marshall speaker won't turn on

Your Marshall speaker won’t turn on and there are no signs that the device is powered on!

This is a problem that has been confusing many Marshall speaker owners and today, we will unwrap the problem by going through the best-working solutions for your speaker!

When a Marshall speaker refuses to turn on, begin by pressing the power button with more force than usual.

If that didn’t work either, check the charging cable of the Marshall speaker, re-charge the device and if necessary, perform a factory reset.

Let’s keep unwrapping!

Why Is My Marshall Speaker Not Turning On?

One of the primary reasons that cause a Marshall speaker not to turn on is bad charging! 

why is my marshall speaker not turning on

However, here are all possible reasons why Marshall speakers are not turning on:

  1. There is a problem with the Marshall speaker’s charging port
  2. There’s debris in the mechanism of the speaker’s power button
  3. Your Marshall has not been charged to full battery capacity
  4. Your Marshall speaker could be already running without any signs
  5. There’s a fatal hardware/software issue with the Marshall speaker

How Do I Turn On My Marshall Speaker?

To determine if the speaker really has an issue, we must correct the way you’re turning on the device.

It is possible that your Marshall speaker model may be turned on in a different way or you’re pressing an incorrect button by any chance.

  • To turn on your Marshall, pull and hold the POWER LEVER toward the front
Note: As an indication that your Marshall speaker has successfully started up, a sound should play and the LEDs should all light up.

Marshall Speaker Won’t Turn On7 Working Solutions!

Tip: To quickly resolve the issue with your Marshall speaker, follow our solutions in order!

1. Forcefully Press the Power Button!

forcefully press the power button

It is possible that the power button of your Marshall speaker got stuck or has been damaged internally, so pressing it must be done with a little bit more force.

Especially if you’ve used the speaker for a long time now, carrying it around could cause dust accumulation in the button.

  • Press and hold the power button for at least 10 seconds to turn on the speaker!
Note: Apply more force than you would usually do to make sure that the power button goes all the way down and activates the pressure plate.

2. Charge the Marshall Speaker

charge the marshall speaker

The primary reason that your Marshall speaker would refuse to turn on is due to a charging issue with the device.

First of all, we must ensure that the Marshall speaker has been charged to an operational battery level, where the device can be turned on and work for a while.

How to Charge a Marshall Speaker?

  1. Connect the adapter end of the charging equipment to a power source.
  2. Locate the power port on your speakers and plug in the charging cable.
  3. Wait for at least 25-30 minutes while the Marshall speaker is charging.

Important Mention:

Verify that the power equipment of your Marshall speaker has been properly connected. If there are loose connections, the charging of the speaker could be interrupted.

If you’ve left the speaker to charge with the charging cable connected improperly, the device will not turn on!

3. Clean the Charging Port

clean the charging port

It is possible that the charging cable of your Marshall speaker is not going all the way in.

To resolve that type of problem, we recommend thoroughly cleaning the charging port on the device using household materials, to eliminate any dust accumulation or hair that is inside!

Here’s how to clean the charging port of the speaker:

  1. Acquire an ear stick with a little bit of rubbing alcohol.
  2. Drip the stick into rubbing alcohol until it is slightly wet.
  3. Insert the ear stick into the charging port of the speaker.
  4. Perform circular movements to collect any debris inside.
  5. Optional: use a new ear stick if there’s still debris left.
Note: If the ear stick is too thick to go into the charging port, remove some of the cottons so it matches the port’s opening in size.

4. Check the Bluetooth Connection

check the bluetooth connection

The Bluetooth connection of your Marshall speaker may deceive you into thinking that the device is not turning on, while it is already connected to your phone or another receiver.

On some Marshall speakers, there could be little to no signs that the speaker is actually working.

  • Go into Settings > Bluetooth on your phone to check if the speaker is connected!

How to Connect a Marshall Speaker to Bluetooth?

If your Marshall speaker is working, it can be connected in the following way:

  1. Access the settings of your mobile device.
  2. Navigate into the “Bluetooth” tab.
  3. Go to “Discoverable Devices”.
  4. Look for “MARSHALL” or something similar.

You then need to toggle OFF the Bluetooth on your device to presumably disconnect the Marshall speaker. Then test pressing the power button to test whether the device will turn on!

Note: The name of the Marshall speaker could appear as the model number in the settings of your phone for easier orientation.

5. Trigger a Software Reset on the Speaker

trigger a software reset on the speaker

Triggering a reset on the Marshall speaker is possible, even when the device is not turned on or running.

To reset the speaker, you must hold a specific combination of buttons on the top panel for a couple of seconds and the speaker should go into reset mode by itself.

  • Connect the speaker to the charger before attempting to reset it!

Follow these steps to trigger a software reset on your Marshall speaker:

  1. Locate the SINGLE/MULTI MODE button on the speaker.
  2. Press the SOURCE knob and SINGLE/MULTI button.
  3. Keep holding both of the buttons for 7 up to 10 seconds.
  4. Wait for the Marshall speaker’s indicators to blink.
  5. Let go of the buttons and wait for the factory reset.
Alert: Your Marshall speaker may reset for up to 60 seconds and in that time, you must not interact with the device in any way.

6. Plug the Speaker into a Different Outlet

plug the speaker into a different outlet

The charging process of your Marshall speaker could fail if the charging cable was inserted into a faulty power source.

To determine if your Marshall speaker really is receiving charge and working properly, you must connect the device to an alternative electrical outlet.

  • Connect the Marshall speaker only in proven-to-work electrical outlets!

How to Test an Electrical Outlet?

To test if the outlet you’ve plugged the speaker in is functional, try charging your phone through the very same outlet.

Use your mobile device’s charging cable that you know works and connect the phone to the power outlet to test whether the outlet is operational.

Note: Avoid plugging your Marshall speakers into power dividers, strips, or any smart plugs!

7. Examine the Charging Equipment

examine the charging equipment

If the charging equipment of your Marshall speaker is faulty, the device’s battery will not charge no matter how long you keep it plugged in.

Our next step is to determine if there’s an improper connection in the charging equipment of your speaker and correct any errors!

Things to Check When Charging Marshall Speaker

  • Verify that the adapter is plugged into your speaker securely
  • Verify that the power adapter is plugged into the electrical outlet
  • Check if the charger sits in an unnatural position or is damaged

How to Detect a Faulty Charger?

Some obvious signs when inspecting your Marshall speaker’s charger are a broken adapter head, rips or cuts on the cable, or a broken speaker connector.

If you’ve been using the charging cable with too much force, you may have damaged the component.

Note: If your Marshall speaker’s charging cable is faulty, replace it with a brand-new one!

Still Having Issues?

If you still cannot get your Marshall speaker to startup, then it’s time to contact Marshall Support for further assistance.

call marshall customer service

It seems that the problem with your speaker may be worse than expected and the best course of action would be to seek some professional help:

  • Contact Marshall’s support by dialing +44(0)1908 375411
  • Contact Marshall’s support by emailing a
Note: Emailing Marshall may take up to a day to receive your feedback and an answer!

Quick Recap:

Today we’ve learned that the solution to the “Marshall speaker won’t turn on” problem is to verify that the speaker is charging and reset the device.

If you’re still having trouble, clean the charging port of the device and hard-press the power button.

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