merkury camera won't scan qr code

Merkury camera won’t scan QR code and you’re looking for a solution! Well, keep reading!

We all know that when pairing a smart camera to an application we need to scan the QR code which will appear on our mobile device’s screen.

The Merkury camera is no exception and whenever the scanning process won’t go through, we can’t finalize the pairing!

To make the Merkury camera scan the QR code you need to lower the brightness of your mobile device’s screen and hard reset the camera. Next, we can proceed with resetting the camera or checking whether the pairing would work from another device!

Before taking any action against the issue, keep reading the upcoming causes!

Why is Merkury Camera Not Scanning QR Code?

why the merkury camera won't scan qr code

Considering a large number of possibilities why the Merkury camera won’t be able to scan the QR code from the application.

In that regard, it’s best to first peek into ALL potential causes and only then proceed with addressing the issue. 

Here’s what might be preventing your Merkury camera from scanning the QR code:

  • Bad Angle Positioning
  • Smudgy Screen or Lens
  • OS-related Merkury Issue
  • Too Much Brightness
  • Too Small Mobile Screen

There are even more possibilities than that but instead of listing each of them individually, we’ve made sure to include everything in the guide below.

Now when knowing what you might be facing with your Merkury camera, let’s proceed with the troubleshooting guide!

Merkury Camera Won’t Scan QR Code – 1 Minute Fix

how to fix geeni camera wont scan

To be able to fix the issue as quickly as possible, it’s recommended that all readers follow each of the solutions in a chronological manner.

Also, take into consideration all of the important text, to prevent permanent data loss.

With this in mind, let’s jump into the first solution!

Solution #1 Scan The QR (Correctly)

The first and most important step is to perform the setup process correctly.

Assuming that you’ve reached the QR scanning part of the process, we’re going to catch up from there!

There is a strict set of requirements for scanning the QR code.

In order to attempt the scanning part of the process in the correct manner, start over and follow the steps below:

  1. Find an object to use (a table or a stool).
  2. Position the QR code (device’s screen) stationary!
  3. Position the Merkury camera to be stationary as well.
  4. The distance between the lens and the screen should be 6 – 7 inches.
  5. Wait for the entire process without moving both devices.

Sometimes the scanning might take up to 60 seconds, so be patient and avoid moving the Merkury camera and QR code.

In case the process still fails, keep reading!

Solution #2 Clean The Lens & Screen!

clean the lens

The reason why your Merkury camera is not able to scan the QR code from the mobile screen might be due to any obstruction.

When you take your camera out of the box, especially during winter you need to wait for some time, in order for the device to align with the temperature.

Otherwise, the lens might be smudgy or your mobile device’s screen could be cracked, smudgy, or in a way, impossible for the camera to scan.

This is why the most-easy thing to attempt is to simply wipe both the Merkury camera lens and your mobile device’s screen!


In order to perform your best next attempt at scanning the QR code, simply wipe the screen and camera lens with a microfiber cloth.

In addition, ensure that your smartphone screen or screen protector is not cracked or obstructing the entire surface of the QR code!

In case the screen and lens are appearing to be just well, continue with the next solution!

Solution #3 Lower The Brightness!

lower the brightness

As simple as it may sound, lowering the brightness of your mobile device’s screen might just be enough to help you solve the QR code scanning issue.

Too much brightness sometimes distorts the image that the camera lens is receiving, hence making the QR code unscannable.

  • To decrease the brightness on your device go to Settings > Display > Brightness!

When you’re ready, restart the Merkury camera setup process and check if the camera will be able to scan the QR code.

It’s only important to always follow the recommendations from  Solution #1 in order to be confident that you’re scanning the QR code in the right manner!

Tip: Test scanning the QR code with 30%, 50%, and 75% brightness!

Solution #4 Try Different Lines of Sight

try a different line of sight

The next step is to try scanning the QR code from a different angle, by simply changing the position of the smartphone.

Get to the QR code scanning part of the Merkury camera setup and try moving your smartphone to the left or to the right.

  • Test by moving the QR code away or closer to the camera lens!

Be sure to attempt at least 3 or 4 times, each of which, your smartphone (QR code) is at a different line of sight.

In case the process fails every time, no matter how far or how to left your screen is, then the culprit is probably somewhere else!

Let’s keep digging!

Solution #5 Soft-Reset The Camera

soft reset camera

In case nothing so far works and the Merkury Smart WiFi camera won’t scan QR code, it’s time to focus on the camera.

Sometimes the problem is not in our QR code (mobile device) and the reason why the process fails is simply due to a temporary camera operating system issue.

One of the fastest ways to resolve such issues is to simply power cycle the camera, which won’t delete any of the contents.

This process just targets to discharge the camera and refresh all services, which in most cases turns out to be helpful.

To power cycle, your Mercury camera, follow the steps below:

  1. Disconnect the camera from the Power Adapter.
  2. Remove the Power Adapter from the Electrical Outlet.
  3. Wait for at least 3 minutes for the camera to discharge.
  4. Reconnect the camera’s power equipment.
  5. Restart the setup process and scan the QR code.
Tip: Follow Solution #1 to correctly re-scan the QR code from the mobile device!

Solution #6 Use Another Device

try using another device

Before we go straight into resetting the Mekury camera, there is one more thing we need to check in order to avoid any data loss.

We can ask a friend or family member to borrow their smartphone in order to download the Geeni App and re-attempt scanning the QR code!

Try On a Bigger Screen!

If you’ve got a tablet, even better, test with a bigger screen. If not, well you can use any computer screen.

If you’re wondering how to acquire the Geeni app on your computer, the answer is BlueStacks. 

This is an emulator which will allow you to get mobile apps on your bigger computer screen and re-attempt to scan the QR code with your Mercury camera.

Downloading BlueStacks only takes a few minutes so it’s worth trying. In case you don’t want to, proceed with the final solution!

Solution #7 Factory Reset Camera

factory reset the camera

We did our best to avoid resetting the Mercury camera to default settings but when nothing else helped, this process is inevitable.

This is the very last thing you can attempt at home but be aware that ALL configurations and app settings will be erased.

Note: If you’ve got a MicroSD card in the Merkury camera, the contents won’t be deleted.

This is how to Factory Reset the Merkury camera in easy steps:

  1. Find the Reset button!
  2. Tap the Reset button for 6 seconds!
  3. Release when you hear the Voice Message.
  4. After a few minutes, the reset will be over.

You will be notified that the factory reset process is over and that the Mercury camera is in Setup Mode, follow-up voice message.

Once the Mercury camera is factory reset, follow everything you’ve learned in this guide and attempt to scan the QR code one last time!

Note: When you’re out of options, contact Merkury Innovations Support for more help!

Quick Recap:

Whenever the Merkury camera won’t scan QR code, first make sure that the mobile device’s screen is not cracked, which might obstruct the QR code.

The next step is to clean the lens and screen and try again before factory resetting the Merkury camera.

We will be glad if this post was helpful for you and for more content, follow us!

Nicole B