liftmaster error code 1-2

Wondering what Liftmaster error code 1-2 mean? Stay with us to find out!

The Liftmaster garage door opener is coded to provide users with error codes for easier recognition of what’s gone wrong.

Error code 1-2 is no exception and simply indicates a wiring issue with the door opener’s safety sensor. Let’s learn more!

The Liftmaster garage opener error 1-2 means that the safety sensor’s wiring is faulty or reversed.

That also includes the possibility of a short circuit as well as improper sensor installation, which often results in this particular error code.

Let’s next unwrap more about this error and pinpoint the exact possibilities!

More About Error Code 1-2 Liftmaster

about error code 1-2 liftmaster

It’s clear that error 1-2 appears because of a safety sensor problem but sometimes this issue might be accidental.

What that means is that there are quite a few different possibilities that might be responsible so in order to solve the problem we’ll have to address them all.

Error 1-2 on Liftmaster might appear whenever:

  • Safety Sensor Is Disconnected
  • Safety Sensor is Faulty or Damaged
  • Safety Sensor Wires are Reversed
  • Operational Unit System Bug

We can’t know for sure but according to what we know we can start excluding possibilities one by one.

To achieve this, without further hesitation, jump straight into the solution guide below!

How To Fix Liftmaster Error Code 1-2 Easily?

fix liftmaster error code 1-2

Well, the most important thing is to connect the sensor correctly so this is what we’ll begin with first.

It’s also essential to attempt the follow-up steps as well in order to exclude as many possibilities as possible and eventually discover a working solution.

Let’s start!

Correctly Wire Liftmaster Safety Sensor

As we’ve mentioned above an improper installation of the safety sensor would definitely bring errors 1-2 on the Liftmaster garage door opener.

This is why the very first step is to perform the safety sensor proper installation so we can exclude this major possibility from the equation.

Even though the process is straightforward, you might need a few steps:

Step #1 Find The Safety Sensor!

find the safety sensor

Typically, the safety sensors on the Liftmaster garage door openers are located beneath the door rack and exist on both sides. 

Step #2 Run The Cables

You’ll see a two-wired cable that you’ll have to run through and connect to the Liftmaster garage door opener.

Each sensor has a receiving and sending component and they have a solid black and solid white wire, respectively, hence run the wires to the back of the door opener.

Step #3 Do the Wiring

do the wiring

Begin by connecting the white cable with the black stripe that is coming from the sending component to the white terminal on the Liftmaster opener.

Then connect the black cable with the white stripe from the receiving component to the gray terminal on the Liftmaster door opener.

Step #4 Perform a Test

The easiest test that you can perform and check whether your Liftmaster door opener sensor is working is by opening and closing the door.

Use any object to obstruct the movement of the door and check whether, upon closing, the door will reverse direction and remain open.

Note: In case error 1-2 is still there, don’t forget to attempt the next step!
perform a test

Remove Door Obstructions!

Before we go any further, it’s better to check and remove any door obstructions that are not allowing the opener to close all the way down.

Those obstructions could be large or small such as rocks, tools, and even rags. 

  • Inspect all corners of the door and make sure nothing is obstructing the sensors!

When you’re ready with the inspection, open and close the door to make sure that the device is working and check whether error 1-2 is still there.

remove door obstructions

In case your garage door opener is not responding at all, even if the sensors are connected properly, keep reading!

Power Cycle Liftmaster Door Opener!

To perform a power circulation on any device is really simple and all we need is to unplug the Liftmaster garage door opener from the electrical outlet.

From there all you need to do is wait for a few minutes until the operational unit is fully discharged.

Whenever some moments have passed, reconnect the garage door opener and check whether error 1-2 will still be there.

In case the problem continues, keep reading further in the guide!

power cycle liftmaster door opener

Factory Reset Liftmaster Door Opener!

Even if rarely, sometimes the garage door opener detects that the sensor is not responding and delivers the error 1-2, and even if we solve the issue, it might remain.

This happens typically because of software but with the garage door opener so we would need to Factory Reset.

This process will completely re-install the operating system of the Liftmaster opener so any potential software issues will be completely erased.

Here’s how to factory reset a Liftmaster garage door opener:

  1. Find the “LEARN” button on the back.
  2. Note: It can also be labeled “SET” or  “PROGRAM”.
  3. Tap and hold the button for 8 seconds!
  4. The indicator light should turn OFF.
  5. Then you can release the button.

To check whether the factory reset worked, test opening the garage door opener with one of the remotes that have been previously programmed.

factory reset liftmaster door opener

If the device does not respond then the reset is complete and you would need to program your remote in order to test for error 1-2 now.

Need More Help?

It’s important to mention that the very first step in this guide is the most important, hence connecting the safety sensor correctly.

In case you’re now knowledgeable in regard to the wiring and you weren’t able to follow the steps the best recommendation is to seek help.

Another alternative would be to call Liftmaster at 1-800-528-5880 and ask for help in wiring and/or troubleshooting the Liftmaster sensor wiring error code 1-2.

Also, check whether your warranty is intact since if the sensors are faulty, you might be able to claim a replacement for free.

Quick Recap:

Hence, Liftmaster error code 1-2 is caused by safety sensor failure whether it will be related to the wiring or the garage opener operational unit.

This is why we need to correctly wire the sensor and then factory reset the opener to solve the error!

We hope that this guide was helpful and for more Liftmaster guides, check our blog!

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