why are nanoleaf so expensive

When shopping for LED lights and products that use them, you have probably already stumbled upon Nanoleaf but you are probably asking yourself: why are Nanoleaf so expensive?

Nanoleaf products are so expensive because of the investment that the brand puts into research, development, and manufacturing. Nanoleaf products are unique on every front, offering cutting-edge technology and durability.

If you want to know more about why each of those reasons makes the Nanoleaf panels, bulbs, etc., so expensive, you can keep reading.

Below you will find plenty of insightful info.

Why Are Nanoleaf So Expensive

why the nanoleaf so expensive

Nanoleaf panels have gained a lot of attention in recent years due to their unique design and vibrant lighting effects.

However, one question that often arises is why are Nanoleaf lights so expensive. Have you ever wondered what goes into making Nanoleaf panels and other items?

Briefly speaking, there is research, then there is manufacture, testing, and delivery. 

Delivery is standard, but the rest is unique in Nanoleaf’s case because of how the brand conducts each step.

Nanoleaf Pays A Lot For Research 

nanoleaf pays a lot for research

If you have Nanoleaf products in your house, you have certainly noticed that they have a lot of features and quality marks that other brands don’t have.

At least, not cheap brands. It is easy to assume that Nanoleaf uses better, more advanced technology in its products.

That is not wrong. However, there is more to it than meets the eye. The fact is that Nanoleaf pays a lot for research. 

There Are Two Types Of Research

Research paid for by Nanoleaf is conducted in two ends. In the first end, professionals in different areas of expertise can develop better ways of making products functional, durable, and unique.

On the other end, research with users. If you head to the Nanoleaf site and scour it, you will find a page where you can apply for research.

That way, you can become a tester of new software or even hardware.

There Are Technology And Material Costs

a technology and material costs

We’ve already talked about research, the main reason Nanoleaf feels so innovative and unique.

Well, research is one thing, but putting out products that can translate the money invested in research requires even more money. 

First, one of the primary reasons for the high cost of Nanoleaf panels is the quality of materials used.

The panels are made with durable and long-lasting materials such as polycarbonate and aluminum. 

What Difference Do Materials Make?

Those materials ensure the panels are sturdy and can withstand years of use

Unfortunately, the high quality of these materials also means that they are more expensive to produce, which contributes to the overall cost of the product.

Another factor contributing to the high cost of Nanoleaf products is the innovative technology they use.

Each new piece that Nanoleaf puts out is unique, requiring developers to put a lot of thought into making things work out. 

Nanoleaf’s Hardware Is Unique

the nanoleaf hardware is unique

When talking about technology and manufacturing, hardware is another important matter.

And when we talk about hardware, we mean the electronic components and the materials that make the products’ appearance.

Nanoleaf has to do a lot of things from scratch.

Let’s think of, for example, the Nanoleaf Shapes. When attached to a wall, a Nanoleaf Shape is just 0.39 inches (1 cm) thick.

Hardware Development Takes Time

Nanoleaf’s design and engineering teams spent many hours perfecting the slim profile of Shapes.

According to the brand, providing properly dispersed light and fitting everything within effectively when working with slim smart lights is challenging. 

The company has overcome such difficulties by using bespoke LEDs (which they’ve had to produce) and by ingeniously putting these LEDs inside the panels, angling them such that the light distributes equally over all the panels.

The Design Is Magnificent

nanoleaf design is magnificent

Why are Nanoleaf panels so expensive? The intricate design of Nanoleaf panels is another factor contributing to their high cost.

The design of the panels is complex, and they must fit together seamlessly to create a cohesive look. 

That requires careful production to ensure the panels are made to the highest standards possible. 

Additionally, the company offers customization options, which means that the panels can be made to fit specific requirements, adding to the production costs.

You Can Trust Its Brand Name

Brand recognition is also a factor contributing to the high cost of Nanoleaf panels.

The company is a well-known brand in the smart lighting industry. Its products have gained a reputation for being high-quality and unique. 

Such recognition adds value to their products, and customers are often willing to pay a bit more for products that carry the Nanoleaf name. 

All The Technology Is Patented

the technology is patented

Nanoleaf’s patented technology is included in all of its devices, ensuring that they are both energy efficient and made using environmentally friendly production methods. 

If you are familiar with the term “patented,” then you understand it takes money to patent inventions.

That is because a patented technology or idea means it belongs to some person or company which owns the rights to use it.

Heat-Resistant Bulbs

Nanoleaf uses a lot of its patented technology. For example, light bulbs can keep their temperature down thanks to deeply researched innovations, even after hours of usage.

Furthermore, the bulbs include an overheat safeguard that automatically reduces brightness if the temperature exceeds the norm.

Finally, the bulbs are resistant to breaking in addition to these features.

These factors extend the light panels’ useful life while increasing the company’s expenses.

Nanoleaf Offers Excellent Features

the nanoleaf offers excellent features

While the cost of Nanoleaf panels may seem high to some, there are several reasons customers are willing to pay for these products. 

First and foremost, the panels offer unique features.

Some features are found only in Nanoleaf products, while others are already widespread but improved by Nanoleaf.

Some notable features are:

Customizable Lighting

Although customizing the color and brightness on a LED panel or strip is already standard, Nanoleaf takes it a step further with additional control features and better responsiveness;

Touch-Sensitive controls

This one is only available on Nanoleaf products, allowing users to change a lot of configurations just by touching the panels or other similar gadgets;

Sound-Reactive Lighting

a sound reactive

Even though there are a few other LED products in the market that react to music, Nanoleaf has perfected the feature;

Smart Home Integration

The three most popular smart assistants are Alexa, Google Home, and HomeKit. Guess what: Nanoleaf integrates seamlessly with all three;


The more Nanoleaf products you have, the more things you can do with them because they can connect;

Energy Efficiency

Nanoleaf offers some of the most energy-efficient LED products in the market.

Energy-Efficient Products Are Expensive To Develop

an energy efficient products

Development costs for energy-efficient goods may exceed those of their less efficient counterparts. 

That is because energy-efficient items frequently need more modern technology and materials, which might raise manufacturing costs.

For instance, the materials used in an energy-efficient light bulb’s design are more costly than those in incandescent lights. 

Complex semiconductor technology and unique heat-dissipating materials are needed to create LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs, one of the most energy-efficient lighting solutions. 

But Energy Efficiency Pays Off

Although research and development costs for energy-efficient items may be higher initially, those costs are often offset by lower operating expenses for the device during its lifetime. 

It is safe to say that energy-efficient items tend to have a larger initial investment.

But depending on where you live, many governments give refunds and incentives to encourage their adoption.

There Are Manufacturing And Testing Costs

a manufacturing and testing costs

Nanoleaf products are manufactured using cutting-edge processes to guarantee their high standard of excellence.

The panels’ low weight, for example, results from a foldable circuit board onto which tiny LEDs are affixed.

The LEDs on these circuit boards are put through rigorous testing, after which the boards themselves are subjected to stringent quality control. 

How Are The Products Made And Tested?

As an example, an ultrasonic machine is employed in the assembly of Nanoleaf panels. 

When the panels have been put together, they go through a procedure called burn-in testing, which involves running them at high temperatures and loads to identify faulty parts.

Only when the panels have passed all quality checks are they robotically transferred to the packing section. 

What We Learned

So if you were wondering why are Nanoleaf so expensive, you now have the answer!

Nanoleaf products seem expensive when you first glance, but in the end, they are reasonably priced. 

Nicole B