nanit wifi button not working

Nanit WiFi Button not working issue can prevent your camera from connecting to WiFi.

Without WiFi, your Nanit Camera becomes quite useless, since you’ll not have access to remote viewing, through the mobile Nanit Application.

In this guide, we’ll address all possible methods to rule out issues with your Nanit Camera and resolve the problem efficiently! 

To solve the problem with your Nanit’s not working WiFi button, perform a power cycle on the device and also verify that the button is not stuck.

After that, connect the device to a different power outlet, try the pairing process anyway and factory reset the camera.

If that wasn’t enough to understand and fix the problem, keep reading our complete guide!

Why Is My Nanit Camera WiFi Button Not Working?

why wifi button not working

By the looks of this problem, we could straight away rule out that this isn’t a software problem with your Nanit Camera.

In order to complete the WiFi pairing, you must press the WiFi button, whilst detecting Nanit devices throughout the mobile application you’ve installed.

Here are the reasons why your Nanit WiFi Button has stopped working:

  • The WiFi Button is Stuck / Faulty Switch
  • There’s a Power Issue with your Nanit Camera
  • A Problem with the Associated Electrical Outlet
  • A Malfunction in the WiFi Button’s Technology

To understand much more about this problem, why is it occurring and how to fix it, keep reading our upcoming troubleshooting guide!

How to Fix When the Nanit WiFi Button Not Working?

fix not working nanit wifi button

The problem with the WiFi Button of your Nanit Camera tends to appear in certain situations.

If everything with the power supply of your Nanit Camera is correct, the LED light of your camera should flash when pressing the button.

Important: To test whether your Nanit Camera WiFi button has started working, pay attention to the camera’s LED at the top.

After pressing the WiFi button, the LED should start blinking for the next 15 seconds, indicating that the device is in setup mode.

Let’s jump in with the solutions!

Solution #1 Press the WiFi Button Multiple Times

wifi button pressed multiple times

Not pressing the WiFi Button on your Nanit Camera hard enough may not trigger the pairing mode of the device.

In addition to that, if you’ve been using the device for a while now, the button’s internal switch may’ve hardened up and required more pressure when pressing.

For our first solution, we’ll require you to press the WiFi Button of your Nanit Camera more than once with more pressure than usual.

If the button is intact and still works (and doesn’t require any advanced troubleshooting), this should get your Nanit Camera in pairing mode.

  • While pressing the button, wait for the LED at the top of the camera to blink!
Note: The LED on top of your Nanit Camera should blink in blue if the WiFi is working.

Solution #2 Power Cycle the Nanit Camera

power cycle the nanit camera

In this solution, we’ll try a common troubleshooting approach that would most definitely resolve the issue with your Nanit WiFi Button.

It’s a simple, yet greatly effective thing to try, whenever your camera is having unidentified software/hardware problems.

  • To Power Cycle an electronic device, you must cut its power supply!

Follow these instructions to perform a Power Cycle on your Nanit Camera:

  1. Press the Power Button of your Nanit Camera (if your model has one).
  2. Wait for the device to completely shut down.
  3. Unplug the Power Adapter of the device, from the electrical outlet.
  4. Wait for another 5 minutes, while the Nanit Camera is disconnected from power.
  5. Re-attach the power cord of the device, back into its respective outlet.
  6. Test…

After reconnecting the camera to the power, its LED should blink once, if the power supply is correct.

If there is no indication that your camera is receiving power, there could be a more complicated problem with the hardware of the unit.

Note: The camera must be kept disconnected from power for at least 5 minutes.

Solution #3 Connect to a Different Power Outlet

connect to a different power outlet

If Power Cycle didn’t seem to bring out any output from your Nanit Camera, then perhaps there’s an issue with the source of power in the setup.

To test things out, we would recommend connecting the camera to a different power outlet and try pressing the WiFi Button then.

For the purpose, locate a suitable spot (near a power outlet of course), to temporarily place the camera.

Keep in mind that in order to really test the electrical outlet, you must get rid of any third-party power strips, connectors, or extenders that could interrupt the electricity flow.

Follow these steps to connect your Nanit to a different power outlet:

  1. Unplug the camera from its current source.
  2. Move the device along with the Power Adapter.
  3. In the new camera, spot plug it into the Power Outlet.
  4. Wait for the camera to start up.
  5. Press the WiFi Button and test.
Note: To prove whether the source is reliable, try charging your phone for example.

Solution #4 Unstuck the Nanit Camera WiFi Button

unstuck nanit camera wifi button

If you don’t hear the clicking sound when pressing the WiFi button of your Nanit Camera, it’s because the button got stuck.

In such a turn of tables, there are quite a few techniques to get the button unstuck by performing various cleanup mechanics of the device’s button.

  • To unstuck the button, it’s best to use a Keyboard Cleaner Air Spray!

Follow these instructions to unstuck the WiFi button of your Nanit Camera:

  1. With the Keyboard Cleaner Spray, put a few drops underneath the WiFi button.
  2. Use a toothpick (or a sharp and thin tool) to go under the button.
  3. Do circular movements to collect any debris fallen under the button.
  4. Face the camera downwards and shake it a few times, so the debris falls out.
  5. (Optional) If the button still seems stuck or hard to press, repeat the steps above.

You could also spray more of the Keyboard Cleaner Spray underneath the button and let it eat up the debris for an hour or so.

Note: You’ll know that the button is still stuck if it’s not making a “clicky” sound when pressed.

Solution #5 Try Pairing Anyway

still try paring nanit to wifi

Even if there is no visible indication that your Nanit Camera has been placed in pairing mode, it’s worth trying the device anyway.

It could be just that the LED light inside of your Nanit Camera has gone faulty or it could no longer blink due to particular internal damages.

  • To try pairing your Nanit Camera, you’ll need the Nanit Mobile Application

Follow these instructions to try and pair your Nanit Camera:

  1. Launch the Nanit Application on your mobile device.
  2. Go to “Add Device “ and select the type of your camera.
  3. Scroll down and choose “Add Network”.
  4. Proceed to press the WiFi button on your camera for 2-3 seconds.
  5. Follow the rest of the in-app instructions to complete the setup.

If the camera doesn’t blink, if the WiFi receiver inside of the device is active, it should appear within the application. Once the connection of the camera appears within the Nanit platform, press on it once to pair.

Tip: You could later change the WiFi of your Nanit Camera through the Nanit application.

Solution #6 Reset the Nanit Camera with Master Button

reset nanit camera with master button

Perhaps, resetting your Nanit Camera may fix the WiFi button’s functionality like a charm. 

Although we’ve excluded the possibility of a software problem with the Nanit Camera, it’s still worth it to try something as significant as a factory reset on the camera.

In fact, performing these resets will make your camera run even more smooth and with fewer glitches than now.

Here’s how to perform a Factory Reset on your Nanit Camera:

  1. Get a sharp and thin object (such as a toothpick, needle, or paperclip).
  2. Find the reset pinhole on the back of your Nanit Camera.
  3. Using the thin object, press the Reset button inside the pinhole.
  4. Hold the reset button for about 10-15 seconds after pressing it.
  5. Let go once your camera starts blinking.

If the reset has been triggered successfully, the blue LED of your Nanit Camera should start blinking rapidly for the oncoming several seconds.

Alert: Still holding the button when the camera starts blinking could interrupt the reset.

Quick Recap:

To fix when Nanit WiFi Button not working, you should first press the WiFi button multiple times and connect the camera to a different outlet.

The next step is to closely inspect the Camera’s WiFi button and eventually perform a Full Reset to solve the issue!

Nicole B