how to unlock frigidaire microwave

How To Unlock Frigidaire Microwave? Many reasons apply when your Frigidaire microwave can’t unlock.

However, before calling a professional, you can fix it yourself.

The first step is ensuring your safety lock is off. If that does not apply, then move to check for a broken latch or defective door spring. Further, the problem might be in the latch lever, door button, or even the latch actuator.

If any of the components listed above sound new to you, don’t be scared. It turns out that replacing them is easy enough if you follow the guide below.

Why Is My Frigidaire Microwave Locked?

why my microwave is locked

Is your Frigidaire microwave locked, and you can’t seem to open it again? Many reasons might be causing such trouble. 

While modern microwaves have a lock function to protect them from children, sometimes an important part might be broken.

Check below:

1. Child Lock – Perhaps the Child Lock/Safety Lock is active without your knowledge. 

2. Broken door hook/latch – These two parts act together to ensure your microwave keeps locked while heating food. When they break, the door won’t release.

3. Door spring – When there is any damage or defect in the door spring, it won’t let you unlock the microwave.

4. Latch lever – Another mechanical part at fault might be the latch lever/open lever. As its name suggests, this component is crucial for unlocking the door.

5. Button – Perhaps the button is broken, or its springs need replacement.

6. Latch actuator – Another likely cause is the part that connects the door open button and the latch assembly.

 How To Unlock Frigidaire Microwave? – Guide

how to unlock frigidaire mircowave

As you saw above, there are many ways you can unlock your Frigidaire microwave. 

However, some of them will require you to get down to work, and we will guide you step-by-step in those situations.

Solution #1: Deactivate Safety Lock

Is this your first time with a Frigidaire microwave, and it can’t seem to unlock? In that case, the following is worth a shot:

  1. Locate the “Safety Lock” button in the button pad
  2. Press it for five seconds
  3. Let it go
  4. Open the door

If that does not work, then the issue is not with the safety lock, and you shall have to examine it further.

Tip: The Safety Lock is a great feature if there are children in your home.

Solution #2: Check For Broken Components on the Door

check for a broken components

To determine which parts are broken on your Frigidaire microwave’s door, you must disassemble it.

Do the following:

  1. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to unthread the two screws in the front vent
  2. You can use a putty knife to help pry off the vent 
  3. Lift off the door
  4. Set the door down on a towel or blanket 

Now you must examine which part is broken. It can be the latch/hook or the spring.

Replacing a Broken Latch

replace the broken latch

Now, on to removing the broken latch in case, it is broken:

  1. Use a putty knife to help detach the inner door trim
  2. Unthread the four screws of the inner door assembly 
  3. Separate the inner door assembly from the outer door panel 
  4. Use needle nose pliers to remove the door latch spring 
  5. Slide the old door latch up to remove 

Finally, you can install the new latch:

  1. Install the new door latch by inserting the latch tabs into the slots in the inner door assembly 
  2. Reinstall the spring
  3. Realign the inner door assembly with the outer door panel 
  4. Snap it into position
  5. Rethread the screws
  6. Align and snap the trim into place

Next, reinstall the door and put everything back into place. Finally, test to see if the door is opening.

Change The Door Spring

change the door spring

Perhaps you disassembled your microwave’s door and noticed that it is not the latch that is broken but instead the spring.

In that case, do the following:

  1. Detach the inner door trim
  2. Unthread the screws of the inner door assembly 
  3. Separate the inner door assembly from the outer door panel 
  4. Use needle nose pliers to remove the broken/damaged spring 

Next, put a new spring in place of the damaged one. You might have to take the old one to a store to find a matching replacement. 

After the new spring is in place, you can reinstall the door and test it to see if it works.

Tip: When you need new parts for your microwave, you can go to the nearest store and let the seller know your model.

Solution #3: Replace The Latch Lever

You must always disconnect the microwave before you attempt any parts replacement.

That is because high-voltage capacitors in microwaves can contain electricity even with the device off.

replace the latch lever

To install a new door latch lever in a frigidaire microwave, you will need: 

  • T15 tamper-proof Torx bit
  • Phillips head screwdriver 
  • Needle nose pliers

Now, the first step in disassembling the microwave is taking out its cover:

  1. Unthread the rear screws holding the cover
  2. Unthread the screw on the right side of the cover 
  3. Pull the rear sides of the cover out
  4. Lift the cover and pull back

Beware of Electricity

Next, we recommend removing the remaining electricity in the capacitor to avoid injury.

To do that, place the needle nose pliers with an insulated handle across each set of terminals.

After that, proceed with the disassembling:

  1. Unthread the screws holding the control panel
  2. Open the door and move the panel upward to detach
  3. Disconnect the wire connectors
  4. Unthread the two screws of the door latch 
  5. Push the latch bracket assembly down to detach
  6. Release the retaining tabs to detach the switches from the bracket
  7. Remove the old latch lever from the bracket

Install the New Lever

install the new lever

Now is time to install the new door latch lever:

  1. Align it on the bracket mounting post and snap it into position
  2. Realign and snap the door switches into the bracket
  3. Insert the bracket tabs into the slots in the frame
  4. Lift the bracket to snap it into place
  5. Rethread the two screws to secure
  6. Reinstall the control panel by connecting the wire connectors 

Make sure the door release lever is well positioned under the latch lever. Then, reassemble the microwave.

Alert: Only experienced people must access and replace internal components.

Solution #4: Fix The Door Release Button

A likely cause of your Frigidaire microwave oven failing to unlock might be due to damaged springs in the release button.

To inspect that, you will need to follow the steps of solution #3 above until you disconnect the wire connectors.

After that, do the following:

  1. Lift the door release lever 
  2. Depress the retaining tabs 
  3. Detach the door release button
  4. Remove the old spring from the push button post

Now, to insert the new springs:

  1. Confirm the two sets of springs are connected
  2. Slide them onto the posts of the push button
  3. Align the posts with the control panel
  4. Snap the button into place
  5. Reinstall the control panel 
  6. Make sure the door release lever is positioned under the latch lever

Reinstall the rest of the components and test the release button. If it is not working, detach the release button again and check if the springs are well positioned.

Tip: We recommend replacing all springs at the same time.

Solution #5: Replace The Latch Actuator’s Cam Plate

replace the latch actuator

The latch actuator, actuated when the door hook is engaged, may have gotten brittle over time and broken.

Replacing its cam plate shall fix the problem.

First, release the microwave’s cover:

  1. Unthread the rear screws holding the cover
  2. Unthread the screw on the right side of the cover 
  3. Pull the rear sides of the cover out
  4. Lift the cover and pull back

Now, get access to the electrical and mechanical components:

  1. Remove the screws holding the control panel 
  2. Lift the control panel to detach 
  3. Unplug the cables
  4. Remove the panel’s hinge tab
  5. Detach the washer and screw
  6. Unthread the screws holding the plastic backing
  7. Disconnect the wires you see
  8. Let go of the sensor wire

Installing the New Cam Plate

installing new cam plate

You must disassemble the support when replacing the cam plate on the upper interlock support.

For the task, use a T10 Torx bit screwdriver. Then use a flat-head screwdriver to lower the cam plate.


  1. Move the support upward 
  2. Remove the remaining charge (already taught in this article)
  3. Spring and rotate the defective cam plate to remove
  4. Put the new interlock cam plate in place

After installing the new cam plate, you need to install a new tension spring:

  1. Insert the L-shaped part into the cam plate 
  2. The hooked part goes into the support 

It is time to mount everything again and test if your latch actuator is functional.

What We Learned

How To Unlock Frigidaire Microwave? If any problem affects your Frigidaire microwave’s door lock, you can check and fix it yourself with the guide above!

We taught you to change many components, such as the door spring, door button, latch, actuator, and lever.

Thus, we hope you can get your microwave back to work.

Nicole B