my vivint doorbell camera is offline

If you are wondering why my Vivint doorbell camera is offline? This is the absolute fix guide!

Vivint themselves have said that if your doorbell camera’ status is offline, it is most likely due to issues with your network.

However, we’re about to get these issues enveloped and identify all of the possible causes for this problem. Then of course we’ll help you solve it!

To fix the offline status of your Vivint doorbell, ensure that you’re writing down the correct password for your WiFi and reboot the router. Next, perform a power cycle on the doorbell and check if the batteries are intact. Finally, fix any issues with your network and factory reset the entire camera unit.

Before you start fixing the issue, there are still some essentials that you should know about this issue, and next, we will get you familiar with all of them.

Why Is My Vivint Doorbell Camera Offline?

One of the most obvious reasons for your Vivint doorbell camera to be offline would be the problematic network.

A problem with the WiFi, in particular, might be causing your camera to disconnect rather than keep it offline, deceiving you into thinking otherwise.

Let’s review what are the proven causes for the offline mode on the Vivint doorbell:

1. Router Issue

In regard to network, problems falls the possibility of your router often shutting down, causing your camera to disconnect.

2. No Power In Camera

If your camera stays offline without even letting you connect it, chances are that it has run out of batteries and they need to be replaced.

3. Incorrect setup process

It is highly likely that you’re missing out on something during the setup process, either if it is the WiFi or the password to the connection.

4. Vivint App Issue

Your Vivint application practically is the mediator between your WiFi’s internet and the doorbell camera. A problem with the app may result in this issue.

5. Problem With Hub

As you know, your Vivint doorbell camera must be connected to a hub or panel in order to work.

That’s what you had to know regarding the problem. Keep reading to solve the offline problem with your Vivint doorbell camera.

What To Do When My Vivint Doorbell Camera Is Offline?

fix vivint doorbell camera offline

After generally observing the problem’s root causes, troubleshooting will definitely be easier for you.

However, keep in mind that you should follow the order of our solutions. That will contribute to appropriate troubleshooting and quick fix to the problem.

Here’s how you can fix your offline Vivint doorbell camera.

Solution #1 Reconnect Camera Correctly

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the stakes are high that you’re doing something wrong during the setup process.

Don’t get discouraged, instead, use the steps below to set up your Vivint doorbell correctly and exclude this possibility.

  1. Press the Menu icon on your Vivint panel.
  2. Enter Device settings.
  3. Choose WiFi.
  4. Tap on the WiFi line.
  5. Connect your panel to the WiFi and enter the password.
  6. Then choose “Add Device” and select your Vivint doorbell camera’s type.
  7. Wait for the pairing process to be completed.
Note: To summarize things up, your panel must be first connected with the WiFi and only then you shall pair your camera to the panel.

Solution #2 Power Cycle Vivint Doorbell

power cycle vivint doorbell

An easy thing you should attempt to fix the issue is the power cycle process on your Vivint camera doorbell.

This entire process involves removing the battery of your doorbell and then re-inserting it back into the compartment to solve any power bugs that the device has.

Here’s how to power cycle your Vivint doorbell camera in easy steps:

  1. Go over to the doorbell.
  2. Detach it from its wall stand.
  3. Remove the back compartment.
  4. Take out the single battery unit (CR2032 unit)
  5. Standby for 5 minutes with the battery taken out of your camera.
  6. Reposition the battery unit back into your camera.
  7. Test.
Note: If your camera remains offline, you should replace the battery to solve the offline issue with your doorbell.

Solution #3 Fix Internet Issues

If your doorbell camera is still offline, there’s a high chance that there is a problem with your internet.

Such issues are easy to fix and we’ve separated the best approaches to solve issues with your internet.

Here’s what you can do to fix internet issues in your network:

Hard Reset Router

fix internet issues

Perform a power cycle/hard reset on the router, by unplugging its power adapter from the power source and then re-attaching it. Keep the power adapter disconnected for at least 5 minutes.

Move The Router Closer

Test by taking your camera close to your network router. If it helps, reposition the router closer to your Vivint doorbell camera to fix the issue.

Reconnect All Cables

Disconnect all of your router’s cables, including the internet one and then re-attach them.

Note: Re-attempt to connect your Vivint doorbell camera to the WiFi once you’ve solved any internet issues your setup had.

Solution #4 Reinstall Vivint Application

A problem with the Vivint application may also be keeping your camera offline.

That’s why you should reinstall the application and reconnect it to your Vivint panel to fix the issue with the doorbell.

Here’s how to reinstall the Vivint app in easy steps:

  1. On your smartphone, access the storage manager.
  2. Access the app section.
  3. Search for the Vivint application among the other apps.
  4. Delete it using the functions button.
  5. Head to the Google Play/App Store on your phone, based on the platform.
  6. Download the Vivint app on your phone once again.
  7. Test.
Note: Make sure to use the very same account you were using before, to get reconnected with the Vivint panel quicker.

Solution #5 Reset Vivint Doorbell Camera

vivint doorbell reset

If reinstalling the Vivint app didn’t work either, we have one last thing in our sleeves. That is to trigger a factory reset on the Vivint doorbell camera to solve the issue.

A factory reset will erase all software configurations made to your camera so far and solve any bugs along.

Here’s how to reset your doorbell camera in easy steps:

  1. Locate the button on the top of your doorbell camera.
  2. Press the button and hold it.
  3. Wait for the light to turn red and let go of the button.
  4. Allow the factory reset to complete.
Note: Do not release the button of your doorbell camera before the LED turns red completely.

Thus, to fix a Vivint doorbell camera that is offline, power cycle the camera itself and the Vivint panel/hub. Fix any internet issues there are and reinstall the Vivint application. Lastly, execute a power cycle on the Vivint camera with the button on the top.

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Bottom Line:

We hope that after learning why my Vivint doorbell camera is offline, you can now fix the issue without bothering too much.

After all, Vivint is available to help you with these issues and you should let them know of the problem if it persists!

In case you find this post helpful, make sure to check our online blog to discover many other solutions to your smart home tech.

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