level lock jammed

Are you wondering why the Level lock jammed? Having no proper guidance is very frustrating when trying to fix a jammed lock on a door so let’s unwrap the most essential first!

The Level door lock becomes jammed due to different factors, including dirt or debris, broken keys, corrosion, misalignment, and many others.

However, to fix the jammed lock, you simply need to inspect the lock thoroughly and all components involved.

Let’s find out more about the jammed lock to make the troubleshooting process quite simpler!

Why Do The Level Lock Says Jammed?

why do level lock says jammed

Many factors can cause the jamming of a smart lock. In order to troubleshoot the Level lock, it’s important to know what is causing it to jam and become stuck. 

The following are the most common reasons why Level Lock says “jammed”:

  • Dead Level lock batteries
  • Mechanical parts issues
  • Component corrosion
  • Accumulated debris
  • (OS) Firmware issue
  • Obstructed/jammed door
  • Hardware or software fault

For now, it’s unclear what’s the true cause so keep reading to learn more!

How To Fix When a Level Lock Jammed?

If your Level lock is saying “jammed”, then there is an issue that has to be addressed as soon as possible.

For the best efficiency and quickest results, follow the blow’s guide in order!

1. Reset The Level Lock

reset the level lock

Try to reset the lock because smart devices are prone to unknown malfunctions and bugs that might affect the normal functioning of the lock.

Resetting the device will solve any unknown system issues and the jamming error will disappear if it’s caused by an OS glitch.

  • You have two options to reset the lock!

Soft Reset The Smart Lock:

  1. Turn off the Level lock power.
  2. Open the battery compartment.
  3. Take out the power batteries.
  4. Wait for approximately 10 minutes.
  5. Reinsert the batteries in the lock.
  6. Close the battery compartment cover.
  7. Test the lock by entering the key to the door.

Hard Reset The Smart Lock:

  1. Locate the Reset button on the lock.
  2. Then take a paperclip or any pin.
  3. Insert the pin inside the reset button hole.
  4. Keep pressing the button for 10 seconds
  5. Release the button and wait for some time.

In case the Level lock remains “jammed” even after the reset, keep reading!

2. Test The Lock Via App!

test the lock via app

If you already have a Level lock setup in the Level mobile app, try to control it using the app.

If you can easily control the lock through the app, then the issue isn’t with the system, but with the mechanical part of the setup. 

Quick Fact: Typically, a lock says ”jammed” when it's misaligned or not set up properly!

If you are unable to control the lock via the app, then the issue is not with the lock installation but with the lock system settings.

It can be anything regarding the incorrect setup of the lock in the app, obstruction, poor Wi-Fi network, outdated lock firmware, etc…

3. Check Door & Lock Setup

check door and lock setup

It’s important to check the door and lock arrangement as there could be an improper lock setup or an obstructing component.

Misalignment of the strike plate or a loose bolt can often cause the lock to jam and prevent it from properly functioning. 

The Solution?

  • You only need to inspect the lock and door setup!

Here is how to check the Level lock and door setup:

  1. First, check the strike plate and ensure that it is properly aligned.
  2. If the strike plate bolt portion is loose, then don’t skip tightening it up.
  3. Next, check the door jamming and door handling. 
  4. Inspect if the lock jams and the turning part does not rotate smoothly.
  5. Note: Both instances might misalign.
  6. Align them yourself or call a professional for help.
  7. Next, check the door for any obstructions or debris.
  8. If there is any obstruction or hanging stuff, clean them.
Note: Check the user manual for any technical inquiries!

4. Check For Lockout Mode!

check for lookout mode

When the Level lock says “jammed”, check to see whether the lock beeps when you enter the key and if the checkmark and lock icons are lit up in red.

If so, your level lock may be in manual lockout mode, which is preventing your lock from working.

  • Simply disabling the Lockout Mode from the lock will fix the issue!

To fix the lockout mode from your Level lock, simply enter the lock master code or unlock it by using the Level mobile app.

How To Unlock Level Lock Using An App?

  1. Open the Level Home mobile app.
  2. Log in to the app using your Level account.
  3. Look for the Level icon in the app.
  4. Press and hold on to the Level icon.
  5. A message appears “lock is unlocked”.
Note: Make sure that the Level lock app is up to date!

5. Check The Lock Batteries

check the lock batteries

Level lock batteries may lead to the lock jamming problem, among other factors.

If your level lock is showing that it is jammed, then there is a chance that the batteries in the lock are low on charge and need to be replaced.

  • Level lock requires a Lithium 3-volt CR2 battery that lasts one year!

If you have recently changed the batteries in your lock, then check the charge level of the batteries using a Multimeter.

If you haven’t changed the batteries in the lock for a long, then replacing them with a fresh one will be the best way to fix the issue.

Choosing a Battery for Level Lock?

For peace of mind, choose Duracell Lithium 3-volt CR2 battery sets. They are not just a trustworthy brand among users but also work like a charm without causing any trouble.

6. Inspect & Remove Obstructions!

inspect and remove obstructions

Next, check for anything blocking the door or the lock. Even a small piece of debris or dirt can have a negative influence on the lock’s performance and prevent it from latching with the door correctly.

Here are some factors and objects that can obstruct the door:

  • A folded carpet, cover, or an object
  • Door frame twist due to a heat conductor
  • Sticking lock pieces and components
  • Any cables through the door frame

Also, to clear the lock dirt, simply take a clean dry cloth and evenly clean the lock, door handling, and latch. Also, be sure that the lock and door are properly aligned and set up.

7. Lubricate The Lock (Important)

lubricate the lock

Spraying lubricant on the door bolt is another method you should attempt to fix the lock jamming issue. Over time, the parts become dry due to dust and they will corrode or jam and become unable to move. 

  • Unscrew the strike plate and spray some lubricant on the bolt!

After some while, open and close the door multiple times, so the lubricant will properly be applied to the parts.

As the lock and door are free from obstruction and door handling is easy to move, then the lock jamming issue will be gone easily.

If the Level lock continues to say “jammed”, there is another way to solve the issue!

8. Update Level Lock Firmware

It is important to keep updating the smart locks software because outdated operating systems will cause different troubles for users.

If you have not updated the Level lock firmware, then simply carry out this upgrade to finalize the troubleshooting.

update level lock firmware

Here is how to update the Level lock firmware:

  1. Open the Level Home mobile app.
  2. Locate your Level lock’s name.
  3. See if there is any update option. 
  4. If it is, then tap on the update button.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  6. The Level lock will be in the update.
  7. You will get a “Successful” message.
  8. Then, tap on Continue to end the process.

Need More Help?

After trying every troubleshooting method from our guide, if the Level lock jamming issue is still not fixed, then you have to get professional help.

As of now, there is no other way but to contact Level Support or claim your warranty from the local merchant. Good luck!

Tip: Share what you’ve attempted in this guide with all instances to save time!

Quick Recap:

Whenever your Level lock jammed, reset the lock by rebooting the device and attempt to control the lock using the app.

The next step is to exit “Lockout Mode”, check the lock and door alignment, clear obstruction from the lock, and replace the lock batteries!

Nicole B