maytag top load washer not spinning clothes dry

Your Maytag Top Load washer not spinning clothes dry and you’re wondering why? 

A Maytag Top Load washer will not only wash your clothes but will also dry them with the spinning of the drum.

If the mechanism of your Maytag isn’t working, there are quite a few things to attempt and we’ve managed to present all working solutions without technical steps!

When a Maytag Top Load washer appliance does not spin the clothes dry, start by sorting out the clothes inside of the drum and unjamming them.

After that, perform a test wash without any clothes, then check the lid switch and factory reset your Maytag device!

Let’s continue to unwrap!

Why Maytag Top Load Washer Won’t Spin?

Many things could be preventing your Maytag Top Load washer from spinning.

The issue could be caused by the number of clothes inside the main wash compartment, all the way to HW, and software problems with the appliance.

why maytag top load washer won't spin

Here are the causes that most frequently prevent your washer from spinning:

  1. The ‘main wash’ compartment is overfilled with unbalanced clothes
  2. There’s an issue in the Maytag Top Load’s washing settings
  3. A software or functionality issue with the Maytag washer
  4. A power problem with the Maytag washer is preventing spinning
  5. A malfunction or hardware fault with the washer’s lid switch
  6. Clothes are getting stuck to the drum of the Maytag washer
Note: Keep in mind that the things that could prevent your Maytag washer from spinning could also impact other aspects of the device’s hardware!

Maytag Top Load Washer Not Spinning Clothes Dry – Fixed!

Read This First!

Make sure that your washer is connected to a secure power outlet and the power adapter is properly plugged in.

If a short circuit or power issue has impacted the hardware of the washer, it’s best to contact Maytag for more assistance!

Let’s start with the solutions for your washer!

1. Unjam/Even Out the Clothes!

unjam or even out the clothes

If the clothes inside your washer are too many or are unbalanced, the spinning mechanism of the dryer may not activate.

To make sure that your washer is not obstructed from spinning in any way, even out the clothes inside of the washer and balance them out perfectly.

Tip: Take out some of the clothes you’ve placed inside of the washer until they fill half of the washer’s hull.

How to Balance Clothes?

Make sure that none of the clothes got stuck somewhere in the gaps internally of the washer.

Push down the clothes pile until all of the clothes seem on an equal level, close the lid, and press the start/pause button to check if your washer will now spin.

Note: You may have to wait for a bit before the washer gets to the spinning and drying part of the washing cycle.

2. Power Cycle the Maytag Washer

power cycle the maytag washer

Another easy solution for spinning issues with your Maytag washer is the power cycle.

It’s a standard way to discharge the power from your washer in a matter of minutes and get all of the clothes inside spinning and drying up again!

Follow these instructions to power cycle your Maytag washer:

  1. Unplug the device from the electrical outlet.
  2. Hold the start/pause button for 60 seconds.
  3. Reconnect the adapter of the device to power.
  4. Press the start/pause button again and test.
Note: Make sure you’ve perfectly evened out the clothes inside of the washer’s drum so that they cover the floor of the main washer compartment entirely.

3. Adjust the Maytag Spin Setting

adjust the maytag spin setting

The spin setting of some Maytag Top Load washers allows for regulations of the RPM at your drum works.

The standard setting for optimal cleaning, spinning, and drying afterward is from 1200 rpm up to 1400 rpm to prevent the soft fabric from being damaged.

  • The speed regulation key is on the most-left side of the panel on your Maytag!

Acclimate the Spin Setting to your Clothes!

For example, setting too high rpm on clothes that are soft and can be easily ripped by the turbulence of the drum is not recommended.

The thicker sheets, clothes, or other fabrics you put into the drum of your washer, the higher the rpm must be!

Note: If you’ve started the wash cycle on a higher RPM than 1400, press the start/pause button on the Maytag to deactivate the cycle.

4. Activate the Wash Cycle with No Clothes

activate the wash cycle with no clothes

To test if the clothes are preventing your Maytag washer from spinning, try activating a wash cycle with no clothes inside the washer.

You don’t have to wait for the entire wash cycle, but just to check if the device will spin when there are no unbalanced clothes inside.

  • Take out all clothes from the Maytag device and press the start/pause buttons
Info: If your Maytag Top Load washer is already running or trying to run, press the start/pause buttons twice. 

This will reboot the washing cycle and restart the spinning.

5. Adjust the Washing Settings

adjust the washing setting

The settings define the way of operation for your Maytag washer. If set improperly, the spinning may cease, and also an onset of issues could occur with the device.

To make sure that you’ve adjusted all of the settings correctly, we will go through the individual setting for each slider.

Alert: Before we configure any of the settings, verify that no wash cycle is activated currently. 

You will be unable to configure any of the wash settings if the washer is working at the moment!

Configuring the Wash Settings:

Aside from the spin setting on your Maytag washer, there are other settings that you must adjust before activating the test wash.

Your Maytag washer has settings for all types of clothes and sheets that will perfectly clean the clothes without damaging them!

Here’s a table displaying appropriate settings during a test wash!

wash settings
Soil LevelFor testing purposes, set to “Regular
Wash TempFor testing purposes, set to “Cool
Rinse OptionsFor testing purposes, set to “1 rinse
Water LevelFor testing purposes, set to “Auto sensing
Washing StyleSet to “Normal
Tip: Configure the settings accordingly with the table only to test whether the washer will spin!

6. Clean the Drain Hose

One of the reasons that your Maytag washer won’t spin and won’t dry is a clogged drain hose.

If the hose of your washer gets clogged by lint or debris, the water machine will be unable to drain water since no liquid will be able to bypass the blockage.

clean the drain hose
  • A blocked hose can often result in the drum leaking and water puddles!

What to Use When Cleaning a Drain Hose?

The absolute best way to clean a drain hose and unblock it from any clogs and debris is to use a fish wire.

The small wire allows for access deep into the hose and would also pull out the entire blockage of solid debris if one is clogging the drain.

How to Clean Maytag Washer Drain Hose?

  1. Undo the hose from the back of your dishwasher.
  2. Insert the fish wire deep into the drain hose.
  3. Begin to pull and push the wire in and out.
  4. Perform circular movements to collect all debris.
  5. Take out the fish wire, clean it, and repeat.
Note: Remove the debris stuck on the fish wire after each insert so you can thoroughly collect the obstructions.

7. Factory Reset the Maytag Washer

If the Maytag washer still refuses to spin, then it’s time for a factory reset.

factory reset the maytag washer

By resetting your washer, you will erase all wash cycle settings along with any functionality issues causing the drum not to spin properly or not to spin entirely.

Here’s how to perform a factory reset on your washer easily:

  1. Remove the plug of the washer from the electrical outlet.
  2. Reconnect the adapter of your washer to power.
  3. Lift and close the lid of the washer 6 times in 12 seconds.
  4. Run a test load to finalize the factory reset.
Alert: It is important to open and close the lid of the washer up to 6 times in 12 seconds to properly trigger the factory reset!

Quick Recap:

We’ve learned that when a Maytag Top Load washer not spinning clothes dry, the best solution is to power cycle the device and check the spinning settings.

In case that doesn’t help, run a wash cycle without any clothes and perform a factory restoration!

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