lg tv volume not loud enough

Do you have a problem with LG TV volume not loud enough? Whether you have just bought a new LG television or you have owned one for some time, unexpected problems can occur with the volume.

This can mean the TV becoming too loud or also not being loud enough. No matter what you do, you cannot adjust the volume to a level you want.

This is a common issue that many LG TV owners face. Luckily, there are many easy fixes if you find your LG smart TV sound not loud enough.

In the following guide, we will show you how to fix the low volume problem and also highlight some other common LG TV volume issues and how to fix them.

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LG Smart TV Not Loud Enough

It can be frustrating if you cannot hear the movie or TV show you want to watch. If your volume is too low and you cannot adjust it, there are some initial steps you can take.

Firstly, you should check the batteries in your remote control. Even if other buttons on the remote work, failing batteries can sometimes cause specific functions to fail.

If your batteries are good and you still cannot turn up the volume on your LG TV, move onto our guide for fixing this problem.

Device Causes Low Volume on LG TV

Sometimes the volume problem is not on the LG TV but a Blu-Ray player you have connected to it.

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You can quickly find out if your low volume issue is the TV or Blu-Ray player by simply checking the volume on a regular TV channel.

If you do experience low volume when watching Blu-Ray disks, you can make some adjustments to solve the problem.

Blu-Rays come with several audio channel tracks that can function on a variety of TVs and home theater systems.

Look on the box of the Blu-Ray disk to see which audio channels and surround sound it supports.

Most Blu-Rays encode the dialog in the movie on a center channel, but many TVs only have a left and right channel. As standard, some Blu-Rays disks may not have volume for dialog on your LG TV.

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It is possible to solve this by heading into the audio settings on the disk and changing the audio track.

Fixing LG TV Low Volume Problem

fix lg tv volume not loud enough

If you cannot turn your volume up and the problem is not caused by a Blu-Ray disk or a remote without batteries, the following can help. Most modern LG TVs run on a platform called WebOS.

This is LG’s proprietary smart TV software that has been in use since 2014.

  • On your LG TV remote, press the Home button and navigate to the “Settings” gear icon.
  • Choose the “All Settings” option and select “Sound”.
  • In the Sound menu, press Sound Mode and then choose between Clear Voice or Standard depending on your preference.
  • Under Volume Mode, turn on the Auto Volume option.
  • You should now be able to increase and decrease volume normally.
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LG TV Remote Not Adjusting Volume

Sometimes you may find you can adjust the volume using the physical buttons on your LG TV but cannot turn volume up or down on the remote.

This means there is a problem with the remote beyond simply needing to change the batteries.

When this happens, it is a good chance there is a problem with the volume keys, especially if other buttons work.

You can solve this problem by servicing your remote. Firstly, you need to check if the buttons are stuck.

Remove the batteries from the remote and press the power button for a minute. Press the volume buttons to see if one or both are sticking.

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If your LG TV continues to turn the volume up or down without you touching the remote, you need to open up the remote. We recommend a thin item to pry open the remote safely, such as a flat screwdriver or a credit card.

Once inside the remote, clean the insides including where the buttons meet the electronic circuitry. Avoid using water, but instead use a 70% alcohol wipe.

Buy a New Remote to Solve LG TV Volume Problems

Yes, sometimes you will be unable to fix the remote and will need to by a new one. You can choose to purchase an official LG remote or get a universal remote.

If you do choose an official option, research which LG remote you need for your TV model.

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Update the TV Software

Like any other type of device, sometimes problems are caused by the software that underpins the experience. On LG TVs, the software is WebOS on all modern smart TVs the company makes.

WebOS is notable as probably the best bespoke smart TV platform in the world. Even so, sometimes issues occur.

LG regularly rolls out updates for WebOS, so it may be worth checking for updates if you are experiencing volume problems on your TV. A simple update to the latest build can often squash annoying bugs on the software.

Test Your LG TV for Sound Problems

If you want to know if there is a sound problem on the TV that is causing volume issues, you can conduct an audio test.

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This will show if the problem is caused by the internal speakers on the TV.

  • You start this process by heading to the “Settings” menu and navigating to “All Settings”.
  • Under the “Support” tab, choose the option “Additional Settings”.
  • Select “Sound Test”.
  • As the name of the feature suggests, your LG TV will now run the test.

How this happens depends on your TV model. The idea is for the test to isolate any problems with the internal speakers on your LG TV.

If there is no sound distortion during the test, it means there is no problems with the speakers.

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Fixing No Volume on LG TV Problem

What about if there is no volume at all on your LG TV? You cannot do anything with the volume because there is no audio. There are several reasons why this could happen, so it is worth troubleshooting these following common causes.

You should check in the TV settings to see if audio is set to the internal TV speaker. If you have another sound source selected, you will not hear audio form the built-in speakers.

Your TV should switch automatically between sound sources when one is in use, but sometimes you may need to do it manually. For example, when switching from a home theater system to the internal TV speakers.

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It is possible to have audio issues on your LG TV, including with LG TV volume not loud enough.

Luckily, you can almost always solve these problems easily. With the information above, you can quickly fix volume problems on your remote and TV.