merkury camera sd card not found

Wondering why the Merkury camera SD card not found? It’s simple so keep reading!

The Merkury camera can record and save the footage for the users to review later only if the camera has a MicroSD card installed.

The most frequent problem that users experience is when the Merkury camera can’t recognize and utilize the MicroSD card.

Whenever the Mercury camera won’t detect the SD card we first need to re-insert the SD card and hard reset the camera. In case that doesn’t help, the MicroSD card might need to be formatted before utilizing the storage.

Let’s next check the correct way of installing a MicroSD card in the Merkury camera!

How to Install SD Card in Merkury Camera?

how install sd card

Before we jump into the solution methods, we first need to check whether the MicroSD card installation process has been successful.

This is why we’ve prepared a short list of steps to help you make sure that the MicroSD card is properly installed into the Mercury camera.


The Merkury camera has a MicroSD card port, which means that card extenders have to be removed before installation.

The MicroSD port is located near the microphone on the (head) of the Merkury camera, where you can insert up to a 128 GB MicroSD card.

Here’s how to correctly install a MicroSD card in the Merkury camera:

  1. Install the Geeni Camera Application.
  2. Sign in to your Account and pair the camera.
  3. Locate the MicroSD Card Port on the left side of the lens.
  4. Remove the protective cover.
  5. Using a naked MicroSD Card, push the card into the slot.
  6. Check the local storage in the Geeni Camera App.

In case the steps above didn’t work and the Merkury camera still won’t recognize the MicroSD card, perhaps there is a problem.

This is why we’ve created a guide to help you solve the issue!

How To Fix Merkury Camera SD Card Not Found?

how fix mercury camera

Now that we know how to properly install an SD card in your Mercury camera, it’s time to learn how to solve any surrounding problems.

There are not many possibilities that can prevent your camera from recognizing the SD card so let’s jump straight into the methods!

Method #1 Re-Insert the SD Card

The very first step against the SD card problem with your Merkury camera is to take the card out of the port and insert the card the correct way.

It’s important to handle the card gently since the port is quite fragile, especially when you apply too much pressure.

For better orientation, follow the steps below:

  1. Turn OFF the Merkury camera.
  2. Unplug the camera from the Power Outlet.
  3. Eject the MicroSD Card from the port.
  4. Inspect whether the SD card is clean.
  5. Insert the card gently into the MicroSD Port.
  6. Plug the device into the Power Outlet.
  7. Turn ON the Merkury camera.

Now that you’ve reinserted the MicroSD card on the Merkury camera, test whether you can access the card storage in the Geeni app.

If not, keep reading the next method!

Method #2 Hard Reset The Camera 

hard reset the camera

Sometimes the problem is with the Merkury camera and not with the inserted MicroSD card.

In case the storage is still not recognized in the application, we should Power Cycle the camera.

Power Circulation:

This process requires the user to unplug the Merkury camera from the Power Outlet for a minimum of 3 minutes.

This way the camera will be able to cool down and restart ALL services, which might finally enable and utilize the inserted MicroSD card.

Important: Avoid plugging your Merkury camera into power extenders and connect the device straight to the power outlet. 

Method #3 Format The MicroSD Card

format the sd card

If your MicroSD card is new, jump straight to the next solution!

In case you’re trying to utilize an old MicroSD card with unknown contents, the card should be formatted before being inserted into the Mercury camera.

There are a few ways to format an SD card and your Geeni app is not one of them since the camera does not recognize the card.

You can format a MicroSD card in a few ways:

  • Connect To a Computer (via SD card reader)
  • Use an Android Smartphone with a MicroSD port
  • Connect the SD Card to a Laptop with a MicroSD slot

It’s only important to format the MicroSD card to FAT or FAT 32 to avoid any operating system issues with the Mercury camera.

When the SD card is formatted, insert the card into the MicroSD port on your camera and check whether the local storage is now accessible.

Note: The format process could take up to 5 minutes so be patient.

Method #4 Inspect The Port 

The Mercury camera might not be able to recognize the MicroSD card because the port is obstructed or the card is dirty.

We’re mainly referring to any obstructions that might have accidentally accumulated on the card or in the MicroSD port of the camera.

inspect the port
  • Eject the MicroSD card and thoroughly inspect the camera’s port!

In case there is dirt, debris, or hair inside the MicroSD port, use a sharp object such as a toothpick to remove the obstruction.

Be extremely gentle and cautious when reaching in to prevent damaging the MicroSD port of your Mercury camera.

Tip: Wipe clean the MicroSD card as well!

Method #5 Unpair > Pair The Camera!

As a sibling in innovations, you can only control the Merkury camera through the Geeni app

This is why it’s important to remove and re-add the camera from the app to restore the functionality of the SD card.

If you’re unfamiliar with how this is done, follow the steps:

  1. Open the Geeni Mobile Application.
  2. From the Home Screen, select your Mercury Camera.
  3. Tap on Settings and Remove The Camera.
  4. Connect the Mercury Camera to a Power Outlet.
  5. Open the Geeni Application and tap on Add Device.
  6. Select your Mercury Camera Model.
  7. Connect your smartphone to the temporal mercury WiFi.
  8. Select your Home Network and insert the Password.

Once the Mercury camera is re-added to the Geeni application, check whether the SD card is now recognized.

In case the problem is persistent, scroll up and apply Method #1 again!

Method #6 System Reset The Camera

The ultimate and most powerful solution against MicroSD card issues is to Factory Reset the camera and format the SD card.

This process will disconnect the camera from the Geeni application but will not delete any of the recorded footage on the MicroSD card.

system reset camera

To Factory Reset the Geeni camera, hold the Reset Button for 5 seconds!

The reset might take up to 3 minutes, and when the process is complete re-add the camera to the Geeni app following Method #5.

Then re-insert the MicroSD card and check whether the card is now recognized. 

Note: The reset button is located on the right side near the speaker!

You might need to remove and re-add the camera to the Geeni app again, in case the SD card continues to be unrecognized.

Don’t forget to enable Motion Detection recording to start utilizing the SD card by acquiring the first pieces of footage.

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Merkury Camera SD Card Is Still Not Found!

the sd card still not found

In case you’ve attempted everything in the guide above and nothing managed to help, then there are two possibilities – the hardware issue with the camera or the SD card is faulty.

In order to understand what’s wrong, the best possible move would be to test the card in another device with a MicroSD port.

If your card works with another device, perhaps the issue is with the camera and vice versa.

Based on your findings, purchase a new MicroSD card or contact Mercury Innovations Support for more assistance.

Good luck!

Tip: Don’t forget to share what you’ve already tried to save as much time as possible!

Quick Recap:

When the Merkury camera SD card not found we need to re-insert the card from the MicroSD port and make sure that there are no obstructions.

In case that’s not enough to solve the issue, use a computer to format the SD card and Factory Reset the camera!

We hope that this guide was helpful and for more check our blog!

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