maytag washer stops at spin cycle

Don’t know why your Maytag washer stops at spin cycle? Well, we got you covered!

Maytag washers are a popular choice among users due to their high quality and efficiency. However, most users run into problems, especially when the washer stops spinning during the spin cycle.

So, if you’re having the same problem, don’t worry; this guide will come in handy. 

The Maytag washer will stop the spin cycle in case of an overloaded drum, incorrect spin settings, drainage issues, and a defective lid switch.

There are many other factors such as the drive belt, the lid switch, and the water supply connection so an inspection is needed.

Let’s get started troubleshooting your washer!

How To Fix When Maytag Washer Stops At Spin Cycle?

how to fix when maytag washer stops at spin cycle

Quick Tip:

Turn off your washer and wait up to 5 minutes because sometimes when the washer motor becomes overheated or the washer experiences a power outage, it simply stops.

This is the typical restoration time so you can read the entire guide in the meantime!

1. Unload the Maytag Washer!

One of the most common causes why Maytag not spinning is when overloaded with clothing!

If you put heavy and large clothing in your washer, it will collect on one side and cause a jam that’ll cause the washer to slow down or stop spinning.

unload the maytag washer

All you need to do is redistribute or remove some clothes from your washer to balance the drum and run a spin cycle again!

Simply turn OFF the unit, open the washer lid, and take out some clothing items from the unit drum. Then evenly distribute the remaining items in the drum and be sure there is enough space for the clothes to move freely.

Reminder: Don’t forget to securely close the lid and make sure that you’ve selected the correct cycle and spin settings.

2. Change the Cycle Settings

Next, check your washer’s cycle and spin settings because different clothing requires different cycle and spin periods, and maybe you have configured it incorrectly.

If necessary, test whether the Maytag washer will start spinning with a different setting than the current one!

change the cycle settings
  • All Maytag washer settings are explained in the user manual!

When you’re sure that the washer load is balanced and that you’ve set an appropriate setting for the water temperature, wash, and spinning cycle, perform a test.

In case the machine stops and does nothing when the spin cycle comes up, then proceed with the next step in the guide!

3. Check the Water Supply!

Maytag washers require a constant water supply throughout the cycle, so it is possible that your washer is not receiving water from the inlet valve.

If that’s true, then this is the reason why the Maytag washer stops before spin cycle and waits for the washer tub to fill before continuing.

check the water supply
  • All you have to do is to inspect the washer and main water supply inlet valve!

Here is how to inspect the water supply to the Maytag washer:

  1. Ensure that the Maytag appliance is turned off and disconnected.
  2. First, check if the water supply valve behind the washer is open. 
  3. Next, inspect the water inlet valve connected to your washer.
  4. Disconnect it from the washer and look for any kinks or twists.
  5. If the inlet valve is clogged, then unclog it by rinsing and cleaning.
  6. Optional: do a water pressure test to ensure that it is fine.
  7. Lastly, run a wash cycle and check for the washer to spinning!

In case your Maytag washer continues to stop at the spin cycle, continue reading!

4. Inspect the Washer’s Pump!

inspect the washer's pump

During the spin cycle, the washer has to drain the collected water multiple times from the tub via a drain pump.

If there is no problem with the inlet valve, the issue could be in the drain pump, which is preventing the washer from draining water and causing the unit to stop.

Here is how to check the Maytag washer drain pump:

  1. Unplug the washer from the power source.
  2. Get access to the washer’s bottom area.
  3. Then unscrew the rear panel of the washer. 
  4. Locate the drain pump of the washer.
  5. Disconnect the wires connected to a drain pump.
  6. Disconnect the clamps from the pump using a plier.
  7. Inspect the drain pump for any clogs or debris.

If you notice any clogs, then try clearing them using tweezers, pliers, or a small brush. Then manually rotate the drain pump to check if it moves freely.

This will provide you with a general idea of how healthy the pump is and whether you would need a replacement.

Tip: Use a Multimeter to measure the pump’s Continuity!

5. Examine the Door Latch

examine the door latch

The door latch of every appliance plays a very important role in its performance.

If your washer door latch is defective or loose you will experience Maytag front load washer problems spin cycle.

Well, the solution is simple and you only need to check the washer door latch for defects!

Here is how to inspect the Maytag washer door latch:

  1. Power off the washer and open the machine’s door.
  2. Locate the door latch from where the door or lid locks.
  3. Inspect for physical damage, such as cracks or breakage
  4. Optional: Clean the door latch using a cloth or brush.
  5. Close the door and ensure it is aligned and latching.
  6. Slowly and firmly press the washer door against the latch.
  7. If you notice any damage, you need to replace the door latch.
Note: None of the Maytag washer cycles would work when the latch is not working!

6. Test the Washer Lid Switch!

test the washer lid switch

The next thing you should look at is your Maytag washer lid switch. The lid switch is a safety feature that signals the washer’s main control to begin the spinning cycle.

Maybe your washer lid switch is faulty and is not properly signaling the main control to continue spinning.

To begin with, disconnect the washer from the power source, open the washer door and locate the lid switch near the door latch.

Then, check if the switch is properly engaging when the lid is closed and try clicking on the switch actuator using a screwdriver.

Continuity Test:

Next, perform a continuity test using a multimeter. For the test, disconnect the wiring harness from the lid switch and connect it to the multimeter probes.

If the multimeter doesn’t show a continuity for the lid switch or the actuator does not clicks, you would need a replacement.

Note: Ensure that the lid switch wiring harness has no damage and is in working condition!

7. Check the Washer Drive Belt

check the washer drive belt

If you’ve checked all of the above components and your washer is still not spinning, the problem is most likely with the washer drive belt, which isn’t supporting the drum properly during the spin cycle.

Don’t worry, you only need to check the drive belt, which can be done quickly.

Here is how to check the Maytag washer drive belt:

  1. Unplug the appliance from the power supply.
  2. Then tilt down the washer on a hard surface.
  3. Remove the safety sheet from the rear panel.
  4. Disconnect the water hoses from the washer.
  5. Find the drive belt connecting the motor to the transmission.
  6. Disconnect the drive belt using a flathead screwdriver.
  7. Check the belt for signs of wear, damage, or looseness
  8. Try pressing the belt with your finger to check the tension. 
  9. Proceed accordingly:
  • If the belt appears worn or damaged or is loose, replace it.
  • In case the belt is looking just well, reassemble the machine

When you’re done, connect the water hoses back to the unit, then put the safety sheets back on and put the washer in the upright position.

Only then, run a spin cycle to test and determine!

One More Thing!

Make sure to also check the motor coupling (three-piece device) that will be made of rubber and plastic, and check if it is worn out or in good condition.

Need More Help?

contact local supplier

In case your Maytag washer simply stops during a spin cycle even after attempting all of the steps in this guide, perhaps the machine is defective.

The best option would be to contact the local supplier for detailed instructions on how to claim your warranty so good luck!

Quick Recap:

If your Maytag washer stops at spin cycle, make sure that the drum is not overloaded, check the cycle and spin settings, and inspect the inlet valve.

In case the issue persists, test the door latch switch, and check the drive belt and motor coupling.

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