merkury camera won't reset

Sometimes your Merkury camera won’t reset, leaving you wondering what is going wrong.

After all, resetting is many times necessary to get rid of configurations that are not useful anymore.

When the Merkury camera fails to reset, you must first ensure you are performing the correct resetting steps. If that is not the issue, you can do the following: power cycle the camera/check its battery status (depending on the model), turn the router off and reset it offline, or update the firmware.

Below we will discuss each fixing method and when you should apply them. 

Merkury Camera Won’t Reset – Reasons

why the merkury camera wont reset

How to reset Merkury camera, especially when the common methods fail? If that is happening to your camera, then it means something wrong is going on.

Your device is certainly faulty in some manner. 

Thus, before resetting your camera, you must investigate the issue and fix it.

Of course, investigating the issue requires understanding what could have gone wrong.

The usual causes behind the issue are these:

Low Battery

It is common for some devices not to perform software changes when the battery reaches very low levels.

Firmware Issues

Perhaps the camera’s firmware is either corrupted or outdated. Such situations will prevent the camera from resetting.

Network Issues

a network issues

Here, it might be a mix of factors: the camera is connected to a network to which it is exchanging data, and the network is slow, so the data exchange is taking too long.

User Error

If you’ve lost your camera’s user guide and went looking online for a reset method, you might have applied the wrong one.

Hardware Issue

If there is no method you can apply to fix the camera and reset it works, then you must get in touch with Merkury.

Merkury Camera Not Resetting – How To Fix

Below you’ve seen the main causes behind the Merkury camera refusing to reset. You probably already have a good idea of what to do.

how fix merkury cam not resetting

However, we will still help you if you don’t know what you should do to fix the problem. 

Method #1: Ensure You Use The Correct Resetting Procedure

There are two ways you can apply to reset your Merkury Camera. They only vary in how much time you should hold the reset button.

The most common, recommended in the user guide, is this:

  1. Press the camera’s reset button;
  2. Hold it for 5 seconds;
  3. Once the camera is reset, a voice prompt will echo.

On the other hand, a hard reset approach will require you to hold the button for 25 seconds.

That is recommended by Merkury support staff when the first method doesn’t work.

Method #2: Power Cycle Your Camera

power cycle the camera

Many software and even hardware issues can be solved when you put your devices through a power cycle.

The same is true for the Merkury Camera (regardless of model). 

Power cycling means that the device will have some time to rest, and hopefully, that will make its hardware/software get back to work as it should.

  1. Unplug the camera from power and ensure it is off;
  2. Let it be that way for 5 minutes;
  3. Plug the camera back into power;
  4. Try resetting the camera again.

You could try a longer interval if a 5-minute power cycle does not work.

It could be more minutes or even leaving the camera alone for hours. 

Method #3: Check The Camera’s Battery

Merkury Camera models that use a battery might fail to reset when the battery is critically low.

Instead, some models will flash a light to indicate that the battery is low, or you can check its status from the app. 

However, if you are unsure of the device’s battery status, the best thing you can do is let it charge for a bit.

How To Check The Battery On The App

how check battery on app

If your camera model can be monitored through the Merkury Cam app or any other companion app, do the following:

  1. Open the app;
  2. Navigate to the camera’s settings;
  3. Find an option that lets you check the battery level;

If the battery is around 20%, that is very low.

Even though a phone, for example, can reset and perform updates with such a battery level, other devices require more battery.

So put your camera into charging and try resetting it later.

Note: Once you think the camera's been charged enough to perform a reset, you must try it.

Method #4: Turn Your Router Off

As discussed, the probable reason behind your camera’s failure might be that the network connection keeps the device hanging into an unfinished data exchange. 

turn the router off

When that happens, you can turn your router off. Do the following:

  1. Find your router’s power button;
  2. Press it until all lights go out;
  3. Now try resetting the Merkury camera again;
  4. If successful, turn your router back on.

The above is the only method that will work in such a situation. However, if you think about cutting the connection from the camera, for example, that is not feasible.

The reason is simple: cutting the connection to the network requires resetting the camera.

Method #5: Update The Camera’s Firmware

A classic issue with nowadays devices is that the firmware is either corrupted or outdated. 

Usually, each situation gives place to a different trouble.

But, regularly, outdated firmware should not prevent you from resetting the device, only from connecting it to other devices.

Even so, it is worth a shot to update the firmware when the device fails to reset. 

How To Update The Merkury Camera’s Firmware

how update camera firmware

Updating your Merkury Camera will require it to be connected to its companion app.

Sometimes that will be the Merkury Cam app or the Geeni app (remember Merkury owns Geeni, and some Merkury devices will work in the Geeni app).

  1. Open the app;
  2. Find the list of devices;
  3. Click on the camera that you want to update;
  4. Click the three dots or additional options showing up;
  5. Choose “Firmware update” or “Check for firmware update”;
  6. Choose to update the device if an update is available.
Note: More than fixing issues, updating the firmware will also enhance your device's capabilities, so it is a full win/win scenario.

Method #6: Buy Another USB Cable/Power Adapter

Many Merkury cameras work only when connected to a power source. In that case, let’s suppose your camera has recently started malfunctioning in some aspects.

And then, when you try to reset it, it simply refuses to do it.

buy an another usb cable

Two possibilities can explain the situation. The first one is terrible: your camera has defective hardware and must be repaired/changed. 

However, the second alternative is easy to handle: the power adapter is not delivering power correctly and cutting processes all the time.

Test To See What Is Defective

Buying the correct replacement depends on which part has gone defective.

Merkury cameras usually plug into a power source via a USB cable that connects to a plug with two prongs. 

You can do a bit of testing:

  • Try a different USB cable and see if now all the camera’s functions are re-established;
  • Try a different adapter at the end that connects to the power source;
  • Try an entirely different system (different USB cable and power adapter).

Once you finish testing, you will have your answer. 

What To Buy

what should you buy

Fortunately, it is very easy to find replacement USB cables and power adapters.

If you buy a whole new set, check the camera’s box or manual to know the amperage needed.

You must buy a compatible model if all you need is a new USB cable. Most Merkury cameras still use standard USB 2.0. 

However, you must check if your camera is a recent model and uses USB-C, a better standard for charging. The industry has started shifting towards it. 

What We Learned

Sometimes the Merkury camera won’t reset. When that happens, you can try a plethora of solutions to get the camera back into its working status.

The guide above covers all the methods you can try at home. However, remember that if your camera is still under warranty, you can message Merkury support.

Nicole B