nanit sound not working

When the Nanit sound not working we have to be curious about why?

When diagnosing a certain problem with your Nanit device, it’s really important to identify what the problem is related to.

This will step up your troubleshooting and help you understand the problem better. Let’s next learn what the solution includes!

To resolve the Nanit sound that won’t work, adjust the audio settings within the Nanit app and Power Cycle the device. Next, reset your network and move the Nanit device closer to the internet router. In case all else fails, perform a Factory Reset.

Let’s next learn more about the background audio problem further in the guide!

Nanit Background Audio Not Working – Causes & Reasons

the background audio not working

In order to specify our troubleshooting accordingly, we must learn what could prevent your Nanit device from outputting sound.

There are multiple factors you should review that will let you in on the problem and enable you to understand what has gone wrong with the setup.

Let’s review why is your Nanit device audio not working:

  • The Audio Setting in the Nanit app has been lowered
  • There’s a Power Issue with your Nanit device
  • A problem with the Network/WiFi connection
  • A Software/Hardware Malfunction with the Nanit device
  • Problems with the Nanit Mobile Application

Those are the most general suspects when it comes down to audio issues on Nanit.

Luckily, we’ve found a working method for each of them so keep reading for a 1-minute solution!

How To Fix When Nanit Sound Not Working?

how to fix the nanit

In order to achieve the best troubleshooting results and get the issue settled, you must follow our solutions in chronological order.

We’ve designed our guide in a step-by-step template so all notes, alerts, and tips must be applied in their respective order.

Let’s jump straight in!

Solution #1 Hard Reset your Nanit

The first and easiest approach is to perform a Hard Reset on your Nanit.

This will cause the power system of the device to discharge and have the software and the hardware refreshed.

Most users have recommended beginning with this solution, since the audio functionality of Nanit could be restored, just by restarting the problematic device.

How to Hard Reset your Nanit:

  1. Press the Power Button on your Nanit device.
  2. Wait for the device to shut down.
  3. Unplug the Power Adapter of the device.
  4. Wait for 5 minutes while the Nanit is disconnected.
  5. Re-attach the cable of the unit back into the electrical outlet.
  6. Turn on the device.
  7. Test…

The longer you’ve kept waiting while your Nanit was disconnected, the better will be the results from the hard reset process.

Keeping the device unplugged for longer allows the unit to cool down, which is always restoring normal operation.

Note: Performing a hard reset on your Nanit every once in a while is recommended.

Solution #2 Enable Nursery Audio & Nature Sounds

enable the nursery audio

There’s a setting within the Nanit application’s sound configuration that enables Nursery Audio and Nature Sounds.

Those features are essential for your Nanit to create background noise and have any sound output in general.

Your Nanit app must be up to date in order to navigate through the app correctly

Let’s learn how to enable the Nursery Audio along with the Nature Sounds:

  1. Launch the Nanit Application.
  2. Navigate to Settings.
  3. Head to Audio Settings.
  4. Locate the Nursery Audio feature and tap on Enable.
  5. Find the Nature Sounds option and toggle it on.
  6. Save the changes made to the Nanit application.
  7. Exit and close the Nanit application.
  8. Test…

In order for your Nanit device to take effect as a result of enabling the following features, it must be connected to the Nanit app.

Check the “Devices” tab to make sure.

Note: Enabling these options will cause Nanit to make all types of background noises.

Solution #3 Power Cycle Network Device

power cycle the network device

Perhaps, there could be an ongoing problem with your setup’s Network Device.

Users have identified that Nanit will have issues outputting noises when the connection is not reliable and stable.

Thus, having a weak connection with the router will prevent Nanit from making any type of background noise or enabling audio features.

Solution: You should perform a Power Cycle on the Network device. Let’s learn how:

  1. Press the Power Button on your router/modem.
  2. Wait for the device to Shut Down.
  3. Disconnect the device’s Power Cable.
  4. Stand by for another 3-5 minutes.
  5. Re-attach the power adapter of the Nanit device to the source.
  6. Turn on the device by pressing the Power Button again.
  7. Test the connection.
Note: It takes 1-2 minutes for your router to become online after the power cycle!

Solution #4 Move Nanit Closer to the Router

move closer to router

When your Nanit device sound is not working a Weak Signal could be the culprit.

If a power cycle didn’t help to get securing your Nanit’s connection to the network device, you should relocate the unit.

The farther your Nanit is from the router/modem, the weaker will the connection be.

The only way to make the connection more stable is to put the Nanit device as close to the network device as possible.

There are also certain network specifications you should be aware of:

  • 2.4 GHz signal – Supports high-range of connection, can travel through walls
  • 5 GHz signal – Less traceability through walls and surfaces, stronger connection

Depending on the network type of your WiFi, you’ll want to position your Nanit device in the corresponding spot.

If using a 5GHz signal, make sure the device is as close as possible.

Tip: Use your 2.4Ghz broadband for a better and stronger signal throughout the guide!

Solution #5 Reinstall the Nanit App

reinstall the app

The next thing you should attempt is to cleanly reinstall the Nanit Application.

If there’s a problem with the platform, it won’t let you adjust the sound of your Nanit and therefore there will be no output.

The best approach towards application issues is to have their software reinstalled on their mobile devices.

Let’s learn how to do this:

  1. On your mobile, go to Settings.
  2. Access Storage.
  3. Go to Applications.
  4. Press the Search Field.
  5. Type “Nanit” and hit the magnifying lens.
  6. Locate the app and Highlight it.
  7. Choose “Uninstall” to remove the app.
  8. Go into your device’s app store.
  9. Download the Nanit App again.

Once the Nanit app is reinstalled on your device, launch it and sign back into your profile.

Reconnect your Nanit device to the application and test the audio and background noise.

Alert: Reinstalling the app will cause all enabled audio settings to be reset.

Solution #6 Factory Reset the Nanit Device

factory reset device

If nothing worked out so far, then you should perform a Factory Reset on your Nanit device.

This is the best way to settle software problems and how keep Nanit sound on.

This is more beneficial than reinstalling the Nanit app since this also envelops physical problems with your Nanit baby phone or another device.

Let’s learn how to perform a Factory Reset on your Nanit device:

  1. Ensure your Nanit is plugged in and turned on.
  2. Locate the Reset Button on the back beneath the USB type-C port.
  3. Press and hold the reset button.
  4. Hold it down for 10 Seconds.
  5. Wait for the camera or baby phone to blink or output a sound.
  6. Let go of the Reset Button.
  7. Wait…

Unplugging your Nanit or interacting with the device in any way may accidentally cancel the reset.

Make sure to avoid using the device until the reset process is complete and then test.

Note: Once your Nanit is factory reset, all of its settings and options will be erased.

Quick Recap:

Thus, the solution to the Nanit sound problem is to Hard Reset the device and adjust the audio settings within the app. Next, update the version of the Nanit App and fix issues with the internet. If nothing worked, perform a Factory Reset on the Nanit.

Wrapping Up:

After learning why Nanit sound not working, we hope that you’re now capable of troubleshooting this problem on your own.

However, you could always contact Nanit’s Support Team so they can provide you with an additional round of steps and methods!

For more Nanit content and helpful solutions check our tech blog!

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