kitchenaid microwave display not working

Wondering why is your Kitchenaid microwave display not working? Keep reading to know!

Nowadays, microwaves are an important need of almost every kitchen and the Kitchenaid microwave is a top choice because of its reliability. 

However, its users sometimes face the trouble of a non-working display and in this guide, we’ll unwrap everything you need to know!

The Kitchenaid microwave display screen can’t function for a number of reasons, including obstruction in the door latch, a device fault, a faulty control, or a display board. It’s also possible for the screen to be black when the energy saving or the control lock is ON.

Let’s discuss how to easily fix your not working microwave digital display!

Kitchenaid Microwave Display Problems – Fix Guide!

fix the microwave display problem

When the microwave display in your kitchen stops working and you are unsure of how to fix it, it may be quite frustrating.

You can easily solve this display issue with your Kitchenaid microwave by following the solution guide below. 

Let’s jump right in!

Solution #1 Check Power Supply!

check your power supply

The power supply’s sufficient voltage is one of the most significant factors.

There is a possibility that your microwave is not receiving enough power, which prevents the circuits and fuse from communicating with the display board.

This always results in a non-working display! 

Solution: Simply, ensure that the Kitchenaid microwave is getting a proper power supply!

Here are the following things you need to check:

  • Inspect the Power Outlet and whether it works
  • Check the microwave Power Cord condition
  • Also, check whether the Main Circuit Breaker is tripped
  • Inspect for any Blown Fuses

In case the Kitchenaid microwave power delivery is intact, proceed with the next solution!

Solution #2 Soft Reset Microwave

soft reset your microwave

The next best method is to attempt the Power Cycle method to refresh the device after making sure the power outlet for the appliance is operating properly.

By doing this, any device or circuit glitch that may be causing this not working display screen issue will be removed easily. 

Here is how to reset the Kitchenaid microwave:

  1. Unplug the Kitchenaid microwave and then turn off the circuit breaker.
  2. Wait for at least 60 seconds.
  3. Turn on the circuit breaker and plug the microwave back into the outlet.
  4. Wait for at least 5 minutes for the microwave to discharge.
  5. Check now the display screen is working.
Note: Waiting for longer with the microwave unplugged is better than not waiting long enough!

Solution #3 Look For Door Obstruction

look for door obstruction

The microwave door plays a very important role in the device’s proper performance. 

If your Kitchenaid microwave display not working, there’s a chance that there is some sort of blockage between the door latch and it preventing it from closing properly. 

So, you don’t need to bother about inspecting the microwave’s door latch for obstructions. It’s quite easy!

Following are the things that you need to check to ensure the door is closed properly:

  1. Open the Kitchenaid microwave door. 
  2. Check the cooking plate or rack and make sure it’s placed properly.
  3. Also, check its slot and whether there is something that stops the door from closing.
  4. Avoid placing any packed or shipped stuff in your microwave.

In addition, don’t place any utensils larger than the microwave glass dish. Sometimes when the door is obstructed, the display will remain blank.

In case that didn’t work, keep reading!

Solution #4 Check For Energy Save Mode

check the energy save mode

As you already know, Kitchenaid microwaves offer a variety of incredible features, including Energy-Saving Mode

When you are not using your microwave, this power-saving mode puts the device in sleep mode and turns off the display to save energy. 

Your microwave might be in energy saver mode and that’s why the display screen is not working. You only need to turn off that mode and it’s quite easy to do so!

Here is how to turn off the energy-saving mode from the Kitchenaid microwave:

  1. Tap on Settings/Clock/Options to get access to the Energy Save Menu.
  2. Locate and disable the Energy-Saver Clock.
  3. Unplug your microwave and plug it back in after 60 seconds.
  4. Tap on the display screen to check whether it is working.
Note: The energy-saver clock turns off the display after the device hasn't been used for a few minutes!

Solution #5 Unlock the Control Lock Set

unlock the control lock set

Aside from Kitchenaid’s power-saving mode, there is another Control Lock Mode that will also turn off the functionality of the buttons on the control panel.

This will prevent your microwave from being used as long as the lock is activated. 

In case the control lock is on, it may be the reason why your Kitchenaid microwave digital display not working when you press any of the buttons. 

Here is how to unlock the control lock set mode from the microwave:

  1. Tap and hold on to the Cancel button from your microwave.
  2. Wait until you hear a sound and release the button.
  3. Once you hear a sound, the lock is deactivated.
  4. Tap on any microwave button to check whether the display is working. 
Note: Try the other following methods from the guide, if the display is still not working at all!

Solution #6 Replace Display Board

replace its display board

Your microwave display board may have a defect, and that’s why the display screen won’t respond to your commands and won’t operate. 

You’ll hear a beep sound when you press any control button, which is another indication that the display board is faulty.

Replacing the display board in the microwave is the only thing that can fix the not working display problem.

Here is how to replace the microwave display board:

  1. Unplug your Kitchenaid microwave from power.
  2. Next, unscrew the Display Panel of the unit to get access to the Display Board.
  3. Disconnect the wires from the Display Board.
  4. Set up a new display board and connect wires back to it.
  5. Properly screw the display panel to secure the Display Board.
  6. Plug the microwave into the Power Outlet.
  7. Check whether the display of your microwave is working.

After replacing the display board, if the display is not working at all, then surely your microwave control board is faulty!

Solution #7 Replace Control Board

The Control board rarely gets faulty but because of continuous use, power surges or any blown fuse might affect its performance. 

As this is the main control of your microwave and that’s why anything faulty on board might cause Kitchenaid microwave display problems.

replace its control board
Alert: Unplug your microwave from the outlet before inspecting it!

Here is how to inspect the microwave control board:

  1. Open the door and take out the turntable, its support, and rack if it has one.
  2. Next, use a Philip head screwdriver and unscrew the mounting screws.
  3. The screws of the microwave are connected to the cabinet.
  4. Disconnect the power, conduit cable, and other wires from the junction box.
  5. Take out the microwave from the cabinet and place it in an open area.
  6. Next, unscrew the microwave top panel screws by using a quarter-inch nut driver.
  7. Lift up the top panel and place it aside.
  8. Locate a control board and note down all the connected wire’s orientations.
  9. Next, disconnect all wires from the boards.
  10. Then pull up the board retaining tabs and take out the older board.
  11. Set up a new control board and connect all wires back to their place.
  12. Place the top panel back and tighten it up.
  13. Then, place it back in the cabinet and secure it with its mounting screws.
  14. Finally, connect it to the power and conduit cable and check the microwave display.

When the control board is replaced, there is no possible way that the display won’t light up after pressing any of the buttons. 

It’s important to double-check whether the Kitchenaid microwave is connected to the power and from there you’ll be ready to use the device. 

Quick Recap:

Whenever the Kitchenaid microwave display not working, make sure to Reset the device and make sure that the door is properly closed. The next step is to ensure that your microwave has not enabled an Energy Saver, and Control Lock mode. 

In case nothing helps, replace the main display or control board of your microwave!

We hope that this guide was helpful and for more relevant content, check our blog!

Nicole B