how to keep alexa playing music all night

Asking how to keep Alexa playing music all night? Well, that’s easy!

Looping Alexa to play music for as long as you want is relatively easy, as long as you’ve chosen compatible content and disabled the sleep timer.

By the end of this post, you will know how Alexa’s sleep timer works and what you can do to make the device loop music all night long!

To make Alexa play music as long as you want, simply tell her to play a playlist from your Amazon account. Once the music starts, you must say “Alexa, loop”. This will keep looping the playlist you have told her to play, as long as you have the sleep timer disabled.

With that being said, here is how to play music on your Alexa continuously, for as long as you want.

How Do I Get Alexa To Play Music Continuously?

keep alexa playing music all night

To get Alexa playing music continuously, you must have a playlist or a song that you want to hear all of the time.

Another possibility is if you tell Alexa to play an online broadcast that keeps playing music or to tell her to play a radio station.

One way or another, it is possible to make Alexa play music for as long as you wish and we’ve explained it in the steps below.

Step #1 Prepare Alexa

The first step is simply meant for preparation. You will have to turn on your Alexa and make sure that it is connected to the internet.

There is no way of looping music all night long if your Alexa doesn’t have an internet connection.

In that regard, go to your Amazon Alexa app and ensure that your Alexa is turned on in the first place. Then, check if the internet connection is secure.

If the device somehow manages to disconnect, then you can easily reconnect Alexa to your Wi-Fi from the “Devices” tab, by choosing the appropriate speaker you wish to loop the music you will play.

Once this is done, let’s choose a suitable Amazon playlist your Alexa will be looping.

Step #2 Choose Music

choose playlist

When it comes down to choosing the music you will want Alexa to loop all night long, you will have to choose a playlist, a radio station, or a single song you will want to hear.

For instance, regardless of what your choice in music is, you will be able to loop the playlist or the single song you want to be played.

Down below are the choices of music looping for your Alexa device:


Your first choice is to listen to a playlist. It’s not as important to have much music in it, as long as there is more than one song in the playlist.

It can be looped by Alexa and you will be able to listen to it as long as you want.

To create a playlist, simply go to your Amazon music application that is connected to your Alexa and fill it with songs available on Amazon.

Radio Station

Another one of your choices is a 24/7 radio station. If you want Alexa to play music all night, you can simply tell her to play a radio station that is going to broadcast all night long.

This way you will keep listening without having interruptions in the music, as long as the radio station doesn’t announce a break.

Single Song

Lastly, if you want Alexa to play a single song, you can play the given song and tell Alexa to loop it.

We will go into more detail about the music looping as we progress into the guide.

Once you have your choice of music, let’s move on to the next step.

Step #3 Disable Sleep Timer

In order for Alexa to play music all night or as long as you wish her to, there must be no sleep timer enabled.

The sleep timer basically tells your Alexa when to shut down.

For example, if you tell Alexa to “set a sleep timer for 1 hour”, Alexa will automatically shut down after this given period of time. 

To make sure there is no enabled sleep timer, say “Alexa, disable all sleep timers”.

This voice command will automatically disable all of the sleep timers you currently have and your device will no longer shut down on its own after a certain amount of time.

Once you’re sure that there is no sleep timer enabled, let’s proceed to start your playlist or music you want to listen to.

Step #4 Play Alexa Music

play alexa music

Many users have trouble playing their Amazon music playlist or the radio station they want with Alexa.

In that regard, we’ve decided to explain how to exactly play music if you’re not familiar with that.

Starting Amazon Playlist

To start an Amazon playlist, first, make sure that your subscription is due. Then, ensure Alexa is connected with Amazon and tell her “Alexa, start my (your playlist’s name) playlist”.

Starting Radio Station

A compatible radio station can also be played by Alexa. Simply check which radio stations are available in your location and tell Alexa to play that very same broadcast.

Starting Amazon Song

If you want a single song to be looped, you must first make sure that this song is available on Amazon or the music service is compatible with Alexa.

Then, tell Alexa “Play (song’s name)”.

Now when you’re listening to the track or playlist you want to, let’s loop that session endlessly for as long as you wish and learn how to keep Alexa playing music all night.

Step #5 Loop Alexa

alexa loop check

Now that Alexa is playing the music source you want her to, it is time to loop the current output.

If you want to listen to Alexa as long as you want, it is important that you loop the music of the current playlist or the album you’re listening to.

Note: You’re also able to loop single songs that your Alexa is playing to output them endlessly.

To make Alexa loop the current song/album or playlist, simply say “Alexa, loop”.

This will initiate an endless loop of the current output you’re listening to, and the only way to stop it is by saying “Alexa, stop”.

You’ll be able to listen to this for as long as you want even all night long.

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Thus, in order to make Alexa play music all night, you must first prepare the device by connecting it to the internet. Then, create an appropriate playlist or album you wish to listen to during that time and make sure that your Amazon account and Alexa are connected. Lastly, play the music from your Echo speaker and say “Alexa, loop”.

Bottom Line:

Now that you know how to keep Alexa playing music all night, we hope you’re now able to enjoy your Alexa’s music for as long as you want.

In fact, a large number of users are complaining due to the fact that they cannot make Alexa’s music continue so here’s an easy guide on how to do it!

If that post was helpful to you, don’t miss out on more helpful troubleshooting guides such as this one, and check our online technical blog.

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