how to use merkury camera without wifi

Wondering how to use Merkury camera without WiFi? Let’s find out in the guide!

No wonder Merkury security cameras are one of the most popular brands among users, not just because of their low price, but also because of their mind-blowing functionality.

It is possible to use Merkury cameras without connecting to WiFi so you can monitor or record footage remotely.

There are various methods of connecting cameras without WiFi, such as SD card recording, Ethernet cable connection, or cellular hotspot internet.

Let’s next unwrap some more information about using Merkury cameras without WiFi.

Can Merkury Cameras Work Without WiFi?

can merkury camera work without wifi

A Merkury smart camera can be used with or without a WiFi connection, but the only difference is the accessibility of features.

In the absence of a WiFi connection, Merkury cameras work properly, but they cannot record or provide remote footage. 

  • SD cards work great for recording and storing Merkury camera footage!

As an alternative to remote footage and recording, you can record locally and store the footage on SD cards.

The footage can then easily be viewed and accessible by inserting the SD card into a computer or later when you’re finally connected to the WiFi.

The Conclusion?

Yes, Merkury cameras can work perfectly without WiFi!

Note: It is important to note that not every Merkury camera has an SD card slot in it!

How To Use Merkury Camera Without WiFi? (microSD)

how to use merkury without wifi (mircosd)

We are now moving next to discuss the step-by-step guide that you have to implement in the same way to use your Merkury camera without connecting to WiFi.

Keep in mind to use the camera without WiFi, you must have a microSD card to store the recordings!

Important Note:

It’s important to check your camera’s compatibility with the microSD cards since not all Merkury cameras have microSD slots.

In case your camera does not have a microSD card slot, skip the steps and jump into the next section to find an alternative.

Step #1 Insert a microSD Card

insert a microsd card

Before inserting the card, we recommend you check your camera’s manual for the steps to insert the card into the microSD port of the camera.

Since different models have different specifications and settings, you’ll need to locate the microSD port and remove the cover!

Note: On some camera models, the microSD port cover has to be unscrewed!

Step #2 Turn On The Camera!

You must make sure that your Merkury camera works properly and is powered on. If it is off, you cannot view or configure the camera footage.

Moreover, if it is already powered on, restart it by turning it off for a while and then back on to re-establish the connection.

Step #3 Configure The Settings

configure the settings

After inserting the MicroSD card into the camera, you need to set up the camera settings to configure the camera’s local storage and SD card.

Before you start, be sure that the Merkury camera is already set up in the Geeni app, otherwise, you can’t reach into the settings.

Here is how to configure the camera settings for the USB card:

  1. Open the Geeni Smart App.
  2. Navigate to its Settings.
  3. Look for the Storage Option in the settings menu.
  4. Tap on Storage and select the USB card.
  5. Next format the card if a prompt appears.
  6. Confirm and Save your camera settings.

Once you are done setting up the camera settings, then move on to the next step!

Step #4 Test The Camera Recordings!

test the camera recordings

As you set up the camera settings properly with the USB card settings, it will automatically start streaming live footage in the Geeni app and store recordings on the card.

Without WiFi, you’ll have several different ways of configuring the local recordings of your Merkury camera:

  1. Record continuously (24/7), and overlap old footage to free space.
  2. Record only on motion detection in front of the camera’s lens.
  3. Record only upon area intrusion event or crossing line event.

The recordings will be local and will not require WiFi to be captured and securely saved into the SD card in the camera.

However, to view the recordings later you’ll have two options – with WiFi through the application or without WiFi by using a computer SD card reader.

Note: The footage recorded on the SD card can be viewed on any device that supports a microSD slot.

Use Merkury Camera Without WiFi – Alternate Ways!

In case your Merkury camera doesn’t have a microSD port but you still want to use the camera without WiFi, well we’ve got you covered.

We’ve prepared 3 entirely different methods that will help you make the most out of your camera without connecting the device to the WiFi.

Let’s get started!

Method #1 Use An Ethernet Cable

ethernet cable usage

It is not a bad idea to connect your device to the network via an Ethernet cable. If your camera doesn’t support the microSD card, then this is the best possible workaround.

Nowadays, it’s rare not to have a network router in our home, but if that’s the case, check the next method.

In case you’ve got a long-enough Ethernet cable, you only need to plug it into an enabled ethernet port (yellow port) on your router. Then reach the camera and plug the ethernet cable into the one and only internet port.

This way your Merkury camera will instantly be connected and you’ll be able to use the application to manage all settings without being connected to the WiFi!

Method #2 Use A Mobile Hotspot

use a mobile hotspot

Using a mobile hotspot to connect to the network to Merkury cameras is an alternative and simple way, such as connecting to the WiFi.

Nowadays, our mobile operators provide unlimited internet access, meaning that we can confidently share a hotspot and connect the camera!

Here is how to connect the Merkury camera to a mobile hotspot:

  1. Navigate to your mobile Settings.
  2. Look for a Personal Hotspot.
  3. Set the Password and toggle ON the feature!
  4. Open the Geeni Smart app on your mobile.
  5. Connect the Merkury camera to the hotspot.
  6. Tap on your camera to check for the live streaming.

A strong WiFi connection is always the best choice for a better experience. Streaming on mobile data will cause issues, especially when you’re getting away from the camera.

At some point, it will simply disconnect so don’t rely on your hotspot for serious monitoring purposes. 

Method #3 Setup A Wired Connection!

setup a wired connection

If your camera doesn’t have a microSD card slot or even an Ethernet port, but there is a USB port available, you can stream your camera’s footage without using WiFi.

Simply use a USB connection to connect the camera to any computer via an ordinary USB cable!

Take a USB cable and connect one end to a computer or mobile device and another end to a camera USB port and then stream the camera feed to your device.

From there you can install additional software to record and accomplish any tasks without using WiFi at all.

Before concluding, let’s first answer the most frequently asked question!

Do ALL Merkury Cameras Work Without WiFi?

Merkury cameras have so many features, but there is a limitation: not all models have a microSD card slot.

Well, we’ve learned a couple of other ways to achieve correct operation without WiFi, but without an SD card as well, some of the tasks will be challenging. 

do all merkury cameras work without wifi

For Example, Merkury outdoor cameras always require a WiFi connection to access features such as motion detection.

Therefore, it is important to review your camera specifications from the product manual to get a proper understanding of what your product can’t and can do! 

Tip: For more help, feel free to contact Merkury Innovations Support!
Quick Recap:

If you don’t know how to use Merkury camera without WiFi, this guide shows that it’s possible via microSD card, Ethernet cable, or a hotspot from our mobile.

The only requirements are the availability of the necessary ports on your Mercury camera!

We hope that this guide was useful and for more Merkury camera content, check our blog!

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