.

  • The beeping of the Nest Smoke Detector can be fixed by replacing the batteries!

The only way to put an end to the frustrating beeping of your Nest Smoke Detector is to look up the batteries first.

If the batteries weren’t the cause, it could be other environmental or software factors, causing the device to chirp continuously, at each 60 seconds mark.

Let’s dive into the guide deeper and learn all about the beeping of your Nest Smoke Alarm!

Nest Smoke Detector Beeping Every Minute – Easy Fix!

Although we’ve already clarified how exactly you should approach the problem, there are still plenty of methods to address the continuous chirping of your smoke detector.

In the upcoming guide, we’ll address all possible ways to hush your smoke detector’s pointless chirping!

Let’s proceed!

Solution #1 Hush the Nest Smoke Detector!

hush the nest smoke detector

Google Nest Detect Smoke Detectors, can be hushed by pressing a particular button on their bottom panel.

This feature is used for such situations particularly, whenever your smoke detector keeps beeping and chirping, without proper reasoning.

Before we get into more advanced troubleshooting, let’s try hushing your smoke detector once and determine if it’ll chirp again afterward.

Follow these steps to hush your Nest:

  1. Get a small ladder or an object that’ll help you reach the smoke detector.
  2. Once you’re within reach of the device, locate the Nest Button on the bottom panel.
  3. Press and hold the button for 3 seconds.
  4. Your smoke detector’s chirping should stop.

If the chirping’s error code does not have something to do with the battery, your smoke detector will now be silenced for the upcoming moments.

However, if the chirping resumes after a couple of moments or exactly 60 seconds, proceed with the next solution!

Tip: You could hush the detector and record 60 seconds to determine if the timing is correct.

Solution #2 Check for Actual Smoke Around the Detector

check for actual smoke around the detector

When your smoke detector chirps, it’s always best to check for actual smoke around the device.

After all, that’s the primary goal of the detector, to alert you and your family whenever there is smoke caused by a fire hazard in your household.

If any cooking appliances are heating and there is smoke coming out of the kitchen, it could be causing your smoke detector to chirp. Water vapor is no expectation!

  • Nest Detect will start chirping if there’s smoke in the 15-meter radius!

In that set of thoughts, you’ll need to inspect or more likely smell if there is any burning odor or anything that can be impacting the detector.

In case there is nothing abnormal, keep reading!

Tip: Always check for smoke, whenever your Nest Detector starts chirping!

Solution #3 Reboot the Smoke Detector

reboot the smoke detector

If there were no signs of fire or smoke, then the issue is with the detector itself.

In that case, you should try one more thing before replacing the batteries of the device – a simple reboot.

Even if you’ve already tried hushing the device, a reboot is still a power cycle and could solve the issue prematurely.

Since Nest smoke detectors have a power button, it makes it really convenient to reboot such a technology piece and you won’t have to take out its batteries yet!

Follow these instructions to reboot your Nest Smoke Detector:

  1. Get an object in order to reach the smoke detector.
  2. Locate the ON/OFF Switch on the bottom panel of the device.
  3. Turn the switch to the “OFF” side.
  4. Wait for 5 minutes, while the power of your detector has been cut out.
  5. Push the button back to the “ON” side to restart the detector.
  6. Test…

Once the detector has started up, wait for 60 seconds and figure out if it would still chirp!

Solution #4 Replace the Batteries of your Nest Detect

replace the batteries of your nest detect

As we’ve already mentioned at the beginning of the guide, the chirping every 60 seconds means that the batteries are due for a replacement.

That means you must prepare by purchasing a fresh set of 2 x 1.5 V AAA alkaline batteries before reading further.

Here’s how to replace the batteries of your Nest Detect in easy steps:

  1. Power OFF the Nest smoke detector.
  2. Grip the Detect bottom panel.
  3. Rotate it clockwise so it becomes undone.
  4. Take out the old batteries from the base panel.
  5. Insert the fresh set of 2 x AAA batteries, inside the detector.
  6. Close the base using the gripped-out bottom part.
  7. Turn on the detector and test…

It’s important to cut the power to your smoke detector, whilst replacing the batteries, to avoid the danger of potential electric shock or short circuits.

In addition, while interacting with the hardware of the detector, be extra careful not to damage any of the components.

Solution #5 Reconnect the Detector to the WiFi

reconnect the detector to the wifi

If replacing the batteries of your Nest didn’t fix the problem, then we’re left with a limited number of things to attempt.

Perhaps, chirping could sometimes be caused when your Nest keeps repeating the WiFi connection, but fails every time, which only suggests an internet problem.

We would suggest manually reconnecting the detector to WiFi and determining if that’ll settle the repeated chirping.

Here’s how to pair your Nest Detector to a WiFi Network:

  1. Launch the Nest Home App on your mobile.
  2. Select your type of detector.
  3. Go to “Wi-Fi Connection” under “Device Options”.
  4. Press on “Next” and your detector will start searching for nearby networks.
  5. Once the device has found a network, press on the WiFi.
  6. Insert the Security Password.
  7. Hit the “Connect” button.
  8. Wait…

Once the pairing sequence of your Nest Protect has started, the device will soon be connected to the WiFi.

In case the Nest smoke detector is still chirping, HUSH the device one more time and wait for 60 seconds to determine if the chirping will appear again.

Alert: While connecting to the WiFi, the detector must not be powered off.

Solution #6 Reset the Detector Back to Factory Defaults

reset the detector back to factory defaults

At last, you should perform a Factory Reset on your Nest Smoke Detector if it keeps chirping.

This problem is probably related to a software issue with the device, an error with the interface, or simply a settings glitch.

By restoring the settings of the device to factory defaults, you’ll be able to address all problems with the software of the smoke detector.

Here’s how to reset your Nest Smoke Detector to factory defaults following easy steps:

  1. Turn OFF your Nest smoke detector.
  2. Press and hold the Detect button.
  3. Hold the button for about  10 seconds, without letting go.
  4. While holding the button, turn on the detector.
  5. Only then release the Detect button.
  6. Wait…

Soon after your Nest smoke detector has been reset to factory defaults, it’ll reboot and start working again.

However, make sure that the device is left uninterrupted for the beginning of the reset since pressing any buttons could cancel the process.

Note: To undergo the initial setup of your smoke detector, head into the Nest Mobile App!

Quick Recap:

To fix when Nest Smoke Detector beeping every minute, hush the device and reboot it using the ON/OFF button on its bottom panel.

After that, replace the batteries inside of the detector, reconnect the device with WiFi, and perform a Factory Reset on the unit.

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