kasa light switch not working

Is your Kasa light switch not working, and you fail to understand what you can do about it? TP-Link is known to produce smart switches and other devices that most people love.

However, like every other electronic device, these devices are prone to failure.

The good part is that you can always fix any issue using DIY solutions. Read below to see these working solutions.

If your Kasa switch light is not working, it could be due to faulty wires, poor internet, or outdated firmware. You will need to tighten any loose wires and ensure that the switch is connected to your Home Wi-Fi.

Also, ensure that it is running on the latest firmware.

Reasons Why Kasa Light Switch May Not Work

If your TP-Link Kasa switch light is not working, it may be due to any of the following reasons:

  • Outdated firmware
  • Faulty wires
  • Lack of internet connection
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Note: Kasa light switch needs a separate hub like most smart home devices.

However, you must connect it to Wi-Fi for it to work. You can control it as well through a voice command.

How to Fix TP-Link Kasa Light Switch Not Working

fix kasa light switch not working

We have known why your Kasa light switch may fail to work. Let us now look at how you can fix it and get it back to function.

Solution 1: Check the Wires

One of the common causes for your Kasa light switch to stop working is faulty connections on the wiring.

This issue happens most often when you connect the wires or install the switch yourself.

Since you were not sure about which wire should go where you interconnected them wrongly, hence the switch will not work.

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Also, it could be that the wires are loose. Kindly check them and tighten them to enable a secure connection.

Note that loose wires are a likelihood for shorts happening inside the switch. So, if that is what happened, your switch will not work.

The best thing is that TP-link switches come with color-coded wires. Hence when installing, you can differentiate between ground, live, and neutral and avoid such issues as faulty wiring.

Besides, the wires usually have wire caps that ensure that your wires are securely and tightly connected.

What you can do is to avoid installing the switch if you are inexperienced in electric wiring. Kindly hire a professional to check or install the switch for you to prevent this kind of problem.

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Solution 2: Check Wi-Fi connection

Your Kasa light smart switch needs the internet for it to work. You can always check if it is connected to the internet by viewing the Wi-Fi LED light on the device.

When you see a static green light, your device has an internet connection.

If the switch blinks orange and green, then it has no internet connection. Hence, you will need to reconnect it to the Wi-Fi.

Other ways to troubleshoot Wi-Fi connectivity include:

Step #1. Reduce The Distance Between The Router And The Switch

If, after reconnecting, your device still fails to work, it may mean that the signal is too weak to reach the switch.

You can move your router nearer the switch. If it is impossible to move, you can opt for a Wi-Fi extender.

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Step #1. Use Recommended Bandwidth

Please note that your Kasa TP-link smart switch is only compatible with the 2.4GHz band.

So, if your Wi-Fi network does not have such bandwidth, the switch may fail to work.

Though the switch can try managing a 5GHz band, it is always recommended to connect it to a 2.4GHz.

Step #2. Reduce The Number Of Devices Using The Same Wi-Fi Or Use A Different Channel

To troubleshoot the network issues, you can also try using a different channel on your Wi-Fi.

This may help lessen congestion as you connect your Kasa smart switch.

When a channel is connected to too many devices, it lowers the internet speed that the devices should operate on. Hence, your switch may fail to connect to the internet.

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Step #3. Reboot The Router

If the switch is still not responding after trying the above solutions on your network, you can try to reboot your router.

Unplug it from devices connected to it. Allow it to rest for around one minute, then plug it in again and try reconnecting.

Solution 3: Reset Your TP-Link Smart Switch

Resetting or rebooting your Kasa light switch can also resolve this issue. The process erases the current state of the device’s software.

Hence, any code that is misbehaving or that is stuck is eliminated. You can follow these guidelines for the same.

Step #1: Remove the Panel

To access the reset or restart keys, you will first need to remove the panel on the front of the switch.

Step #2: Locate the Respective Buttons

Once you remove the panel, you will see two buttons below the main power button.

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The one on the right hand is the restart button, and the one on the left is the reset key.

Step #3: Restart the Device

Press the restart button to restart the Kasa light switch.

Step #4: Reset the Device

Press the reset key, then hold it for around five seconds and release it. When it is fully reset, you will see the Wi-Fi light blinking amber green.

Hence, you can use your switch successfully.

When resetting, you do not need to panic that the device will lose your settings. They will all be intact because it is just soft resetting.

If your smart switch still refuses to work, let us move to the next method.

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Method 3: Factory Reset

If your TP-link switch fails to work, it might be having some settings that are causing it to behave so. Performing a factory reset may erase these settings and help your device work well again.

Remember, factory resetting will erase all data and configurations in your device. Hence, it will be like a new Kasa light switch, and you will have to start afresh to install and set it up.

The procedure for factory resetting the switch is not so different from resetting it. Instead of pressing then holding the reset button for five seconds, you will extend the holding to ten seconds.

The Wi-Fi LED will then start blinking rapidly, emitting the same light (amber and green). Hence, your switch is reset to its default settings. So, you can reinstall it and see if it begins working.

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Solution 4: Update your Device

If you have tried the above solutions, but your smart switch still fails to work, it might be having outdated firmware. You may need to update and check if it will begin working.

Use the Kasa Smart app to update the device.

  1. Launch the app on your phone, then open the menu.
  2. Tap on Settings.
  3. You will see the ‘Update firmware‘ option; click it.

If the system has any new updates, you will see them displayed. Kindly click to download it.

You may ask yourself, what about a Kasa light switch app not working?

If your Kasa light switch app is not working, you can remove the Kasa light switch from the app.

Go to your settings, then look for Kasa smart app and erase all data. Relaunch it on your phone and pair your device with it. See if the app works.

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Solution 5: Contact Customer Support

The above solutions have always helped most TP-Link smart switch owners to troubleshoot their devices.

However, you may have tried all of them but none seems to work.

You will need to contact Kasa Light switch customer support via an email message.

Upon receiving your message, they will respond in less than 24 hours. Hence, they will be able to help you resolve the issue.

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To fix your Kasa light switch when it fails to work, you will need to ensure that its wires are not loose. Ensure that it is connected to the 2.4GHz band on your router. Do not forget to update it and allow it to run on the latest firmware.

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If you had a Kasa light switch not working issue, I believe the above solutions have helped you fix it.

You can now operate your device fully and enjoy all the benefits it has. If you have any other way to deal with a nonworking Kasa switch, feel free to share.

Nicole B