Merkury smart bulb flashing

Whenever your Merkury smart bulb flashing, you should know what it means!

Usually, there are three different meanings of your Merkury smart bulb’s flashing.

Two of them occur during a reset process and the third occurs only when the bulb is in setup mode.

We will do our best to explain to you the meaning of all the flashing your Merkury bulb can go through and how to resolve it.

To fix your Merkury smart bulb’s flashing, try to re-install the device and use a different light outlet. Make sure that the bulb is connected to the WiFi and replace the dimmer. Finally, reinstall the Geeni application and reset the bulb.

Next, you’ll learn more about the flashing sequences of your Merkury smart bulb and then how to solve the problem.

What Does Merkury Smart Bulb Flashing Means?

The flashing of a regular smart bulb doesn’t mean much. In fact, it usually indicates several modes of functionality, translating into several states.

Here is what the different blinking patterns mean:

Fast Blinking

If your Merkury bulb is blinking at a fast pace, it means that a reset process is ongoing.

Since some users are not aware of how to initiate a reset sequence, sometimes they might have started resetting their bulb without being aware of it.

A reset is initiated by turning the bulb on/off 3 times.

The primary mode for connecting the bulb is the Easy Mode. You will know that your bulb is in easy mode when it flashes 2 times per second.

If your bulb blinks in easy mode, it means that it is an ongoing reset process.

Slow Blinking

Finally, the slow blinking sequence of your bulb (a blink every once in 3 seconds), means that the device is in AP mode, thus, ready to pair.

This mode often occurs whenever the device disconnects from the Geeni application and is ready to get connected again.

Problematic Blinking

This exceptional type of blinking does not follow any sequence.

In fact, if the bulb is blinking randomly, it may also indicate a hardware problem or insufficient power sent from the light slot.

How To Fix Merkury Smart Light Bulb Flashing?

fix Merkury smart bulb flashing

Now that you’re aware of all sequences of blinking, let’s proceed with troubleshooting the problem with the top-rated solutions.

Solution #1 Reinstall The Bulb

The first thing we suggest is reinstalling the bulb. You may have installed the bulb wrongly on the light outlet and this might give you the problematic blinking you’re seeing.

Simply undo the light bulb from the light port and screw it on again.

You will have to go to the Geeni app and perform the installation process once the bulb is fully screwed back to the light slot.

Note: Before you’ve re-added the bulb to your Geeni application, the device might blink in AP mode, hence, a blink every 3 seconds.

Solution #2 Use Different Outlet

change bulb outlet

If reinstalling the bulb didn’t work, however, perhaps the problem is with the light outlet, you’ve screwed the smart device onto.

As our next solution, we suggest using a different outlet for your bulb, if possible.

Follow the steps down below to install your Merkury bulb in a different light outlet:

  1. Remove the bulb from its current light port.
  2. Locate a suitable replacement where you can screw your bulb in.
  3. Install the bulb and wait for the AP mode to occur.
  4. Go to the Geeni app and run the installation setup again, by tapping on “Add Device”.

Once you’re done and the AP mode is no longer active, determine if the bulb is still going to flash in any way.

Solution #3 Reconnect Bulb With The WiFi

reconnect merkury bulb

The next cause for your bulb to start flashing is when it has lost connection to the Geeni app.

This can only occur when the bulb is not able to connect with your household’s WiFi.

We suggest going to the Geeni app and identifying whether your Merkury bulb is connected to the WiFi or not.

Here is how to reconnect your bulb with the WiFi:

  1. Disconnect your bulb from the Geeni app by tapping on “Forget this device”.
  2. Re-scan for the bulb from your Geeni app.
  3. Run the setup process until the WiFi setup has appeared.
  4. Carefully locate and select the appropriate household network.
  5. Input your WiFi password and tap on connect.
Note: The problem might also be with your own network. In that case, we suggest hard resetting your router and connecting all cables.

Solution #4 Reinstall The Geeni Application

Users suggest that reinstalling the Geeni application might help. Simply go to your mobile device’s storage and delete the Geeni application.

Then head to your App Store/Google Play and download it back again.

You will have to run the setup process all over again though, but this way you will know if the problem is coming from your phone’s Geeni application.

Note: An AP mode of blinking is also going to occur before you’ve run the setup process, but if everything is fine with the bulb, it should stop once it gets paired!

Solution #5 Replace The Dimmer

Users widely report that unknown blinking sequences of your bulb might occur due to a faulty dimmer switch.

The dimmer switch is the adjustable lamp key that controls your Merkury lamp’s brightness and strength of light, by reducing and increasing the voltage.

Follow the steps down below to replace your dimmer switch easily:

  1. Find the screws around the dimmer switch and loosen it up.
  2. Disable the power for the room where your dimmer is from the circuit panel.
  3. Use volt-o-meter to determine if there is any electricity left in the dimmer’s panel.
  4. Take the dimmer out.
  5. Loosen the two bolts holding the wires around the electricity poles.
  6. Position the two wires in a spot where they cannot fall into the wall.
  7. Grab your new dimmer.
  8. Dislocate the new dimmer’s protective straps.
  9. Wrap the wires around the electricity poles.
  10. Screw the bolts into the electricity poles and position the dimmer into the wall.
  11. Finally, screw the stationary screws to tighten up the new dimmer switch.

If you need any professional assistance, don’t hesitate to call a technician to execute this task for you.

Otherwise following the guide above you should be able to replace the dimmer on your own.

Solution #6 Reset The Bulb

reset merkury bulb

If unfortunately, nothing worked out so far, then we suggest factory resetting your Merkury bulb.

The reset is also applicable whenever your bulb is flashing, so don’t worry if you’ve started the reset already.

Follow the instructions down below to learn how to reset a flashing Merkury bulb:

  1. Make sure your bulb is getting power.
  2. Flip the dimmer 4 times, until you see your bulb in Easy Mode (1 blink every 3 seconds).
  3. Flip the dimmer 2 times.
  4. The bulb has to indicate a successful reset for a short-termed rapid blinking.

If nothing helps, perhaps your Merkury bulb is due for a replacement.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know the meaning of all Merkury smart bulb flashing patterns, we hope you were able to resolve the problem with your smart device. It is nothing unusual for your bulb to blink.

Nicole B