marshall speaker connected but no sound

Is your Marshall speaker connected but no sound? That’s a natural problem with Marshall speakers that could sometimes occur if the device is experiencing temporary problems.

Keep reading with us further, to learn all about the solutions and causes of the issue!

When a Marshall speaker is connected to your phone but there’s no sound, reboot the device and make sure its battery is charged to the max.

If the problem persists, forget and re-add the speaker to your mobile device and then factory reset the Marshall.

Let’s dig deeper!

Why Is Marshall Bluetooth Speaker Connected But No Sound?

marshall bluetooth speaker connected but no sound

Marshall certainly offers one of the best Bluetooth speakers in the wireless speaker world that also comes with crystal clear and loud sound!

When the speaker is connected, but the audio output is gone, we could totally exclude the possibility that your speaker has gone faulty!

Let’s review the common causes of the issue with your Marshall speaker:

  1. There’s a problem with the Bluetooth pairing
  2. The volume level of the speaker/device is reduced
  3. Your Marshall speaker has been muted
  4. A problem with the software of the speaker
  5. Your paired device is too far away from Marshall
  6. There’s a problem with the played audio/song

Try This First!

In order for your Marshall speaker to support wireless connectivity (Bluetooth) appropriately, it must be as close as possible to the paired device.

Place the speaker next to your phone and check if the audio output will be restored.

  • The Marshall speaker must be at least 5 meters from your paired device!

Marshall Speaker Connected But No Sound 8 Ways to Fix!

Tip: Follow the solutions in consecutive order!

1. Power the Speaker OFF/ON

power the speaker off and on

Your Marshall speaker could be going through temporal power issues that are having an impact on the audio output.

To resolve this problem, restart the Bluetooth speaker with the in-built power button and then re-add it to your mobile device or smartphone.

Here’s how to power off your Marshall speaker:

  1. Locate the power button on the top (could be on the most-left with some models).
  2. Press and hold the button for 3-5 seconds.
  3. Wait for the speaker to completely turn off (all LEDs should go out).
  4. Turn on the speaker by pressing the power button again.
  5. Pair the speaker with your mobile device and test.
Tip: After pairing the speaker to your phone, play audio from a different source to check if the issue was with the played sound from your pairing device!

2. Check the Volume Level

check the volume level

A major factor we must check is the volume level of your speaker and paired Bluetooth device.

You could increase the volume of the speaker from both your phone, tablet or other Bluetooth device and from the speaker itself!

How to Check Volume Level On Marshall Speaker?

  • The volume on your Marshall speaker is increased by turning the Volume button

On the top of the speaker, you will see the following buttons:

  • BASS

Info: Turn the volume button towards the right in order to increase the volume!

How to Check Volume Level On Paired Device?

  • Press the “Volume +” button on the side of the paired Bluetooth device
Alert: Make sure that you’re playing music or audio while increasing the volume to recognize the speaker’s output!

4. Switch the Speaker’s Mode

switch the speaker's mode

Marshall speakers generally have two functionality modes – the Single Mode and the Multi-Mode. 

Single Mode – Used for streaming the output audio individually on each speaker

Multi-Mode – Streaming the same output of audio but on multiple Marshall speakers

Info: If you’ve activated “Multi-Mode” with only one Marshall speaker added, there could be a problem with the audio output!

How to Switch Marshall Speaker Functionality Mode

Press the small “Mode” button on the left of the Volume button once to revert to “Single Mode” or press it twice to switch it to “Multiple Mode”.

Alert: Use “Multi-Mode” only when you have multiple Marshall speakers added to an audio system!

4. Charge the Marshall Speaker

charge the marshall speaker

Even if the Marshall speaker’s hardware functions, it is possible that the internal battery is running out and the device can no longer produce sound, that is until recharged.

Connect your Marshall speaker to the charger and let it gather power for at least 30-60 minutes.

  • Connect the Marshall speaker to the charger and wait until it is charged

How Long Do Marshall Speakers Take to Charge?

A larger (party) Marshall speaker could take up to 3 hours to completely refill its battery.

That’s only natural as the size of the speaker is proportional to how much time the device must be plugged in with a charger, to completely recharge its internal battery.

5. Forget & Re-Add the Speaker

forget and readd the speaker

If the problem is in the Bluetooth connection, the quickest way to solve the problem is to forget and then re-add the speaker from your mobile device’s software.

All smartphones nowadays have the feature to memorize Bluetooth connections, once they’ve paired once to them!

How to Forget and Re-Add on Android:

  1. Launch the Settings.
  2. Navigate into “Bluetooth”.
  3. Scroll to “Remembered Networks”.
  4. Find the Marshall speaker connection.
  5. Press the “Options” or “Info” button.
  6. Choose “Forget this Device”.

How to Forget and Re-Add on iOS:

  1. Enter Settings and tap “Bluetooth”.
  2. Locate the Marshall speaker network.
  3. Press the “i” (info) button on the most-right.
  4. Scroll down and choose the blue “Forget this Device” button.
Note: To re-add the speaker, head into the “Bluetooth” tab on your device and locate the speaker’s connection under the “Discoverable Networks” tab.

6. Transfer the Audio Output

transfer the audio output

There’s a feature on iPhones and Androids that controls the output audio device when playing music from your phone.

On Androids, the feature is called “Audio Switch” while on iPhones, it’s simply labeled as “Audio Output”.

How to Transfer Audio Output On iOS:

  1. Launch the Settings.
  2. Head to “System Preferences”.
  3. Tap “Sound” > “Output”.
  4. Select “Marshall” (or the name of the speaker).

How to Transfer Audio Output On Android:

  1. Head into the Settings of your Android device.
  2. Scroll down and navigate to “Audio Switch”.
  3. To turn on the feature, press the activation slider.
  4. Check if the audio of the speaker will be transferred.
Note: The “Audio Switch” on Android will automatically transfer the audio to the connected Bluetooth device, thus, you don’t have to do it manually!

7. Reset the Marshall Speaker

reset the marshall speaker

If our solutions are failing to fix the problem with your speaker so far, then you should try a factory reset.

It’s an effective method to flush the software of your Marshall speakers and fix any problems with the settings and features of the music appliance completely!

  • Marshall speakers are reset by holding a combination of buttons

Follow these steps to factory reset your Marshall speaker:

  1. Locate the SINGLE/MULTI and SOURCE buttons.
  2. Press and hold both buttons for 7 seconds.
  3. Release the buttons when the mode indicators are lit.
  4. Wait for the speaker to finalize the factory reset.
Info: Once the factory reset is finalized, your Marshall speaker will reboot, after which you could pair the appliance to your mobile smartphone!

8. Reset your Mobile’s Network Settings

reset your mobile network settings

If the problem with your Marshall speaker is still there, erasing the network settings of your mobile device may resolve the problem.

If using a PC or a laptop to pair your Marshall speaker, that solution may not be effective for you!

How to Reset Network Settings (Android):

  1. Launch the Settings tab on your device.
  2. Navigate to “Network” > “Reset”.
  3. Choose “Reset Network Settings”.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.

How to Reset Network Settings (iOS):

  1. Get into the Settings app on your iOS device.
  2. Enter the “General” tab at the top of the settings.
  3. Scroll all the way down and press “Reset”.
  4. Choose “Reset Network Settings” from the options.
Alert: You may have to confirm that you want your mobile device’s network settings to be reset, by inserting the PIN, used for unlocking the device!

Quick Recap:

When a Marshall speaker connected but no sound, the best solution is to reboot the device and ensure the volume is increased from all sources.

After that, check the default audio output on your mobile device, reset the speaker and then reconnect your device. Follow our blog for more helpful guides!

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