jbl wireless earbuds won't charge

Your JBL Wireless Earbuds won’t charge and you can’t figure out a resolution?

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By the end of our guide, you’ll have a complete understanding of your JBL buds’ problem and what’s the best-working solutions.

We’ve gathered information and opinions from users who had the same problems with their headphones but managed to troubleshoot them.

Here’s how:

To fix when JBL Wireless Earbuds won’t receive a charge, retry the charging sequence and reconnect all cables in the charging setup. Next, get rid of third-party charging instruments and reset your earbuds to factory default. Finally, replace faulty equipment.

To understand this problem in more depth, let’s review the causes!

Why Are JBL Earbuds Not Charging – All Answers!

the jbl wireless earbuds won't charge

Before we devise the problem’s reasons for occurrence, you should give the headphones some time to fulfil the charging sequence.

A full battery charge of any device usually takes up hour to an hour and a half, based on the capacity of the internal battery.

If you’re certain that the earbuds are not receiving charge, here’s what could cause it:

  • There’s a problem with the charging cable’s connection
  • The Charging Equipment has gone faulty or hasn’t been set up correctly
  • There is No Charge from the power source
  • There’s an issue with the Internal Hardware of the earbuds
  • The Charging Ports are stuffed with dirt/debris
To handle the following situations professionally, we’ll go over the best-working solutions from all over the web. 

In that regard, get ready for our guide and let’s get the issue resolved!

JBL Wireless Earbuds Not Charging – Best Solutions!

why the jbl wireless earbuds won't charge

After reviewing what could potentially prevent your JBL Wireless earbuds from charging, it’s time to move on to the troubleshooting guide.

We’ll go over the best solution found across the web and reported by users, experiencing the same problem as you are.

IMPORTANT - Apply our solutions in a chronological, consecutive order

Let’s jump in with the guide!

Solution #1 Retry the Charging Sequence

retry charging sequence

The most simple solution you could try at this point is to retry the Charging Sequence.

There’s a great chance that you’ve failed to hook up the cables appropriately and thus, your headphones are not receiving any charge.

Not having correct cable management/installation will take its toll on the charging sequence and prevent the earbuds from receiving electrical charges.

Let’s go over how your setup should look so you could establish it correctly:

  1. Ensure that the 2nd end of the Charging Cable is plugged into your headphones
  2. Validate the charging cable’s connection to the Power Adapter.
  3. Reconnect the charging from your Earbuds Charging Box.
  4. Retry the Power Adapter into the electrical outlet by replugging it.
  5. Disconnect and then plug again the USB cable to the Adapter.
  6. Test…

Perform all of the following steps in consecutive order, to make sure that there is no fault along the line with your headphone’s charging process.

Solution #2 Use a Different Source

try different source

Perhaps, the problem is with the Power Source you’re attempting to charge your earbuds through.

There is a high chance that there has been a fault with the port and in order to resume your earbuds’ power supply, use an alternative wall outlet to plug their charger in.

  • Disconnect the adapter from the current power source and search for a different one

When switching the charging equipment of your earbuds to a different port, make sure that all cables are secured and the connection is properly established.

Once then, you could determine if the earbuds are receiving a charge or not.

As long as the electrical outlet you’ve switched to is proven to be functional, you should be able to appropriately test the charging function of your JBL Earbuds.

As for the previous outlet, consider calling a technician in case you’re hesitant that a problem has developed with the source.

Solution #3 Get Rid of Third-Party Charging Instruments

get rid of third party charging

Third-Party Charging Instruments are never a good thing.

Such devices could be outlet connectors, power adapter extenders, power strips, dividers and other devices that connect alongside the charging tools of your buds. 

What you should do in this solution, is make sure that any type of third-party charging instrument is removed from your setup, in order to test your JBL Wireless Earbuds.

Here are some third-party connectors you should get rid of:

  • Smart Outlet Connectors 
  • Power Adapter/USB Charger Extender
  • A Power Strip or Divider 

Make sure that your earbuds’ charging equipment only consists of a power adapter and a USB cable that has been originally supplied with the buds.

Note: Keep your setup clean of third-party devices until the problem is identified or resolved.

Solution #4 Reset the Earbuds

reset your earbuds

To fight off the “JBL Wireless Earbuds won’t charge”, you should perform a Reset on the buds.

The reset process majorly targets issues with the software of the earbuds, rather than hardware malfunctions with the headphones.

The rest is really easy to execute, but keep in mind that your earbuds must have active power and be turned on, otherwise it will not work.

Here’s how to perform a Reset on your JBL Earbuds in easy steps:

  1. Go into the Settings of the device that the earbuds are paired to.
  2. Head to “Bluetooth”.
  3. Locate the Earbuds.
  4. Press “Info” and then “Forget this Device”.
  5. Take each bud out of the case and then put them back in.
  6. Press the button on the right earbud for 5 seconds.
  7. Wait…

Once you’ve held the reset button for long enough, your buds will go into reset mode.

For the next upcoming minute, the earbuds will be performing a reset so don’t bother them.

Note: Once the earbuds are reset, you’ll have to pair them back to your phone

Solution #5 Clean the Charging Port

clean its charging port

Next, we’ll be Cleaning up the Charging Port of your JBL Wireless Earbuds.

Chances are that something is blocking the charging cable’s connection to the charging case of the earbuds and that’s why this problem has occurred.

You’ll have to sanitize the port and make sure that it is free of any type of obstruction, so the USB cable could go all the way in.

Let’s get your JBL Earbuds’ case charging port cleaned up:

  1. Grab an Ear Stick to use for the cleaning.
  2. Partially remove the soft part of the ear stick so it could fit in the port.
  3. Insert the ear stick into the port and begin circular movements.
  4. Keep collecting all the gathered debris inside the port.
  5. Use a toothpick to collect the hardened debris inside the port.
  6. Slightly pound your earbuds’ charging case on a hard surface.
  7. Repeat these steps until the port is unblocked.

If the charging port has been completely freed of piled-up debris, the cable that charges the headphones should easily click inside the port.

Note: Putting some water on the gearstick could ease up the collection of the port’s debris.

Solution #6 Replace the Charging Equipment

replace the charging equipment

Finally, we should take care of your earbuds’ chagrin equipment.

If either the charging cable or power adapter has gone faulty, your headphones will be unable to receive a charge until further notice.

That’s why you should get either of the components replaced, in order to determine what exactly has gone faulty within the equipment setup.

  • First, get an alternative power adapter for your bud’s charging cable

If the problem isn’t with the power adapter and your buds still cannot recharge, do this:

  • Acquire a replacement USB Type-C charging cable for the earbuds

Make sure to first replace one of the parts in the bud’s charging equipment, which will essentially give away what has gone wrong with your setup.

replace its charging equipment

Once the problematic components of the charging setup have been identified, make sure to not use that charging piece again.

Note: You could also order charging equipment recommended by JBL from their website!

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Quick Recap:

Hence when JBL Wireless Earbuds won’t charge, plug the charging cable into a different outlet and clean the charging port on the device. Next, remove any third-party charging components from your setup and finally, reset the earbuds and replace the equipment.

We hope this guide was helpful and for more content like this, follow our blog!

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