myq not sending notifications

When you’re wondering why myQ not sending notifications, you should first check everything that could be suppressing them before concluding anything.

The myQ notifications are meant to inform you whenever your garage door opens/closes and when the myQ lights turn on or off.

Not receiving notifications as normal unless they are enabled and still fail to appear. 

This is why here you’ll learn how to enable them and solve any potential problems.

The myQ application will not send notifications in case they are disabled or during nighttime without a rule telling the app otherwise. Another possibility is whenever your smartphone is not connected to the internet or you’re not logged in to the app.

Why Is myQ Not Sending Notifications?

To cover everything, let’s first take a look at the possibilities behind the myQ notifications problem.

This will help you understand the upcoming solutions better and start to receive notifications in no time.

Here is what could be preventing myQ from sending notifications:

1. Not Logged In To The myQ App

Even if you have the application installed, you may be signed out and that’s why you’re not receiving push notifications.

2. Notifications Schedule Not Set

There are notification rules that determine whenever notifications should be sent to your phone.

3. Notifications are Disabled

You may have left the notifications disabled and that’s why you’re not receiving any.

4. No internet to Your Phone

Your phone must be connected to the internet at all times for push notifications to occur.

5. Problem with the Email

myQ can also send email notifications and in such cases, you may have blocked myQ or sent it to the spam.

How To Fix When myQ App Not Sending Notifications?

fix myq not sending notifications

In the solutions below, we will mainly go through problems with the push notifications of the myQ app.

The push notifications are messages like any other you receive on your smartphone and by “pushing” them, you’re able to view the news myQ has sent you.

Here’s how to fix the push notifications on your phone and myQ app in easy steps:

Solution #1 Enable myQ Push Notifications

Yes, myQ won’t send you push notifications without actually enabling the notifications manager.

By default, the push notifications tend to be disabled and you will have to find your way through the settings and turn them on.

enable push notification

Here’s how to enable the myQ push notifications in easy steps:

  1. On your smartphone or tablet, open the myQ application.
  2. Select the three dots on the top.
  3. Choose “Notifications” from the following list.
  4. On the top of the screen, tap the slider to enable the notifications.
  5. Navigate back to the main screen.
Note: The myQ app will use your device’s default notifications sound alert.

Solution #2 Sign In To Correct Account

Many users have either signed off the myQ app or signed in to the wrong account and that’s why they don’t receive notifications.

Your account is quite important for the notifications that you get to be displayed. When logged in to the wrong account, they won’t show up.

  • To sign out of your current myQ account, go to Home > Settings > Sign Out.
  • To sign in to your myQ account, write your login credentials on the login screen and press “Connect”.

Ensure that your myQ garage door opener or any other device is connected to the same account you’re currently logged in to.

To check the availability of the myQ device, go to Settings > “My Devices” in the myQ app.

Tip: If your myQ device got disconnected from the account, tap the “+” icons in the “My Devices” tab to get the device connected.

Solution #3 Connect Your Device To The Internet

connect device to internet

The myQ app wirelessly works with the garage door opener.

If your phone isn’t connected to the internet, there is no way that you will receive any notifications for the state of the opener.

In that regard, you must connect your device to the internet.

  • To connect an Android device to the internet, go to Settings > Wireless > WiFi > “Choose your network” > “Insert WiFi key” > Connect.
  • To connect an iOS device to the internet, go to Settings > WiFi > “Choose your network” > “Insert the WiFi password” > Connect.
Alert: If you’re unable to connect your device to the network, try restarting the router and contact your ISP if the problem persists.

Solution #4 Add A “Past Midnight” Notifications Rule

Even if you have the notifications toggled in the myQ app, issues may still occur with receiving them.

That is due to incorrectly established notification rules that control the time of when your myQ notifications will be delivered.

enable notification rule

You must make sure that the notifications can run past midnight to be able to receive notifications ALL of the time.

Here’s how to configure the notification rules:

  1. Open the myQ app on your device.
  2. Head to Settings > Notifications.
  3. Go to the Rule section.
  4. Tap on “Custom Rule”.
  5. Tap on “Add Rule”.
  6. Set the first rule to deliver notifications from “10:00 PM to 6:00 AM”.
  7. Make sure to have one more rule from “6 AM to 10 PM”.
  8. That will cover the entire day.
Notice: With that configuration, your first rule is responsible for delivering notifications during the day (by default) and the second one past midnight.

Solution #6 Reinstall The myQ App

To solve any notifications bugs and glitches, it’s best to reinstall the myQ app.

As a result, all of its logs and app data will be cleared and there is no use to bother separately with these settings.

reinstall myq app
Alert: Keep in mind that reinstalling the myQ app will cause you to sign out of the application and disable the push notifications.

Here’s how to reinstall the myQ app in easy steps on any mobile device you have:

  1. On your device, go to Settings.
  2. Access the storage unit.
  3. Go to the app section, where the myQ app is located.
  4. Find the myQ app from the list of installed applications.
  5. Use the search field to locate the myQ app.
  6. Press the Uninstall button beneath the application to remove it from your device.
  7. Once deleted myQ, head to the App Store/Google Play of your device.
  8. Use the search field to relocate the myQ app.
  9. Press on “Download”.
  10. Once the app is installed, sign in to your account and enable the push notifications.
Note: Ensure that you’re logging into the same account, that your myQ app is connected with.

Quick Recap:

To solve the problem when myQ does not send notifications, you need to start by creating day/night rules to activate the push alerts during the entire day. Then you should make sure that your smartphone is connected to the internet and if necessary, reinstall the entire myQ app.

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Bottom Line:

Now when you’re aware of why myQ not sending notifications and what’s the workaround to solve the problem, you should already be seeing notifications.

You can test by opening/closing your garage door, after which a notification should pop up on your smartphone’s screen.

In case the notifications are still not there, you can seek further assistance from the myQ support team.

We hope that this post was enough for you to start receiving notifications and in case you’re interested in more myQ content, make sure to check our online tech blog.

Nicole B