liftmaster 8500w error code 1-5

Whenever LiftMaster 85000W error code 1-5 appears, chances are it’s due to an issue with the motor or the door lift setup.

When you get an error code of 1-5, you can experience various symptoms. Your garage door can get stuck and not move or travel partially and then stop. 

These problems can cost you plenty of precious time, but don’t worry; we have you covered.

One of the fixes on our guide takes less than one second and can save you an expensive repair.

To fix your LiftMaster 8500W error code 1-5, first ensure that the door lock lever is pulled down. Next, Power cycle your door control unit and check the setup of the garage wiring and door rollers. Lastly, perform a factory reset on your LiftMaster device.

Now that you know the exact solutions we will be attempting, let’s first understand what causes this error code in the first place:

Why Does LiftMaster 8500W Error Code 1-5 Happen?

why liftmaster error code happens

The error code 1-5 is mainly due to a bad circuit board or faulty motor unit.

However, sometimes, it can get falsely triggered due to a software error or if your LiftMaster is incorrectly set up. 

Here is a list of the most common causes of error code 1-5 for your LiftMaster 8500W:

1. Incorrect Adjustment of Door Travel Limit

If the door travel limit is inappropriately configured, it might cause an error code 1-5.

2. Faulty Motor

The primary listed cause of error code 1-5 is related to problems with the central motor unit. 

3. Damaged Circuit Board

a damaged boards

If your LiftMaster circuit board is damaged or short-circuited, it will send erroneous signals to the motor unit.

4. Insufficient Power

When your motor does not have enough power, it might fail to open or close your garage door.

5. Friction in Moving Parts

If the many moving parts within the system become stuck, they can cause the motor to fail.

6. Wiring Issue

If your LiftMaster 8500W is incorrectly wired, it can malfunction. 

Note: Before troubleshooting, check your door control device's battery. You might get false error code indications if it has a low charge. 

How To Fix LiftMaster 8500W Error Code 1-5?

Error code 1-5 LiftMaster is often because the system detects that your motor is not pulling the garage door properly.

how fix liftmaster 8500w error

Since you can’t do any direct repairs on the motor or the circuit board, it’s best to perform mostly software-related troubleshooting. 

The most you can do without specialized repair tools is verify that the LiftMaster 8500W is appropriately set up and configured.

Please follow the solutions below in the given order for the best results without skipping over any:

Solution #1 Pull The Door Locking Lever Down

Depending on your installation, there should be a lever coming down from the primary device that you can engage. 

A toggled door lock lever is a common reason for error codes after a fresh installation.

Here is how to fix this issue:

  • Simply engage the lever by pulling it down until you hear it click into place, and then attempt to close or open your garage door.

This cable prevents the door from being manually opened when it’s closed. Since the lever will stop the motor from moving the garage door, you can get a false error code of 1-5. 

Note: If your safety reversing sensors are obstructed, your door might stop opening or closing. Ensure that there are no barriers or obstructions between them.

Solution #2 Power Cycle The LiftMaster Device

power cycle liftmaster device

A software-based error is likely the cause of LiftMaster 8500W error code 1-5.

This is the best scenario, as it means that there is no physical damage to your motor, and it can easily be fixed.

To clear any potential software errors, please follow the steps below:

  1. Ensure that your LiftMaster is powered on
  2. Unplug the power cable of your LiftMaster from the wall 
  3. Open the wall-mounted garage control unit and remove its reserve power battery
  4. Wait one minute, put the battery back in, and connect your LiftMaster power cable again.

After you have restarted your LiftMaster 8500W, check if it can operate as usual and that the error code has cleared.

You can perform this step 2-3 times if the first attempt doesn’t work.

Note: If your WiFi signal is lower than two bars in your garage, this can cause errors when you try to operate it with a smartphone. 

Solution #3 Check The Wiring To The Travel Module 

check the wiring in travel module

If your travel module is receiving faulty signals, this can be due to incorrect wiring.

If you need clarification on its setup, please reference the LiftMaster manual to find a diagram for the correct wiring.

Here are the exact steps to check your LiftMaster 8500W cabling setup:

  1. Disconnect the device from any running power
  2. Remove your LiftMaster 8500W plastic cover panel
  3. Find the device’s travel module inside 
  4. Visually inspect that all of the wires are firmly connected and have no visible signs of damage.
  5. If any wires are loose or not making proper contact, consider re-trimming them with the right tools.
  6. After the inspection is done, put the cover panel back on and turn the power for your unit again.

After these steps, power cycle your LiftMaster 8500W by turning it on and off. Then check to see if you still get an error code of 1-5. 

Alert: Always ensure that you have the power turned off from your home's circuit breaker when dealing with exposed wires.  

Always wear proper protection and use voltage-insulated tools.

Solution #4 Inspect Your Garage Door Installation

inspect the garage door

Your garage door will likely slide and move with the help of a set of rollers.

If there are any physical obstructions between the rails and the rollers, your motor might struggle to move the door due to high friction.

Here is how to ensure your garage door is in proper working condition:

  1. Inspect the rails where the roller connects from top to bottom for built-up rust or dirt.
  2. If you notice very high friction or difficulty moving, your rollers need to be serviced.
  3. You can use suitable grease or a lubricant to ensure your garage door moving parts are running smoothly.
Note: If the photo-eye is higher than 6 inches from the door, it might cause your setup not to function as intended.

Solution #5 Factory Reset Your LiftMaster 8500W

factory reset liftmaster 8500w

As the error code 1-5 could be caused due to a software error, resetting your LiftMaster to how it initially came configured from the factory can fix the issue.

Please remember that a factory reset will remove any configuration settings or calibration you have performed. 

Here is how to perform a hard reset on your LiftMaster 8500W device: 

  1. Remove the cover panel of your LiftMaster 8500W
  2. Locate the Learn button on the lower right side of the LiftMaster
  3. Press and hold the Learn button until the LED light stops blinking
  4. Put the cover panel back on
  5. Afterward, you need to reconfigure your LiftMaster device again 

If you have performed all of the steps above but still get the error code, your LiftMaster has likely experienced a logic board or motor unit failure. 

In these cases, no troubleshooting will resolve the issue, and you would need to call a technician to replace your LiftMaster 8500W parts.

Note: If you have a remote control for your LiftMaster, it needs to be recalibrated after performing a factory reset on your LiftMaster.

Quick Recap

To fix your LiftMaster getting an error code 1-5, check the door lock lever. Afterward, power cycle your door controller and check your LiftMaster wiring configuration. Next, inspect your garage door setup. Lastly, perform a factory reset.


Now that you know why LiftMaster error code 1-5 8500W appears, we hope you can use our provided solutions to fix the error.

If you still can’t get your device to work correctly, please contact the Liftmaster support team for further help.

Nicole B