nest not charging on wall

Wondering why is your Nest not charging on wall? Read on to know the facts!

Nest thermostats are designed with batteries to maintain their working efficacy during power outages.

The battery needs to be recharged when getting low, but most of the time it won’t what do we do when it’s not charging?

Stay with us to learn everything!

There are a number of things that can stop your Nest thermostat from charging on the wall, including a loose C wire, a faulty power cable, a software glitch, or a dead battery. The solution only requires five minutes of your time to perform a thorough inspection!

Next, let’s briefly discuss what prevents your thermostat from charging!

Why Is Nest Not Charging On Wall?

why nest not charging on wall

Your Nest thermostat may not be charging because of some kind of hardware or software bug that impacts the device.

However, despite these problems, the lifespan of the Nest battery is also quite important, depending on how frequently you use it, they last up to two years

If you are sure the current Nest batteries are not the cause of the problem, then you need to identify any further potential causes.

Here are the most frequently reported causes:

  • Nest Software Glitch
  • Loose Nest Base Wires Connection
  • Faulty Nest C Wire / Adapter
  • Defective Power Socket
  • Battery Failure
  • Damage Nest Hardware

Let’s move on to learn how you can fix it if your Nest thermostat is not charging!

How To Fix When Nest Thermostat Not Charging On Wall?

fix the nest thermostat

A hardware or software problem is the likely cause if your Nest thermostat isn’t charging on the wall.

If you want to fix this problem, you must make sure that you follow all the steps exactly as they are listed so that your thermostat can soon begin to charge.

Let’s go to troubleshoot! 

Solution #1 Power Cycle Nest Thermostat

Most of the time, any software error in a thermostat limits its effectiveness, which could cause your device to stop charging.

Power cycling the thermostat is likely the easiest fix for this software bug. Any faults from the device may be simply addressed by performing this method!

power cycle the nest

Here is how to power cycle the thermostat:

  1. Press the thermostat ring and hold it down until the screen display turns off.
  2. Turn off your home HVAC or thermostat power breaker.
  3. Wait for at least 2 minutes.
  4. Turn on the power breaker.
  5. Again, press down the thermostat ring to turn it on.

As your device is turned on, a red light begins to blink, indicating your device is charging!

If your thermostat no longer displays a red light after restarting, follow the next methods!

Note: Make sure no fuse is blown in your home fuse box.

Solution #2 Check The Thermostat Wires

check the thermostat wires

There is a possibility that your thermostat is not charging because it is not getting a power supply because of any faulty or loose wire connection.

You need to thoroughly inspect your thermostat base wires and HVAC control panel wires for any faults. 

Alert: Be careful not to touch the live wires directly!

Check Thermostat Base Wires:

  1. Turn off the power from the circuit breaker.
  2. Disconnect the thermostat display from the base.
  3. Push the thermostat C (white) wire connector from the base.
  4. Then take out Rh or Rc (red) wires connecter from it.
  5. Make sure that the wires’ end strips are straightened.
  6. Connect back the wires to their correct place in the base.
  7. Also, try to stick the wires to the wall.
  8. Connect the thermostat display properly with its base.

Check HVAC (Thermostat) Control Panel Wires:

check the control panel
  1. Navigate to your HVAC control board.
  2. Locate the wires with the same label, appearance, and color as the thermostat wires!
  3. Disconnect the wires connector and make sure the wires have no fault.
  4. Plug the connectors back into their place and close the door.
  5. Then, turn on the HVAC power system.

After fixing the wires, check whether your thermostat is charging by noticing a red light from it!

Solution #3 Check The “C” Wire

The thermostat needs a constant supply of power from the HVAC system, but it sometimes provides inadequate power to the device.

This C wire adapter is utilized to supply the thermostat with enough power and when faulty, your device won’t charge!

Note: Charge your thermostat with a C wire adapter if you have not already!

If your thermostat is already connected to your HVAC system through a C wire setup, it’s possible that the adapter or cables have an issue.

You only need to check and reconnect the C wire from the HVAC board.

check the c wires

Here is how you can check the C wire of your thermostat:

  1. Turn off your HVAC power breaker.
  2. Open the panel door, and disconnect both wires from the adapter.
  3. Check the wires for any faults or breakage.
  4. Connect back the wires to their appropriate connector.
  5. Turn on the HVAC power breaker.
  6. Now check whether your thermostat is charging.

In case the charging issue is persistent, keep reading the next solution!

Solution #4 Charge Thermostat Manually

After trying the above methods, in case your Nest thermostat battery won’t charge, then you need to charge it manually to temporarily fix this issue.

Charge your thermostat manually by connecting the USB cable to the thermostat port and charging it with a USB cable.

Note: Contact a professional for assistance if your device is not powered up!

Here is how you can manually charge your thermostat:

change thermostat manually
  1. Disconnect the thermostat display from its wall base.
  2. Use your charger USB cable and plug it into the thermostat cable port.
  3. Then connect the cable to the charger adapter.
  4. Leave the thermostat for 2 to 3 hours for its complete charging.
  5. Once the charging is complete, disconnect the display from the cable.
  6. Connect it back to its wall base.
  7. Now go to Settings > Battery Settings.
  8. Make sure the thermostat must have a 3.8V battery charging.

In case you don’t see anything in the battery settings, your thermostat might be faulty!

Solution #5 Factory Reset Thermostat

There might be a possibility that there is nothing wrong with the thermostat power, but there is any software glitch that might stop the device from charging.

factory reset thermostat

The only way to fix this software glitch is to Factory Reset the thermostat. This will surely help!

Note: Factory resetting will erase all of your thermostat settings so be cautious!

Here is how you can factory reset the thermostat:

  1. Go to thermostat Settings.
  2. Locate a Reset option from settings.
  3. Select the Reset option from the menu.
  4. Then, select the All Settings reset option.
  5. Confirm to start the reset process and wait for some minutes.

Once the reset completes, set up your thermostat in the app as you have previously set it up!

Need More Help?

If your thermostat is still not charging after using every method of troubleshooting from the guide, get in touch with Nest Support

It’s possible that your thermostat or its battery might be malfunctioning and you would need professional assistance to continue the troubleshooting!

Tip: If your device has a warranty, be sure to mention that when you contact Nest support!

Wrapping Up:

Whenever your thermostat is not charging on the wall, you first need to Power Cycle your device and make sure that it is connected to the wires in the base and the HVAC circuit.

Moreover, charge your device manually or perform a Factory Reset for a fresh start!

In this guide, we have discussed why Nest not charging on wall. The only thing you need to fix this problem is to make sure to use the C wire adapter to provide a continuous power supply to the thermostat.

Nicole B