marshall headphones not turning on

Marshall headphones not turning on? Well, in case you’re unable to solve the issue with a basic troubleshooting, then keep reading.

In this guide, we’ll cover many easy workarounds as well as working solutions that will make your Marshalls turn on like a charm!

The primary reason why Marshall headphones are not turning on is that they have not been charged properly.

However, it’s also possible that the power button is faulty, stuck, or obstructed, which might be the reason why the headphones are not turning on.

Let’s explore more!

Why Marshall Bluetooth Headphones Not Turning On?

  1. There’s a fault with the charging of the Marshall headphones
  2. The power button of your Marshall headphones not pressing
  3. There’s an issue with the charging cable of the headphones
  4. The power button of your Marshall headphones is stuck inside
  5. The charging equipment of your Marshall headphones may be faulty
  6. The power outlet of your Marshall headphones is not working
marshall bluetooth headphones not turning on

Important Factor: Correct Startup! 

It’s important to verify that you’re holding the power button for 5 seconds to start up your Marshall headphones. If necessary, hold the button for 10 up to 15 seconds to turn them on.

Important Factor: Charging Equipment!

Verify that your Marshall headphones’ are properly connected to the charger while testing them, since there should be a blinking LED lamp to indicate ongoing charging!

How to Fix When Marshall Headphones Not Turning On?

Tip: Follow our steps in consecutive order!

1. Long-Press the Power Button

long press the power button

An effective way to give your Marshall headphones a quick start is to hold the power button for a continuous amount of time.

This will cause the headphones to potentially reboot in case their operating system lagged and then start working perfectly again.

  • Press the power button on the bottom of your headphones for 30 seconds!
Note: It’s necessary to hold the power button for as long as possible, as this will verify that your Marshall headphones have not glitched or completely frozen.

2. Charge the Marshall Headphones

charge the marshall headphones

Your Marshall headphones will completely refuse to start if their battery is weak or completely dead (not charged).

Since most of the latest Marshall headphones models have been using wireless (Bluetooth) technology to connect, they must be regularly charged with an adapter!

Charging Marshall Headphones:

You should keep in mind that older Marshall wireless headphones may use micro USB charging cables, whilst all of the modern models will have USB type-C.

It’s necessary to only charge the headphones with the original cable assigned to them, to preserve battery life!

How to Charge Marshall Headphones?

  1. Connect the connector end of the adapter to your Marshall headphones.
  2. Plug the USB end into a power adapter and connect the adapter to the outlet.
  3. Allow your Marshall headphones to charge sufficiently for at least 15 minutes.
Tip: To tell if your Marshall headphones are charging, check if the LED lamp underneath the charging port is blinking.

3. Attempt to Pair Wirelessly

attempt to pair wirelessly

Although your Marshall headphones may not be giving any signs that they are on, you may be still able to pair with the device and check.

This must be done on the mobile device that you’re primarily using with the Marshall headphones, as it has the headphone Bluetooth Profile.

  • Marshall headphones will pair with the primary device when turned on!

How to Pair Marshall Headphones Manually?

  1. Get into your device’s Bluetooth settings.
  2. Scroll down and search for a “Marshall” connection.
  3. Press the connection once to start the pairing.
  4. Test the connection once the pairing has happened.

How Do I Know if Marshall Headphones Are Paired?

  • The way to tell if a Bluetooth device is connected to your phone is by looking at the connectivity status. When a device is paired, it will usually say “Paired”.
Note: To test the headphones, simply play music on your phone and place the headphones around your head!

4. Try in a Different Power Outlet

try in a different power outlet

As we’ve already clarified above, one of the primary reasons that your Marshall headphones will refuse to start up is because of charging issues.

It is possible that neither of these charging issues is on your headphones or equipment’s end but on the charging outlet’s end!

  • Find a working power source to plug the charging adapter of the headphones!

Testing Faulty Outlets!

If you can’t tell for sure whether your outlet is working or not, the simplest way to test this out is to charge your phone there.

It is a great idea to determine the exact functionality state of the outlet and potentially reach out for professional help from technicians!

Reminder: When the headphones are plugged into the new power source, check the LED indication light for charging.

5. Clean the Charging Port

clean the charging port

Your headphones may also refuse to start if the charging cable cannot plug all the way in.

This can primarily happen if too much debris has piled up on the surface of your Marshall headphones’ charging port or if there is any other sort of obstruction such as dust and hair.

What You’ll Need?

A rubbing alcohol to break down all debris stuck in the charging port

An ear stick – as it is thick enough and can collect all of the fallen debris

A toothpick – to break hardened debris accumulated in the charging port

How to Clean Headphones Charging Port?

  1. Slightly dip the ear stick into the rubbing alcohol.
  2. Insert the stick into the port of the headphones.
  3. Perform circular movement to collect all of the debris.
  4. Use the toothpick to remove all accumulations.
Alert: Plug the charger into the headphones only after they are completely dry!

6. Check if the Power Button is Stuck!

check if the power button is stuck

Your Marshall headphones may also be refusing to start if the power button is stuck and it cannot be pressed all the way in.

If you cannot push the button into your headphones correctly, the pressure plate will not trigger, hence the headphones will not turn on.

How to Know if the Power Button is Stuck?

  • Doesn’t go down into the headphones completely
  • Makes weird noises when pressed with greater force
  • Sound of something broken inside the headphones

How to Inspect Power Button (Hardware)?

  1. Unscrew the screws on the upper panel of the headphones.
  2. Take out each screw from the little screwing compartment.
  3. Lift off the upper panel and physically inspect the power button.
Note: In case the power button is not working or appears to be damaged, attempt to claim your warranty or bring the headphones for servicing.

7. Install Different Charging Equipment

install different charging equipment

Progressing this far into the guide, we’re bound to assume that there’s a fault somewhere along the charging equipment of your headphones.

If you’ve left the device overnight charging with a faulty adapter/charging cable, the headphones will refuse to start.

How to Test a Charging Adapter?

Plug a trusted charging cable that you know works into the adapter, and determine if the adapter will also function in charging your phone.

How to Test Charging Cable?

Connect the charging cable to a fully functional power adapter and connect the micro USB end to your phone. Determine if the charging is stable and draw a conclusion.

Note: You could purchase replacement both for your charging adapter and cable from your local technical stores and even online as well as an original charger from Marshall.

Need More Help?

It’s not excluded that you’ve been sent faulty Marshall headphones and that’s the reason why they are not turning on.

In case the warranty is still intact, simply contact Marshall Support or the local supplier for instructions on how to claim a replacement or a repair.

Quick Recap:

We’ve learned that when your Marshall headphones not turning on, the most appropriate solution is to long-press the power button and attempt to recharge the headphone.

Inspect if there are any issues with the charging and the condition of the power button! Follow us for more helpful content!

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