nanit night vision not working

Experiencing the “Nanit Night Vision not working” problem? We have the solution!

The Night Vision feature on any device is environmental and certain factors could really impact its functionality.

Whether it will be a bright light source or positioning fault, it will all result in problems with the device’s night vision.

Here are some easy ways to fix this!

To fix when Nanit Night Vision isn’t working, Power Cycle the camera and kill all of the light sources in its range. Following up, toggle the Night Mode ON and OFF and clean the IR cut. Next, reinstall the Nanit App and perform a Factory Reset on the camera.

To troubleshoot this problem more appropriately, it’s essential to understand what causes it!

Why Is Nanit Auto Night Vision Not Working – Explained!

the nanit is not working

The Night Vision of your Nanit camera is a really handy, but circumstantial feature, meaning it could only work in a specific environment.

Assuming you’re aware of how night vision works on every device, a particular light source shining on the camera will disturb it.

Let’s summarize all of the possibilities for your Nanit’s Night Vision function issues:

  • There’s a problem with the IR Cut
  • An Issue with the Nanit App has occurred
  • The Night Mode Isn’t Activated or has stopped working due to a glitch
  • There’s a Software Problem with your Nanit Camera
  • There are Environmental Issues preventing night vision from working

With this, we’ve listed all of the possible causes so let’s jump into troubleshooting!

How to Fix When Nanit Night Vision Not Working?

how fix nanit night vision

After helping you understand what’s the culprit of this problem, let’s proceed with the solution guide.

We will go over the best recommendations for this problem, suggested by users who experience the same type of issues with their Nanit. Let’s jump in!

Solution #1 Hard Reset Nanit Camera!

Performing a Hard Reset has a great way to resolve temporary problems with your Nanit.

Also called a “Power Cycle”, this process is the ultimate key to refreshing your Nanit camera’s hardware and software all at once.

By cutting the electrical supply to the device, you’ll cause all of the electricity to be discharged refreshing all device’s services!

hard reset nanit camera

How to Hard Reset Nanit Camera:

  1. Press the Power Button on the camera (if the model has one).
  2. Disconnect the Power Adapter.
  3. Wait for 5 Minutes.
  4. Reconnect the power cable to an electrical outlet.
  5. Test…

The least you should keep the camera disconnected is 5 minutes.

Anything less than that and the power cycle may fail for your device, not resolving the night vision problem.

Solution #2 Relocate the Camera

Chances are that you have placed the camera facing a Large Object or a White Wall.

If that happens, you’ll see nothing on the camera’s broadcast within the Nanit app, because there is really nothing there.

relocate nanit camera

0To settle this, you should figure out a better position for your camera and make sure its “eye” is facing out in the open.

  • Relocate your camera so the “eye” is facing out wide!

For instance, if the camera is positioned in a drawer in the corner of the room, make sure that the eye is facing outwards.

The camera’s range must be enveloping the whole room’s contents and so the child that you wish to monitor. 

Tip: The “eye” is the black spot on the front.

Solution #3 Eliminate All Light Sources!

eliminate the light sources

As we’ve already mentioned, Bright Light Sources must be non-existent in your camera’s range.

This will ultimately harm the night vision and prevent the IR Cut from activating appropriately. Such sources could be a lamp, flashlight, or even the room’s lightning.

What you should do is head where your Nanit is and eliminate all intact light sources!

Make sure the following light sources are not existent:

  • A Night Lamp that is still working
  • The Room’s General Lightning
  • A Flashlight or something or a Lit Up Device near the camera

Although in most cases Nanit is capable of retaining its functionality, even when light sources are active, it’s suggested to make the room fully dark.

That’s the only way you’ll determine what causes the problem with your camera’s Night Vision.

Note: If it is fully dark in the room, the night vision of the camera will function better.

Solution #4 Decontaminate the IR Cut

decontaminate ir cut

Perhaps, something is Blocking the IR Cut of your Nanit Camera!

This could be the result of contamination or even condensation in the camera lenses, preventing the night vision from working properly.

The IR Cut of your Nanit Camera is the space hole that the night vision works through and therefore casts the footage.

Here’s how to decontaminate the IR Cut of your Nanit Camera:

  1. Disconnect the camera from the Power Supply.
  2. Wait for the device to cool down.
  3. Grab a slightly Wet Cloth.
  4. Using the cloth, collect All Dust on the Surface of the IR on the front of the camera.
  5. Disengage the front panel of the camera, using the appropriate screwdriver.
  6. Repeat the same process for the inside of the IR Cut.
  7. (Optional) Use a regular cloth to dry up the IR cut’s surface.
  8. Put the camera’s lens and IR Cut back together.
  9. Connect the device to power.
  10. Test…

Do not install the camera’s lenses and IR Cut while the hardware is still wet.

This will cause even further condensation and completely block your camera’s vision even during the day.

Note: If you’re drying up the camera’s IR Cut, make sure you leave no wet spot inside!

Solution #5 Restart the Night Mode Feature

restart a night mode feature

If this is a software problem you should simply Toggle the Feature ON and OFF

There’s a setting that will respectively enable and disable the Night Vision functionality for your Nanit Camera.

What you should do, is head into the Nanit App and restart the given feature to fix the issue with the IR vision that’s interrupting your night watch.

How to Restart Nanit Night Vision:

  1. Launch the Nanit App.
  2. Visit the Nanit Live Tab.
  3. Press the Three Dot Icon at the top right corner.
  4. Press “Night Mode” to toggle it OFF if it is already active.
  5. Wait for 30 Seconds.
  6. Turn the Night Mode ON again.
  7. Test…

Practically, the Night Mode is what enables night vision for your Nanit Camera.

Once disabled, your camera will no longer have sights in the dark and cast infrared footage.

Note: By the time you’re leaving the Nanit app, make sure that the Night Mode is turned ON.

Solution #6 Reinstall the Nanit App

reinstall the nanit app

Chances are that the Nanit Application has developed a software fault.

The best way to deal with this kind of issue is to Reinstall the Application in order to refresh its cache and settings.

Since the application is what enables and disables the night mode for your Nanit Camera, a fault could easily prevent the feature from working stable.

How to Reinstall the Nanit App:

  1. On your mobile device, go to Settings.
  2. Navigate to Storage.
  3. Access the Apps Section.
  4. Locate the Nanit App and Uninstall It.
  5. Launch the App Store/Google Play of your device.
  6. Locate the Nanit App.
  7. Start a Download.
  8. Launch the app and sign back into your account.
  9. Enable the Night Mode.

Keep in mind that reinstalling the app will disable the Night Mode after the process.

You’ll have to re-enable the feature in order to activate Night Vision for your camera.

Note: Make sure to keep your Nanit app always up to date!

Solution #7 Reset the Nanit Camera

reset the nanit camera

If nothing worked so far, then your ultimate solution to this problem is to Reset the Camera!

This approach works effectively, for both hardware and software faults of the camera, so this should settle the Night Vision malfunction.

In fact, performing a reset on your Nanit Camera has been made easy with the latest model, so you shouldn’t confuse the process too much.

  • To reset a Nanit Camera, hold the RESET Button on the back for 10 Seconds!

If the reset has been triggered successfully, the camera will blink three or two times (based on the model) as a result.

This works like a notification that the device has begun to reset itself after pressing the appropriate panel button.

Note: Make sure that the camera is plugged in while triggering the reset or it will not work!

Quick Recap:

Thus, to fix when Nanit Night Vision isn’t working, Hard Reset the camera and move it away from obstructions. Next, make sure to kill all light sources in the camera’s range and decontaminate the IR Cut. Finally, restart the Night Mode and reset the camera!

Wrapping Up:

In this guide, we’ve learned how to settle the Nanit Night Vision not working problem as easily as that!

We’ve gone through the best solutions recommended by the community that’ll actively troubleshoot the issue. 

If you’re still experiencing any sort of problem, you should contact Nanit for more assistance!

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