kwikset halo sync failed

Interrupted by “Kwikset Halo sync failed”? Multiple things could be preventing your Kwikset Halo from syncing, including issues with the Kwikset app and your network.

Stay with us further into the guide, to learn all of the solutions for your Kwikset, recommended by professionals!

When your Kwikset Halo won’t sync, start by inspecting the Bluetooth on your phone and verifying all of the connectivity details inserted during the syncing process.

If the problem persists, check your Kwikset Halo lock for any software/hardware issues!

Why Is Kwikset Halo Not Syncing?

  1. There’s an issue with your phone’s Bluetooth
  2. Your WiFi network is going through an outage
  3. There’s an issue with the Kwikset application
  4. Your phone is not connected to a WiFi network
  5. The Kwikset Halo’s batteries are dead/not working
why is kwikset halo not syncing

How to Remove the Kwikset Halo Front Plate?

To sync your Kwikset Halo, the front plate must be removed in order to access the interior buttons.

For this purpose, you will need a Phillips-head screwdriver and locate the screws on each side panel of the Kwikset Halo.

Here’s how to remove the Kwikset Halo front plate:

  1. Locate the two identical screws on each side of the lock.
  2. Remove both of the screws and store them.
  3. Give the plate a little forward push so it comes off.
Tip: To remove the display of the front plate, push it upwards and it should come off quite easily!

Kwikset Halo Sync Failed – 8 Working Fix Methods!

1. Retry the Syncing Correctly

retry the syncing correctly

In our first step, we will go over the syncing of your Kwikset Halo from scratch and verify that you’re doing the setup process correctly.

If you’ve missed out on an important step while syncing your Kwikset Halo, the lock will not connect with your mobile device.

Follow these instructions to sync your Kwikset Halo with the app:

  1. Launch the Kwikset application on your mobile device.
  2. Press the “Add Device” button in the Kwikset app.
  3. Hold the “Abutton on the lock for 3 seconds.
  4. Select the first device result in the Kwikset app.
  5. Wait for your phone to pair with the Kwikset device.
  6. Press “Yes” to verify that you’ve heard your lock beeping.
  7. Name your Kwikset Halo lock on the next setup page.
  8. Press “Next” at the top-right of the page to proceed.
  9. Wait for your lock to detect your nearest WiFi network.
  10. Choose your home WiFi and enter the password.
  11. Complete the rest of the Kwikset Halo lock setup.
Note: It’s extremely necessary to keep your phone close to the lock for Bluetooth pairing. 

While the lock is searching for WiFi networks, verify that your router is working!

2. Restart your Phone’s Bluetooth

restart your phone's bluetooth

One of the reasons that your Kwikset Halo lock has failed to sync with the Kwikset application is an issue with your phone’s Bluetooth.

To fix any issues with the Bluetooth feature of your mobile device, restart it through the settings and attempt to sync your Kwikset again!

Here’s how to restart the Bluetooth on most mobile devices:

  1. Head into the settings of your mobile device.
  2. Scroll down and access the Bluetooth or Wireless tab.
  3. Press the activation slider on the top of the page.
  4. Wait for 30 seconds while the Bluetooth is deactivated.
  5. Turn on the Bluetooth by pressing the slider again.
Alert: Disabling your phone’s Bluetooth will unpair any devices that are currently connected. 

3. Verify the WiFi Details

verify the wifi details

During setup, you will be prompted to insert your WiFi password as well as select the correct network to pair your lock with.

If you’ve selected an incorrect WiFi thread or inserted the connectivity password incorrectly, your Kwikset Halo’ syncing will fail!

  • In the “WiFi Setup” of your Kwikset Halo, verify that you’re selecting the correct WiFi network and double-check the password!

How to Check the Default Router Password?

If you cannot recall your router’s password and you’re confident that it hasn’t been changed, check the sticker on the bottom panel of your router.

There, you should see the password as well as other network details that could be necessary for managing your router!

4. Reboot your Router!

reboot your router

If the problem is with your network device, the Kwikset Halo lock will be unable to complete the pairing.

This problem can be resolved easily by rebooting and power cycling your router. This will refresh all services of the network and also fix all issues with the router!

  • To power cycle your router, the device must be unplugged from the power!

Here are detailed steps on how to reboot and power cycle your router:

  1. Press the power button on your router if it has one.
  2. Wait for the device to completely power off.
  3. Disconnect the power cable of the router.
  4. Wait for 4-5 minutes while the router is unplugged.
  5. Re-attach the power cable of the network device.
Note: Do not attempt to sync your Kwikset Halo while your router is still rebooting!

5. Update the Kwikset App

update the kwikset app

Outdated firmware is one of the primary causes of Kwikset Halo syncing issues.

If the mobile application is operating on an outdated version, there could be an incompatibility with your phone’s software, the router, or the network.

Note: Your mobile device must be connected to WiFi in order to update the Kwikset app!

Here’s how to update the Kwikset application to the latest version:

  1. Launch the Google Play/App Store on your mobile device.
  2. Head into the Applications tab (“Applications” > “Manage”) 
  3. Scroll down and locate the Kwikset application in the list.
  4. Select the application and press the “Update” button if it’s available.
Alert: Do not interact with your mobile device while the Kwikset application is still updating. 

You may accidentally cancel the process and cause further issues with the Kwikset app.

6. Replace Battery Pack’s Batteries

replace battery pack's batteries

In the battery pack of your Kwikset Halo, there are 4 AA batteries powering up your device.

If your smart lock is running low on charge or the batteries have worn-out completely, your Kwikset Halo will not sync and also may totally stop working.

Here’s how to replace the batteries of your Kwikset Halo:

  1. Slide the front plate upwards to expose the interior of the lock.
  2. Push the battery pack upwards to remove it from the slot.
  3. Open the battery pack and eject all batteries inside.
  4. Insert 4 AA batteries into the battery pack and close it.
  5. Place the battery back into your Kwikset Halo and place the front plate.
Note: Do not use old batteries or ones that have been in a device before for your Kwikset Halo!

7. Delete and Reinstall the Kwikset App!

delete and reinstall the kwikset app

Perhaps, this problem can be fixed easily by reinstalling the Kwikset application.

It’s a simple uninstall/reinstall technique but could definitely help if there’s a problem with your Kwikset app.

After all, any issues with the platform may prevent your lock from pairing and syncing!

Follow these simple instructions to reinstall the Kwikset app on your phone:

  1. Access the Settings of your mobile device.
  2. Head into the “Applications” tab or “Storage”.
  3. Scroll down and locate the Kwikset app.
  4. Press the app once to access the settings.
  5. Locate the “Uninstall” button and press it.
  6. Wait for the Kwikset app’s removal to finalize.
  7. Access your phone’s Google Play/App Store.
  8. Use the search field to locate and download Kwikset.
Alert: Uninstalling the Kwikset app and then uploading it back to your phone will sign you out of your account.

8. Factory Reset the Kwikset Lock!

factory reset the kwikset lock

A proven method that will resolve any issues with your Kwikset lock is the factory reset.

This is a process that completely erases the current configuration of your lock’ software and brings back all default settings to your Kwikset Halo lock.

  • To undergo a factory reset, you must remove the front plate of the Halo lock!

Follow these instructions to trigger and undergo a factory reset on your Kwikset Halo:

  1. Remove the front plate of the Kwikset if it is still intact.
  2. Eject the battery pack of your Kwikset Halo device.
  3. Locate the center button in the interior of your Halo.
  4. Hold the center button while lowering the battery pack into the slot.
  5. Place the battery pack in the slot and let go of the center button.
Alert: The factory reset will begin once your Kwikset Halo’s LED lamp flashes in red. 

This will happen only after that battery pack is placed back into the slot and the device has power!

Quick Recap:

The solution when Kwikset Halo sync failed is to check the Kwikset app for any issues and factory reset the Halo lock.

If the issues persist, check if your phone’s Bluetooth is working and troubleshoot your network/router for any potential connectivity issues.

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