my tv volume keeps going up and down by itself

Are you asking, what should I do if my TV volume keeps going up and down by itself?

You should not be worried because you can solve this issue yourself without any hassles. Maybe you are in another room and suddenly hear too much sound from your living room’s TV.

It can be so saddening, especially if you know no one is there to control the volume.

Or could it be a ghost within your surroundings? Not really, something is wrong with your TV. Please read below to know the issue and get ways to fix it.

If your TV volume keeps going up and down by itself, you will need to check its control switch. If it is stuck, it causes this issue. Your remote can also cause the problem if the buttons are stuck or the batteries are out of power.

Remove the batteries and control the TV’s volume manually to check if the remote is the issue.

Why Does My TV Volume Go Up And Down By Itself?

Various issues may cause your TV to go up and down by itself. Please check below for some common reasons.

  • Your TV’s control switch is stuck.
  • Your remote control has an issue.
  • Your TV’s software has a problem.
  • There is an issue with your audio setting.

Note: TVs are different, and their settings vary depending on the manufacturer.

So, always follow your manufacturer’s user’s manual if you want to change any settings in your device. Hence, you will avoid many problems that may arise due to a small issue that you can manage.

What Should I Do If My TV Volume Keeps Going Up And Down By Itself?

fix tv volume keeps going up and down by itself

You can fix your TV’ volume going up and down issue using various methods. Kindly check each and try them out to the end until your TV volume is stable.

Method #1: Check The Control Switch

You may need to check if your control switch is stuck. If so, it overrides the volume changes each time you adjust. You can find the control switch at the back of your TV.

Use your hand to move the control switch up and down repeatedly as you press it.

These processes should loosen the control switch and allow it to move freely, hence solve the issue.

Try to add volume and see if it will go down by itself. If the volume does not change, the issue is solved.

Method #2: Check Your Remote Control

If a TV’s remote is faulty, it can cause several issues on your TV, including volume fluctuations and brightness. It may also cause your TV channels to change from one to another.

You can try to reset the remote. It is as simple as removing the batteries, allowing them to rest for some time, then return them on the remote.

When the batteries are still out, add or lower your TV’s volume; the remote is the issue if the volume does not go up or down. So, you will need to replace it.

You can also try to change the batteries. If they have low power, they may cause fluctuations in different areas of your TV.

Your TV volume should stop the fluctuations once you deal with the remote control.

Method #3: Check Your TV’s Software

If your TV software has an issue, it can also cause a problem with your TV’s volume.

You need to ensure that your TV runs on the latest software. Up-to-date software will not only solve this issue but many other underlying issues.

However, the software involving your volume up and down problem is quite easy to deal with. It only involves a simple reset on your TV, and it should avoid complications. Follow these steps.

Step #1: Go to your TV’s home button.

Step #2: Select the ‘installation’ or ‘setting menu,’ depending on your TV.

Step #3: Click on the option, ‘first time installation’ or ‘Factory reset.’ Follow the prompts on the screen to complete the resetting.

Step #4: Try to change the TV’s volume to check if the issue is gone.

Method #4: Audio Setting

It might be that someone altered your TV’s Auto Volume leveler the volume issue. You can change it using these steps.

  1. Using your remote, press the menu button.
  2. Navigate to settings.
  3. Choose either audio or sound settings.
  4. Click AVL. If it is on, turn it off.

Go back to your TV’s home screen, then try moving from one channel to another. If the volume is the same, the issue is resolved.

Method #5: Change the Bitstream

It could be that you set your TV audio to bitstream yet you do not have a home theatre.

The bitstream only works well when you want your TV’s sound to pass via your soundbar or home theatre.

So, lacking any of these audio outputs will result in volume issues on your TV. You can change the bitstream to PCM to see if the issue revolves. PCM ensures that audio comes out from your TV’s speakers.

Use these steps to change the bitstream to PCM.

  1. Use your remote to go to settings.
  2. Look among the options and select ‘sound, expert settings.’
  3. Select ‘HDMI input audio format.’
  4. Change the bitstream to PCM.

Try to change your TV volume to check if it still fluctuates.

My TV Volume Still Goes Up And Down by Itself

If you have tried all the above methods, but your TV volume still keeps going up and down, you may need to do a factory reset.

You might have configured something on your TV, and it affected the volume.

Use these steps to factory reset.

  1. Switch on your TV, then click the home tab using your remote.
  2. Navigate to the settings menu.        
  3. Choose the ‘general options’
  4. Then click on ‘reset to initial settings.’

Note: Factory resetting will delete all your TV’s data, including apps and settings.

However, it should reset your TV’s volume to the manufacturer’s settings. Try controlling the volume to see if it behaves.

If your TV volume keeps going up and down by itself, your control switch is stuck. Locate it, then move it up and down to loosen it. Check your remote too if it has stuck buttons and loosen them.

Remove the remote’s batteries and manually control the TV’s volume. If it does not go up and down, you will need to replace the remote.

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If you have been hunting for answers for the ‘’my TV volume keeps going up and down by itself’’ issue, I hope you can now settle down.

I know it can be quite hectic, especially if you want to watch your favorite show or listen to your soothing music, but the TV volume chooses to misbehave.

Ensure that your TV’s control switch is not stuck. Your remote’s buttons should not be stuck, and the batteries should be in good condition.

Besides, your sound setting might be the issue, so do not hesitate to check them out.

If your TV volume keeps going up and down, you will need to check your TV’s control switch. Press and move it to check if it is working. Also, check if your remote’s buttons are working correctly. Remove the batteries and control the TV’s volume using the TV’s volume buttons to see if the remote is the issue.

Nicole B