nanoleaf randomly turns off and on

What to do when the Nanoleaf randomly turns off and on? Understandably, such a situation will make you worry about Nanoleaf’s physical integrity.

However, not all the time you have to worry.

When Nanoleaf randomly turns off and on is the power outlet and the product’s mounting. If those are not at issue, you must verify the Wi-Fi connection, as well as the firmware and the app, and you might need to reset the product and pair it again.

Below we will guide you through all of the troubleshooting steps so you can get your Nanoleaf working as intended.

Nanoleaf Randomly Turns Off And On – Reasons

 why the nanoleaf randomly turns off and on

Sometimes your Nanoleaf keeps turning off and on. That is annoying because you want to keep your room with a steady light arrangement, or the lights will turn on when they shouldn’t.

Then you wonder: what is going on after all? So let’s check the reasons:

Power Issues

It might be possible that the power source is defective or the Nanoleaf system is not installed well.

Connection Issues

You might ensure that the Wi-Fi is strong and reliable and that the Wi-Fi chip on the Nanoleaf is not defective.

Firmware Problems

Perhaps the Nanoleaf you own has firmware issues requiring a reset or update.

App Trouble

You must check if the app is not sending the wrong instructions to your Nanoleaf system.


LED systems such as Nanoleaf should not overheat, so if you see that they are overheating, that is a major concern.

How To Fix The Nanoleaf Randomly Turning On And Off

how fix nanoleaf randomly turns off and on

After checking some probable causes that make your Nanoleaf act strange, we move to the solutions.

As you will see, the solutions are not hard to perform, and you will mostly have to deal with only pressing some buttons or checking some software. 

1. Power Cycle To Wear Static Off

One possible cause of the Nanoleaf turning on and off randomly is accumulated static. That could happen from being powered on for too long and the electric current oscillating.

So you must do the following:

  1. Unplug the Power Supply Unit (PSU);
  2. Leave the system idle for a while;
  3. Hold the power button for some seconds;
  4. Release it;
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 a few times.

After repeating steps 3 and 4 a few times, you must try plugging in the Nanoleaf system again.

Then, see how it behaves. If nothing changes, proceed to the next solution.

2. Check The Mounting

check  mounting

Depending on the type of Nanoleaf system you have, it is important to check that all of it is well-mounted.

Shapes, for example, spread electricity to many parts, and if one is not well mounted, that might harm the system.

So do this:

  1. Check the wiring of the Nanoleaf system;
  2. If there are many parts, unmount them;
  3. Check for visible damages;
  4. Get a soft dry cloth;
  5. Clean dust away;
  6. Mount everything back.

3. Check The Wi-Fi

try and check the wifi

One reason behind the Nanoleaf turning off can be due to a bad Wi-Fi connection. The Nanoleaf is connected to Wi-Fi and controlled by your phone.

Thus, it might search for a viable connection and shut down when that is impossible.

So you might reset the Nanoleaf’s connection:

  1. Ensure the Nanoleaf is on;
  2. Press the Power button and then the Brighten button;
  3. You must do step 2 five times;
  4. Stop when the Status LED shows a white light.
Note: After resetting Nanoleaf's Wi-Fi connection, you must go to the app and reconnect it to the Wi-Fi. The Nanoleaf is probably still connected to the app, so it will be easy.

4. Check The Firmware

check the app firmware

This is classical with smart devices already: although their updates should download automatically, that doesn’t always happen.

Fortunately, Nanoleaf acknowledges that, and the app is prepared to enforce updates on your Nanoleaf products.

Here is how you can do that:

  1. Ensure that the Nanoleaf is connected to power;
  2. Turn it on;
  3. Open the app;
  4. Find “Settings”;
  5. Go toFirmware updates”;
  6. The indicator might change to show an update is ready;
  7. Click on “Update.”
Note: When the update is completed, Nanoleaf recommends users wait up to 2 minutes before using the light system.

5. Reset The Nanoleaf

reset the nanoleaf

Resetting the Nanoleaf product might take effect to eliminate the random turning on and off.

That is possible when the issue stems from a software malfunction. Sometimes, even hardware malfunctioning might be fixed that way. 

Soft Reset The System

Here is how to reset the Nanoleaf system:

  1. Plug it into power;
  2. Press and hold the Power and the other button (+, Effect Select, etc.);
  3. Ensure that the lights start to blink rapidly;
  4. Release the buttons;
  5. The light should stop and become solid;
  6. Open the app;
  7. Delete the Nanoleaf product;

Hard Reset The System

hard reset nanoleaf system

While a soft reset will keep some of the settings on the app (especially if cloud sync is active), a hard reset will delete all your preferences.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Disconnect the Nanoleaf controller;
  2. Hold the Power and Effect buttons;
  3. Plug back into power;
  4. Keep holding the buttons;
  5. Release them once the LED starts flashing;

Pair Again

In case it’s been a long time since you first set up your Nanoleaf, here is how you can easily pair it to the app again:

  1. Locate the power button on the control square;
  2. Hold the power button on the control square for 5-7 seconds ;
  3. The LED must start flashing in a pattern;
  4. Open the Nanoleaf App;
  5. Allow the app to know your location;
  6. Tap on the ‘+’ icon;
  7. Select the correct product;
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions.

6. Check The App

check the nanoleaf app

Another possibility is that the app is not functioning very well.

You must check if its settings are sending unwanted instructions or if it is set in a way that makes the Nanoleaf act weird.

Here is what you must do:

  1. Open the Nanoleaf app;
  2. Find your Nanoleaf product that’s acting odd;
  3. Find the scenes you have set up for it;
  4. Delete the scenes;

Some scenes may make the Nanoleaf act strange. If deleting and setting new scenes doesn’t help, delete the product from the app.

After that, pair it again by following the instructions we gave in Solution #5.

7. Check For Interference

check for interference

Since Nanoleaf uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the system may be picking up interference from nearby devices.

If you have too many smart devices in your house and are close to each other, that can explain the Nanoleaf flickering.

Then follow some guidelines:

  • Try to put smart devices a bit farther (if possible);
  • Turn Bluetooth off on devices you are not using;
  • Check if the Wi-Fi channel is overused.

Change The Wi-Fi Channel

Since Nanoleaf uses Wi-Fi to communicate, its flickering may be due to the channel being overcrowded.

If you have close neighbors, their routers may be set to use the same channel.

If such is the case, it will affect some devices’ ability to communicate and act properly.

Do this:

  1. Open your web browser;
  2. Type your router’s IP and press enter;
  3. Find “Wireless settings”;
  4. Select the “Channels” tab;
  5. Change the current channel.

Your router will probably auto-reset after. However, if it doesn’t, you need to reset it manually for the changes to take effect.

8. Disable Touch Gestures

disable the touch gestures

Some Nanoleaf products can turn on and off when they detect touch.

However, such a function can backfire if a glitch makes the product detect touch even though you are not touching it.

Do this:

  1. Open the Nanoleaf app;
  2. Find your Nanoleaf product;
  3. On its settings, find “Touch Gestures”;
  4. Toggle it to off.

What We Learned

When your Nanoleaf randomly turns off and on, you can first assume that the issue lies in the power outlet or how the Nanoleaf is mounted.

There may be static or dust interference. We hope the guide above has helped you fix the issue and your Nanoleaf is now working fine.

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Nicole B