merkury smart plug not connecting

Is your Merkury smart plug not connecting? The solution to the problem can either be really easy or require some technical intervention on your end.

One way or another, we will continue to rule out the possibilities for this problem throughout the guide until your plug connects!

Your Merkury smart plug may be refusing to connect if the device hasn’t been added correctly or an incompatible WiFi network is used.

It is also possible that there’s a problem with the Merkury application or the plug is too far away from the router.

Let’s learn more!

Merkury Smart Plug Not Connecting7 Proven Solutions!

Tip: Follow our steps in chronological order!

1. Re-Add the Plug Correctly!

re-add the plug correctly

Chances are that you’re not adding the Merkury plug to the Geeni app correctly.

Missing out on important steps or things to check during the setup, will not connect your Merkury plug to the WiFi network’s router!

  • You must have the Geeni application installed, to connect your plug with WiFi!

Follow these instructions to properly add your Geeni smart plug to WiFi:

  1. Connect the smart plug to an electrical outlet.
  2. Hold the power button for 3 seconds until the plug starts blinking.
  3. Launch the Geeni application on your mobile device.
  4. Proceed by pressing the “Add Device” button in the app.
  5. Choose “Easy” in the “Mode Selection” page of the setup.
  6. Select your WiFi network once you’re eligible.
  7. Insert the correct WiFi password and hit “Connect”.

About “Pairing Mode”

Holding the power button on your Merkury smart plug for three seconds will enable the pairing mode.

This mode must be enabled while adding the plug or it will not be recognized by the application. The pairing mode lasts for up to 60 seconds before fading away.

Info: It’s essential to insert a correct password for your network or your plug won’t connect otherwise!

2. Use a Compatible WiFi

use a compatible wifi

Geeni’s Merkury plugs only support 2.4GHz WiFi and not 5GHz.

This means that your plug will be unable to connect with your dual-band router’s 5GHz network, but only to the standard 2.4GHz available on every network router device.

Note: Whilst 5GHz WiFi networks are only available on dual-band routers, every WiFi router must already have a 2.4GHz network!

How to Add Merkury Plug to 2.4GHz?

Complete the setup instructions in solution #1 all over again, but instead of selecting your router’s 5GHz network in the “Connections” tab, select the 2.4GHz WiFi one.

Alert: Keep in mind that the 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi networks of your router may have different passwords!

3. Check the WiFi Network!

check the wifi network

Your Merkury smart plug will not perform a connection with the network if the WiFi signal is poor or non-existent.

Your router and modem must function properly, in order for the WiFi to remain reliable and for all devices to connect without interruptions!

Factors That Cause WiFi Issues:

  • A problem with the WiFi router/modem
  • Outdated ISP subscription/pending fees
  • A temporal ISP outage/cable problems

How to Fix WiFi/Network Issues (Steps)

  • Power cycle your router, by unplugging it from the power
  • Reconnect the service cable, from your router device
  • Reconnect your router’s Ethernet, from the modem
  • Check if your subscription is paid, at your ISP’s site!
Alert: If you’re experiencing connectivity issues on other devices, contact your ISP for further troubleshooting association!

4. Limit the Range

limit the range

Especially if the plug is outdoors, the range is crucial to achieving a reliable and stable WiFi connection with the router.

Your plug must be as close to the router as possible, in order for the WiFi signal to remain strong and your plug to remain connected at all times!

  • Place your Merkury plug as close as possible to the router and test the connection
Info: If there’s no available outlet near your router, use a power extender cable to bring the plug as close to the network device as you can. 

This will improve the WiFi connection significantly!

5. Power Cycle the Smart Plug

power cycle the smart plug

To restore your Merkury smart plug’s functionality, you must power cycle the device to refresh the software.

It’s an effective way of eliminating any issues with either the software or hardware of the device and also works great when the plug just won’t pair with the WiFi!

  • Smart plugs are discharged by disconnecting them from the power!

Follow these steps to power cycle your Merkury smart plugin easy steps:

  1. Disconnect the smart plug from the electrical outlet.
  2. Wait for 30-40 seconds and plug the device back in.
  3. Wait for the blinking LED light to indicate that the plug is working.
Tip: The longer you keep the Merkury smart WiFi plug disconnected, the more effectively will the hardware of the device dispose of the electricity!

6. Reinstall the Geeni Application

reinstall the geeni application

Perhaps, this problem is with the Geeni application, rather than the plug itself.

To find a resolution to this problem, you must uninstall and then download the Geeni application on your mobile device again. It’s an effective way to refresh the software of the application.

Before We Start!

Make sure that the Geeni application is running the latest software version before reinstalling the platform.

Thus it’s important to check at Google Play/App Store > Installed Apps > Geeni.

Note: If your Geeni application was outdated, test if you’re able to add the plug after updating it to the latest version available.

How to Reinstall Geeni Application?

  1. Open the Settings on your phone.
  2. Navigate into the “Applications” tab.
  3. Locate the Geeni app from the list.
  4. Press on the application once.
  5. Choose “Uninstall” to remove the app.
  6. Download the Geeni app again.
Tip: On many Android phones, you’re able to activate “Automatic Updates” for the Geeni application after installing it!

7. Factory Reset the Merkury Plug!

factory reset the merkury plug

The factory reset is probably the only way to resolve the problem at this point.

After trying most of the available solutions, erasing the software of the plug will definitely help with any pairing and connectivity issues, preventing the device from establishing a connection with the router.

  • Resetting the Merkury plug will disconnect the plug from the Geeni app!

Follow these simple instructions to factory reset your Merkury smart plug:

  1. Locate the power button on the surface of the Merkury plug.
  2. Press and hold the button for 8-15 seconds max.
  3. Wait for the LEd indicator to blink in blue 5 times.
  4. Let go of the power button and wait for the clicking noise.
  5. Your Merkury smart plug should shortly be factory reset!
Note: Re-add your plug to the Geeni application once the factory reset is complete!

Merkury Smart WiFi Outdoor Plug Not Connecting to WiFi?

merkury smart wifi outdoor plug

Here’s what to do if your Merkury smart plug located outdoors isn’t connecting!

  • Re-Activate the Pairing Mode

Triggering the pairing mode on your plug that’s outdoor and running back in to grab your phone may cause the mode to be disabled.

The pairing mode only lasts for up to 60 seconds and after that, you must re-trigger it.

  • Hold the power button on your smart plug to re-trigger the pairing mode
Note: The pairing mode is also called “Easy Mode”
  • Bring in the Plug Closer

Even if you plug it outside, the device must still be close to your house as much as possible.

With 2.4 GHz WiFi networks, you may have the extra meters that the network could cover but placing the plug too far away, will still cause the signal to be poor!

Tip: Bring the plug as close to your house as possible!
  • Use a Different Smartphone!

Many users found a solution to their outdoor Merkury plug’s problem by adding the plug via another device.

You could get the Geeni application on any Android/iOS device as well as get it online on your PC/laptop!

Alert: The device new device you’re going to add the plug to must be close to the device!

Quick Recap:

Hence, whenever the Merkury smart plug not connecting we can easily solve the issue by performing a power calculation (hard-reset) on your plug and reinstalling the Merkury app.

In case that doesn’t work the factory restoration on the Mercury plug surely will. Visit our blog for more technical solutions!

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