kwikset halo not connecting to bluetooth

Wondering why is Kwikset Halo not connecting to Bluetooth? Continue reading!

Bluetooth allows Kwikset Halo to be controlled remotely via a mobile app. Some Kwikset Halo users have difficulty connecting via Bluetooth, which means Halo cannot connect to the app.

In this guide, we’ll unwrap why we can’t connect and what to do when we get disconnected.

The Kwikset Halo does not connect to Bluetooth due to several factors, including the improper pairing of the lock, Halo’s low power, or a software glitch either within the mobile or the lock’s Bluetooth connectivity. 

Let’s first take a look at the correct way to connect Halo Lock with Bluetooth!

How To Connect Kwikset Halo To Bluetooth?

how connect kwikset to bluetooth

The Kwikset Halo has to be set up in the app to receive a network connection from your mobile device by only connecting via Bluetooth.

But before going to the setup, you have to make sure that your home network connection to 2.4GHz which is compatible with Kwikset devices.

Now if you are ready to begin, take your mobile and download the Kwikset app by going to Play Store > Search Kwikset > Install the app. 

Now move forward to learn how you can connect your Halo to Bluetooth.

Here is how you can connect Halo to Bluetooth:

  1. Launch the Kwikset App.
  2. Click on the top right Lock icon button.
  3. Remove the Black Window from the lock.
  4. Turn on the Bluetooth.
  5. Press and hold the A button from the lock.
  6. Release the button as the lock beeps once and blue light flashes.
  7. Tap on the Pair button from the app to connect Halo To Bluetooth.
  8. Next, follow the on-screen instructions to connect your Halo device to your mobile.

In case you have tried connecting your halo to Bluetooth but failed, you’ll need a solution guide, which luckily you’ll find next.

Kwikset Halo Not Connecting To Bluetooth – Fixed

how fix kwikset halo

Sometimes Halo does not connect to Bluetooth because of some unknown glitch or the devices are not paired properly.

So, before going into detail step methods, try switching the Bluetooth OFF/ON so the devices can reconnect and make stable communication.

  • Go to the Kwikset App > Settings > Lock Settings > Bluetooth Pairing Mode > Turn OFF > Turn ON

In case the devices are automatically connecting, jump to the solutions!

Solution #1 Re-Add Halo Lock To Mobile

Bluetooth connection is vital for connecting Halo with your device.

When your already set-up device sometimes loses its Bluetooth connectivity, you need to perform the connection again!

Here is how you can delete the already set-up Halo from the Kwikset app:

  • Open the Kwikset app > Settings > Delete Lock > Confirm Deletion Of Lock.

Here is how you can pair your Halo to the Kwikset app:

readd lock to mobile
  1. Launch the Kwikset App.
  2. Click on the top right Lock icon button.
  3. Remove the Black Window from the lock.
  4. Turn on the Bluetooth.
  5. Press and hold the A button from the lock.
  6. Release the button as the lock beeps once and blue light flashes.
  7. Tap on the Pair button from your app for connectivity.
  8. Allocate the name to your Kwikset Lock.
  9. Click on the Next button from the top right corner.
  10. Select your WiFi and enter its password.
  11. Enter the details for the Lock Access code.
  12. Tap on Next to complete the setup.

In case the setup is not working and the lock can’t connect via Bluetooth, keep reading!

Solution#2 Replace Halo Lock Batteries!

replace the halo batteries

Commonly Kwikset Halo devices and even all smart devices will stop working when they have low power.

There is a possibility that the Halo is unable to connect to Bluetooth due to low battery power or near-dead batteries.

  • The Kwikset Halo users 4 x AA alcaline batteries!

It’s important to exclude this possibility by replacing the batteries right away. In addition, you can power cycle the Halo Lock by removing all 4 batteries and inserting them again.

Note: The Kwikset Halo Lock batteries last up to 10-12 months!

Solution #3 Restart Your Mobile

Sometimes mobile devices get some glitches and cause issues within app accessibility, so the quick method to fix the error is only restarting your mobile.

By doing this, your device gets a fresh restart, and the Bluetooth connectivity will be also rebooted.

restart the mobile

Here is how you can restart your mobile:

  1. Press and hold the Power button.
  2. Release the button when the prompt appears.
  3. Tap on Shutdown or slide left.
  4. Within a couple of minutes, your device will automatically restart.
  5. Try connecting your Halo to Bluetooth.
Tip: Use the guide at the beginning of the guide to connect the lock to your mobile!

Solution #4 Check Bluetooth Permission In App

While downloading the Kwikset app, it asks for Bluetooth permission that can be used for connecting Halo with your mobile.

There is a possibility that you have unintentionally declined the permission and now the Bluetooth access to the app is turned off from the settings. 

Solution: Manually enable Bluetooth Permission in your mobile’s settings!
check the permission

Here is how to check and enable the Kwikset Bluetooth Permission:

  1. Open your mobile Settings.
  2. Tap on Privacy & Security.
  3. Tap on the Kwikset App from the list.
  4. Enable the Bluetooth permission if it is disabled.
  5. Turn on the Bluetooth from your device settings.
  6. Restart your mobile and try to connect Halo with Bluetooth.
Tip: Always make sure to use the Kwikset app's latest version!

Solution #5 Perform Network Reset

perform the network reset

Halo can occasionally start acting strangely and interfering with devices’ communication because of a glitch or a setup error.

However, the network reset is the primary method that can remove all Bluetooth pairings & settings from the Halo, thus fixing all errors.

After that, you may connect the Halo to Bluetooth without any problems.

Let’s learn more!

Here is how you can do a network reset on Kwikset Halo:

  1. Press and hold the A from the lock for at least 10 seconds.
  2. A beeping noise will sound as well as an amber light on Halo LED.
  3. Release the button when the amber light turns blue.
  4. The light will turn to blink amber.
  5. A flashing amber light on Halo indicates it is in a Network Reset Mode.
  6. Confirm the network reset by pressing and releasing the Program Button.

How To Confirm Network Reset? 

how confirm reset
  • Successful Network Reset = 1 long beep with a green LED light.
  • Unsuccessful Network Reset = 5 long beeps with red LED light.

When you’ve justified that the network reset on Halo is successful, connect your Halo to Bluetooth by following the steps that are discussed earlier in this guide.

Note: Network rest is unsuccessful? Repeat the steps again!

Solution #6 Factory Reset Halo Lock

The ideal solution for Bluetooth issues will be the Factory Reset, especially when you’ve already attempted ALL other solutions in this guide.

A factory reset will erase any Bluetooth pairing, configuration, Halo handling, and other settings as well as issues from the Halo Lock.

Here is how you can do a Factory Reset to a Kwikset Halo Lock:

  1. Remove the Halo battery pack.
  2. Press and hold the Program Button.
  3. Keep holding the button while reinserting the battery pack into the Halo.
  4. Keep pressing the Program button until the Halo beeps and flashes a red light.
  5. Again press the Program button.
  6. The status light starts flashing Green and Red.
  7. The latch will start retracting to learn the door orientation. 

Is the Halo Lock Reset?

the halo lock reset
  • A GREEN light indicates reset is Successful
  • The RED light indicates reset is Unsuccessful.

When the device is reset, we can connect the Halo Lock to our mobile following the guide at the beginning of the article.

When we’re ready, we should be able to connect to our mobile!

Let’s revise what we’ve learned in this guide!

Quick Recap:

Thus, whenever your Kwikset Halo fails to connect, you need to Toggle OFF/ON the Bluetooth feature and restart your mobile device. In addition, we need to replace the Hal Lock’s batteries and perform a Network Reset to resolve the problem for good.

Final Thoughts:

In this guide, we have discussed why the Kwikset Halo not connecting to Bluetooth.

We now learned that the most important aspect of a Bluetooth connection is the operation of both devices.

When you want to boost connectivity, simply close the proximity between the Lock and the smartphone. This always helps!

Need Batteries for Halo Lock?

To never wonder again whether your Halo Lock is low on power, we strongly recommend getting a Long Lasting High-Performance Alkaline Batteries AA.

Such a critical part of our smart home can’t be compromised by low power so make sure to explain this possibility now!

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