nbc sports app authentication error

In case the NBC Sports app authentication error appears and prevents you from verifying your devices, keep reading to learn why might be causing the issue.

In this post, we’ll describe how to authenticate the NBC Sports app correctly, and then troubleshoot and remove any possible issues that might occur.

The very first and easy solution to start with is to clean your browser’s cache and cookies. In case you’re a mobile or TV user, reinstall the application and check if that would work. Lastly, authentication errors could appear in case your WiFi connection is currently down so you would need to check the internet as well.

There is much more you should know, one of which is how to authenticate the NBC Sports app correctly, so let’s start with that first.

How To Authenticate NBC Sports App?

To watch the NBC Sports content, you have to authenticate your provider service (satellite or cable).

The authentication can happen if you log in to your NBC Sports using your service provider’s credentials.

Note: To authenticate the NBC Sports app your subscription has to include the NBC Sports.

In case you’re encountering an “Authentication Error” after inserting the right log-in credentials, then something is wrong so let’s find out what.

How To Fix NBC Sports App Authentication Error?

fix nbc sports app authentication error

There are quite a few different possibilities that can result in an “Authentication Error” when you’re trying to log in to the NBC Sports application.

These possibilities include no internet connection, corrupted application data, and temporary device issues.

Solution #1 Restart Application & Device

Depending on whether you’re using a PC, TV, or mobile device, make sure to restart the device, which on its own will restart the application as well.

Once the device and app are cleanly started, try logging in to the NBC Sports app with your service provider credentials.

Unfortunately, if the error is still there you would need to check elsewhere so proceed with the next solution.

Solution #2 Inspect Your WiFi Connection

inspect your wifi connection

Regardless of whether you’re trying to log in to your NBC Sports on PC, mobile device or a TV, your internet connection plays a vital role in all scenarios.

You would need to inspect whether your connection is reliable or not to exclude this possibility from the equation.

If you, however, encounter network issues, here are some quick tips to solve them:

  • Power cycle your router/modem.
  • Relieve your internet usage.
  • Stop/disable any active VPN software, connected to that network.
  • Prevent downloading/seeding/uploading while logging in to the app.

Applying those bullets will help you solve any potential network issues and hopefully solve the problem as soon as you fix the internet.

Alert: Proceed further only if you’re confident that your internet connection is reliable and that it’s not causing the authentication error on your NBC Sports app.

Solution #3 Clear NBC Sports Cache

In case you’re unable to log in to the NBC Sports app using a browser, the very first suggestion would be to try with another one.

For example, if you’re unable to access NBC Sports via Chrome, simply download and try with Firefox instead.

If logging via another browser works, then the problem is definitely in the cached data.

How To Clear Cached Data On Browser?

clear cache nbc sports

Here is how to clear the cached data on any web browser:

  1. Click on the three dots on the top right corner.
  2. Choose History.
  3. Enter the History tab again.
  4. Choose to Clear browsing data.
  5. Select Cache and Cookies.
  6. Press the Clear data button.
  7. Re-open the web browser.

Having the cache cleared on your web browser you should no longer have the authentication error when you attempt to log in.

Test now and determine if that solved the problem.

How To Clear Cached Data On TV/Mobile?

For TV/mobile users, the best way to clear all data (including the cache) is to re-install the application as described in solution #5.

Solution #4 Update NBC Sports App

It is possible for the app to display an error in case you’re running an outdated version.

You can easily update the application by reaching the dedicated app store for your device, searching for the app, and pressing the Update button.

In case the NBC Sports app is up to date and there is no room for upgrade, then proceed with cleanly installing the app.

Solution #5 Reinstall NBC Sports App

To re-install the application, you would need to reach inside the storage manager of your device and uninstall the NBC Sports app.

Then the same as in the previous solution, go to the dedicated app store for your device, search for the app and install it.

Then you would need to log in using your service provider credentials and the problem should be gone for good.

However, if the “Authentication Error” still appears on your way into the application, probably the issue is not to be solved but to be identified.

Next, we’ll point out some of the possible reasons why you’re not able to log in even after all of our solutions.

Why Authentication Error NBC Sports App Keeps Appearing?

getting authentication error nbc

By applying all of the above-described solutions, you can be confident that the problem might not be on your side.

However, there are a few occasions in which you would be unable to log in to the NBC Sports app so let’s take a closer look.

1. Activation not Working

In case you’re not able to activate the NBC Sports app on your device, make sure that you’re using the correct activation link.

Also, reload the page if it’s not working.

2. Unknown Location

If you’re trying to access the NBC Sports app from an unknown location (not supported), you may receive an authentication error on your way into the app.

3. Plan Problem

Your provider’s plan must include NBC Sports in order to verify and activate your devices.

In case you’re using the “only-internet” plan, you won’t be able to log in and use the app.

4. Locked Streams

In case you’re trying to watch a stream that requires a subscription without having one, you might see an “Authentication Error” when you attempt to do so.

In case you don’t fall under any of these possibilities, then the next best step would be to contact the NBC support center and report your problem. 

With a little luck, you might find yourself enjoying sports live streams by the end of the day.

Thus, in short, to resolve the “Authentication Error” on the NBC Sports app, you should start with restarting your device and the application itself. Then make sure that your internet connection is reliable and clear the NBC Sports app cache. If nothing helps, proceed with reinstalling the entire app.

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Bottom Line:

We hope that now you know why the NBC Sports app authentication error appears and how to solve it as quickly as possible.

After all, in the networking field, something always could go wrong and prevent you from logging in.

With our solutions, however, you can make sure that the problem is not on your side!

For more solutions posts such as this one, make sure to check our online blog and discover the methods you need to solve your smart tech issues.

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