liftmaster wall control not working after power outage

LiftMaster wall control not working after power outage can be a frustrating experience, especially if you are not tech-savvy.

The latest models have many advanced features, making it hard for novice users to troubleshoot possible problems.

Fortunately, if your wall controls don’t seem to work after an outage, we can help you sort it out.

The quickest way to fix a malfunctioning Liftmaster is to reprogram the wall control panel. Resetting the control panel will restore it to factory defaults, allowing you to program it afresh.

This guide explains the causes of Liftmaster wall control not working after a power outage and different ways to fix the problem.

Why is LiftMaster Wall Control Not Working After Power Outage

why my liftmaster not working

The aftermath of a power outage can be devastating to your Liftmaster wall control panel.

An outage can damage the circuit board, corrupt the wall control settings, or leave the safety sensors misaligned.

Here are possible reasons your Liftmaster wall control is blinking slowly after a power outage or not working.

1. Misconfigured Settings

The garage door has a programmable wall control panel that allows you to customize the opening and closing settings.

A power outage can misconfigure these settings causing the wall control to stop working.

2. Misaligned Safety Sensors

The garage door has several safety sensors that reverse the door if something is on its way.

a misaligned sensor

Power issues can damage or misalign the sensors causing them to malfunction.

When this occurs, the wall control might start blinking or stop working to indicate a problem.

3. Damaged Circuit Board

Garage door openers have a circuit board that executes instructions when you press any button.

A power outage accompanied by a surge or high voltage can damage the circuit board, leading to technical problems.

Depending on the severity of the damage, you may have to repair or replace the bad circuit board.

4. Drained Battery

SOME Liftmaster garage door systems have an external battery backup.

A power outage followed by a surge can render your battery useless and cause the wall control not to work.

Quick Ways to Fix LiftMaster Wall Control Not Working after a Power Outage

how to fix liftmaster

Fixing the Liftmaster wall control not working after a power outage might seem complicated if you don’t know what to do.

The good news is that resolving the issue is much easier than you think.

For safety reasons, you must first disconnect the garage door from the Liftmaster wall control.

This step will allow you to open or close the door manually as you desire.

Here’s how to go about it:

  1. With the door closed, pull the emergency release handle down and back toward the garage door opener
  2. The door will disconnect from the wall control.
  3. To reconnect after a power outage, pull the release handle down and press the button on the remote control

Once you are done, follow the following tips to troubleshoot the problem and restore your Liftmaster garage door opener.

Solution #1 Reset Liftmaster Wall Control Panel

reset the liftmaster

If your Liftmaster wall control is blinking slowly after a power outage, you may have to program the panel afresh.

A power outage might interfere with saved settings, causing the wall control to malfunction or stop working.

Here’s how to reset and program your Liftmaster wall control panel:

  1. Access the wall unit control panel
  2. Locate the Learn button on the wall control
  3. Press and hold the Learn button for about 6 seconds to erase the system memory
  4. Wait for the LED light to go out
  5. Your Wall Unit has been de-linked from the garage door

Follow these steps to program the wall control panel:

  1. Locate the Learn button on the wall control
  2. Press and release the Learn button twice
  3. Your wall control will enter program mode
  4. Within 30 seconds of pressing the Learn button, press and hold the button on your garage door remote for 3 seconds before releasing
  5. The opener LED lights will flash to indicate successful programming

Solution #2 Replace the Damaged Circuit Board

replace the damaged board

A power outage followed by a high-voltage surge might damage the opener’s circuit board.

You should check for chars and pungent smells around the unit. If you notice signs of burning, you have no option but to replace the damaged circuit board.

Here are the steps:

  1. Unplug the garage door opener from the power source
  2. Unscrew the front panel and remove the wires
  3. Unscrew the damaged circuit board
  4. Turn the board upside down and remove the remaining connectors
  5. Prepare the replacement circuit board for installation
  6. Flip the replacement board and reinstall the removed connectors
  7. Fasten the replacement board in place and connect all the wires appropriately
  8. Screw the opener’s panel cover
  9. Reprogram the transmitter to the receiver
  10. Test your Liftmaster wall control panel
Note: Depending on the model and the complexity of the issue, you may choose to enlist a technician. 

In most cases, swapping the damaged circuit board should take less than 15 minutes.

Solution #3 Realign Safety Reversing Sensors

realign the sensors

A power outage can damage or misalign the safety sensors, causing the Liftmaster wall control to blink slowly or stop working altogether.

Realigning the safety sensors can restore the wall control panel to optimum functionality.

Here’s how to align the safety reversing sensors of a Liftmaster garage door system:

  1. Locate the receiving sensor with a dim or flickering green LED
  2. Loosen the wingnut on the receiving sensor
  3. Move the misaligned sensor around until the green LED becomes stable
  4. Tighten the wingnut
  5. Test whether the wall control panel is now functioning
Pro Tip: You can install a power surge protector separately or purchase a garage door system with an integrated power surge protector.

Solution #4 Reconnect Liftmaster Wall Control to Wi-Fi

reconnect to the wifi

If your garage door system supports wireless connectivity, the wall control might not work because it has been disconnected from Wi-Fi.

Here’s how to reconnect it to Wi-Fi:

  1. Download and install the MyQ app on your smartphone or tablet
  2. Set up a MyQ account
  3. Enable Bluetooth and Location Services on your device
  4. Launch the MyQ app and select your wall control
  5. Push the Learn button on your wall control
  6. Tap Next on the app and select your garage opener on your Wi-Fi list
  7. Enter your Wi-Fi password to connect

Solution #5 Replace Damaged or Drained Battery Backup

A power outage accompanied by a surge can damage or drain the opener’s battery backup and cause the wall control panel to malfunction.

Replacing the damaged battery can help solve the problem.

replace the battery


  1. Lift the cover and check the battery status LED
  2. Disconnect the power to the opener
  3. Remove the battery cover
  4. Disconnect the red and black wires connected to the battery
  5. Remove the battery
  6. Install the new battery, ensuring the red and black wires connect to the appropriate color-coded terminals
  7. Cover the battery
  8. Plug the open to the power outlet
Note: To ensure an interrupted power supply, invest in a system that automatically switches between main power and battery backup whenever there’s an outage.

Solution #6 Replace Wall Control Unit

If you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work, consider replacing the entire wall control unit with a new one.

Note the model number of your Liftmaster garage door system and purchase a replacement from an accredited dealer.

replace the unit

You can easily replace the malfunctioning wall control by following the instruction in the manual. Alternatively, you may contact a professional to do it for you.

Solution #7 Contact LiftMaster Support

In the event that you require additional assistance, you should contact Liftmaster.

The support team may guide you on what to do or even send a technician to fix the problem on-site.

Bottom Line

As you can see, fixing Liftmaster wall control not working after a power outage doesn’t have to be complicated if you know what to do.

Simply follow our detailed instructions to troubleshoot and fix your garage’s wall control panel.

Nicole B