how to reset nest smoke detector

Don’t know how to reset Nest smoke detector? Then keep reading!

We will provide you with a step-by-step guideline describing the entire process in detail.

Here you will also find help to avoid common reset issues so you can be finalizing the Nest reset in no time!

To reset your Nest smoke detector, press and hold the button on your unit. Release the button once the detector starts narrating its version number. Wait for the verbal countdown to conclude and for your Nest to restart after. Then the reset is done.

The reset process might seem easy to do at first glance, but there are a few key points that you’ll need to be aware of.

What Is The Nest Reset Going To Erase?

A large number of features in your Nest smoke alarm will be reset once the device reboots.

Some of them are essentials so make sure to read carefully what’s next before you proceed with the actual reset steps.

Down we have listed all of the features that a Nest smoke alarm factory reset is going to permanently erase:

  • Your Nest is going to be removed from the already-associated account.
  • The Nest you have reset will be disconnected from the reset Nest Protects in case you have any.
  • Full erase of the WiFi settings is going to occur once the reset is complete.
  • The room settings of your Nest smoke alarm are also going to be deleted (room settings are establishments that make Nest work in the desired room).
  • Lastly, all notifications will be erased.

Note: Resetting your Nest smoke detector DOES NOT affect its ability to detect carbon monoxide or smoke.

These are all of the features a factory reset is going to affect on your Nest smoke alarm. Let’s continue with the step-by-step guide to reset your Nest detector.

How To Reset A Nest Smoke Detector?

reset nest smoke detector

Resetting your Nest alarm is going to erase ALL settings that you’ve established in its uptime.

You should be informed that the factory reset will disconnect the detector from the Nest account that you’re using. You’ll need to reconnect after.

Once you’re ready to reset the Nest smoke detector, proceed with the first step:

Step #1 Access The Device

Nest hasn’t provided their committed application with a feature that will allow you to erase all of the settings you’ve configured so far.

In that regard, you must gain physical access to the device in order to initiate & complete the reset process.

Make sure that your Nest alarm is in an easy-to-access spot, from which you can interact with its hardware easily. Once the device is upfront, proceed with the next step.

Step #2 Prepare Nest

In order to perform a factory reset on your Nest device, regardless of whether it is a smoke alarm or thermostat, you must make sure that the device is running.

We assume your smoke alarm is already running, but in case it is OFF, presses the big button on its hardware to turn the device ON.

Once the LED light starts flashing, you will know that your alarm is running.

Double-check the device’s power supply to ensure everything is reliable and let it run for a couple of minutes.

Once your smoke alarm is set up and ready to go, proceed with the next step to initiate the factory reset process.

Step #3 Start The Factory Reset

On the top of your Nest smoke alarm’s you will find one big button, that is responsible for controlling various actions, including the factory reset.

To reset your smoke alarm, follow the simplified steps down below:

  1. Make sure you have a good reach to the smoke alarm.
  2. Locate the large button on its hardware that has a blue aura around itself.
  3. Press & hold the button until you hear an automated voice, narrating the model of your smoke alarm.
  4. Release the button once the narrator starts stating the smoke alarm’s model & number.

Important: Don’t hold the button for too long, since this will fail the reset and shut down your smoke alarm.

If the alarm turns OFF instead of resetting, simply turn it back ON and try again.

Step #4 Finish The Reset

Once the reset has been started you only have to wait.

After the narrator finishes stating the model of your smoke alarm, it will initiate a verbal countdown that indicates the time remaining before factory reset starts.

Note: During the time of the countdown, you wouldn’t want to interference with your smoke alarm in any way.

Also, make sure you’re not browsing the Nest app on your mobile smartphone.

Once the cooldown is finished, your Nest smoke detector will restart and soon after, ALL settings and configurations will be reset to default.

How To Setup My Nest Smoke Alarm After Reset?

setup nest smoke detector after reset

After learning how to reset Nest smoke detector, we assume you’re seeking how to re-establish all of the features that were affected by the reset.

In the steps down below, you can find helpful information on what do to after factory reset on Nest smoke detector.

Step #1 Re-Add Nest To Your Account

Once the reset is complete, Nest is going to be removed from your account.

This is why you will have to manually re-add it in order to enable its notifications & other mobile-related features.

Simply open the Nest app and go to “Add Device”.

Double-check if Nest is running and take your phone in close proximity of the smoke alarm until it is detected. Scan the QR code to confirm the pairing.

Step #2 Choose Installation Point

You will be prompted to choose an installation room or point in your household/facility where your Nest is installed.

You will be provided with a slider, on which you can select your choice.

The environment features will be automatically applied once you’ve chosen the room your Nest is positioned in.

Note: You can tell Nest not to set up automatically and perform the entire process manually, as you configure each feature individually.

Step #3 Connect With WiFi

Lastly, connecting Nest with WiFi is by far the most important step in setting up your device.

Once connected to your phone, you will be able to scan & choose your household network and connect Nest with the corresponding WiFi.

Insert your password, tap on “Connect” and your Nest smoke alarm should be ready to go!

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Bottom Line:

Thus, to factory reset your Nest smoke alarm, make sure the device is up and running. To start the factory reset, press and hold the button on its hardware until you can hear a narrated voice. Wait for the verbal countdown to conclude and then for your smoke alarm to reboot.

Now that you know how to reset Nest smoke detector, we hope that our easy steps also managed to help you set it up properly.

However, in case of any issues down the road, you can always come back to this post and re-do the factory reset as many times as you may need.

Nicole B