kwikset halo not connecting to wifi

What to do when Kwikset Halo not connecting to WiFi? Kwikset Halo is a great smart lock that counts with Wi-Fi connectivity, but that might occasionally fail.

You must reset your Wi-Fi and check if all the settings are correct. Further, check if the lock is in range or needs a reset.

The guide below will teach us how to troubleshoot your Kwikset Halo through all the steps.

That way, you can easily identify what is causing the connectivity issue.

Kwikset Halo Not Connecting To WiFi – Reasons

reasons why kwikset wifi problem

You are scratching your head, wondering why the Kwikset halo won’t connect to Wi-Fi.

Many reasons can apply, and we will list them below to make troubleshooting easier on your end.

You must check each probable reason according to what you are experiencing.

After that, refer to the fixing guide in the next section.

1. Jammed Wi-Fi Connection

Sometimes, your ISP or router has trouble managing too much data, causing connection issues for certain devices.

2. Wrong Wi-Fi Settings

Smart locks usually require specific Wi-Fi settings to connect and function correctly.

3. Overloaded System

the overloaded system

Smart devices will sometimes function strangely due to failed transmission of data or loaded electric circuits. 

4. Lack of Coverage in the Current Spot

Wi-Fi requires certain proximity, meaning that weak signals will waver, impacting the quality of connection.

5. Bugged Software

Sometimes, the integrity of the device’s software will seem compromised.  

How To Fix Kwikset Halo’s WiFi

how to fix kwikset halo

Now you own knowledge about the most common reasons behind Kwikset Halo’s connectivity issues.

Next, it is time to troubleshoot when the Kwikset Halo won’t connect to Wi-Fi. Again, the process is very straightforward.

Below, we will give you different solutions. Then, you can attempt them one by one.

Solution #1: Reset Your Wi-Fi Connection

The first thing you must try when you can’t connect your Kwikset Halo is resetting your router.

Often, the network is trying to handle too much data simultaneously, and a new device entering the network will not have priority.

The above is especially true if you still have a router with the old Wi-Fi 5 standard.

reset the wifi connection

A newer router with Wi-Fi 6 or 6E standards can handle more requests simultaneously.

Considering that that is truly the problem, the solution is simple.

Here is how you must proceed:

  1. Find the power button on your router
  2. Press it until the power is off
  3. Wait for a few instants
  4. Power it back on

Whenever you notice that devices connected to your router are not responding or not connecting, that is the solution.

By resetting the router, you eliminate all requests and get a clean slate from which your router can start processing data again.

Tip: Ensure all cables are well connected. When any cable can be unplugged, do that and plug again. 

Solution #2: Verify If Settings Are Supported

verify setting if supported

Perhaps you installed your smart lock on the door but didn’t pay attention to the specific network settings required by it. That is where the issue might lie.

According to the Kwikset Halo manual, these are required from your network for the lock to connect to it:

  • 2.4GHz connection;
  • Password with WPA2 encryption.

Check The Status Of the 2.4GHz Signal

Routers generally transmit two separate networks, one via a 2.4GHz signal and another via 5GHz.

However, if your router is not transmitting a 2.4GHz or is down, the Kwikset Halo can’t connect to it.

You must access your router's settings and either enable the 2.4GHz signal or check if it has any trouble. 

If there is trouble with it, go back to Solution #1 and reset the router. After that, the dual broadcast should go back to normal.

Adjust The Encryption

adjust the encryption

About encryption: that is a suggestion by a few experts. If your encryption is not WPA2, it is worth changing it. 

Again, you must head to your router’s settings. Each brand will vary, but all of them have a tab where you can check the type of encryption in use.

It usually is WEP, WPA, WPA2, or even WPA3. 

  1. Check the encryption being used
  2. Confirm that you want to use WPA2
  3. Save the settings
  4. Reset the router
Note: If changing encryption settings doesn't solve anything, you can return to whatever setting was in place. That is if the other encryption setting was equally safe or safer.

Solution #3: Enhance The Wi-Fi Coverage

Some houses are huge but have only one router that doesn’t reach every spot equally.

Perhaps that is your case, and the Kwikset Halo is installed in a door outside your router’s coverage.

enhance your wifi coverage

While that can be speculation sometimes, there are some easy ways of ensuring.

The method we are going to try relies on Wi-Fi Signal Strength Meter. Thus:

  1. Head to the AppStore/PlayStore on your phone
  2. Download Wi-Fi Signal Strength Meter
  3. Open it
  4. Now move to the spot where the Kwikset Halo is

You will receive enough info to decide whether the Kwikset Halo is in a spot that receives strong Wi-Fi signals.

If it doesn’t, it is time you enhance your Wi-Fi coverage.

How To Get Stronger Wi-Fi Signals

There are three main ways in which you can get a better Wi-Fi connection for your Kwikset Halo:

  • Buy a new router with more range;
  • Buy a second router and place it near the Kwikset Halo;
  • Buy a Wi-Fi repeater.
stronger wifi signal

The first method will simply replace your old router. 

The second method seeks to connect an Ethernet cable from your old router to a new one.

If you are going this route, you don’t need to buy a very powerful router.

You must ensure that it is close enough to the Kwikset Halo. Here is how you can set it up:

  1. Connect an Ethernet cable to your main router’s LAN1 port
  2. Connect that cable to your second router’s main Ethernet port
  3. Set up a 2.4GHz network with WPA2 encryption on your new router’s client

The third method counts on a repeater and is similar to the second.

Its advantage is that you don’t need an Ethernet cable:

  1. Position the Wi-Fi repeater halfway between the router and the smart lock
  2. Turn it on
  3. Open the repeater’s client/app and connect to your main Wi-Fi
  4. Create settings for your alternative Wi-Fi network (2.4GHz, WPA2)

Solution #4: Perform A Network Reset On The Kwikset Halo

network reset on the kwikset

This solution can tackle multiple issues at the same time. The manufacturer recommends it whenever you change your Wi-Fi credentials.

It also can help whenever it loses connection and refuses to connect again.

This method requires you to do the following:

  1. Push the A button for 10 seconds
  2. One short beep will ring with an amber LED
  3. Quickly press the Program button
  4. You will hear one long beep and see a green light

After that, the Kwikset Halo can connect via the dedicated Kwikset app.

Note: Ensure you are trying to connect a Halo and not an Aura model. You can find a manual that refers to both models, but each has its method!

Solution #5: Perform a Factory Reset

perform factory reset

Perhaps one set that you can’t identify is stopping you from connecting to the internet.

In that case, resetting the device to its factory default might do the trick.

A factory reset proceeds like this:

  1. Remove the battery
  2. Reinsert the battery while pressing the Program button
  3. Hold the button for 30 seconds
  4. Release when the lock beeps and the status LED is red
  5. Touch the Program button again
  6. Wait for the LED to glimmer green and red

Next, you must be able to insert all settings as you wish.

Note: If after step 6, there is a red light, that means the process was unsuccessful. In that case, do it again.

What We Learned

Kwikset halo not connecting to Wi-Fi? Whenever that happens, you must verify anything related to its Wi-Fi functioning. The first thing is resetting your router to restart data processing. 

If that doesn’t work, then you must proceed to check the settings of your wireless connection. Other solutions include enhancing the signal and resetting the lock.

Nicole B